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Stargazing Guide


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Have you ever wondered what's above you in the night sky? This is the answer.

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Stargazing Guide

  1. 1. Go outside and point your device towards the sky
  2. 2. The image will match the sky and follow your movements
  3. 3. See the night sky indifferent spectrums
  4. 4. Join stargazers from all around the world
  5. 5. Learn all there is to know about the stars above
  6. 6. Key Features• Star Spotter – shows the sky as seen in reality and follows the moves of the user.• Augmented Reality – allows users to point-and-display the sky as on any device with digital compass.• Spectrum Bar - ability to view the night sky in different spectrums.• Calendar – a list of celestial events such as meteor showers, eclipses, new moon and full moon nights.• Community – allows users to send and read Tweets from other Star Walk users on the globe, reply to them and communicate with each other.• TelRad for pro astronomers – ability to connect a secondary display along with new content additions.• Time Machine – extends control of star viewing into the past and future. Once activated, a panel drops down and you can rapidly flip through time.• Night mode – night-time setting shifts the graphics to red tones.• Picture of the Day – a list of beautiful celestial pictures pleasant to the eye and raising mood.
  7. 7. Share it!Follow @StarWalk for the latest inside news and giveaways
  8. 8. Available on the AppStore created by Vito Technology Inc.