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  1. 1. PresentationHFT StuttgartApril 2008Per Olofsson, Group CEO
  2. 2. ClimateWell –the solar powered indoor climate solution• Solar Cooling, heating, DHW and pool heating• Profitable from Day 1• Renewable and clean energy – Sustainable
  3. 3. The ClimateWell groupClimateWell sClimateWell’s - Stockholm Sweden: Stockholm,proprietary Corporate HQtechnology –3 state - Madrid, Spain:absorption – Sales office and show house show-houseis patentedworldwide - Soria, Spain: Manufacturing plantPartners and references
  4. 4. Award from World Economic Forum in Davos• ClimateWell was awarded by the y World Economic Forum in Davos the ”Technology Pioneer 2007” status based on: – Technology leadership gy p – End user profitability – Company leadership for global expansion• Among former years’ Technology years Pioneers you will find companies such as Google, Cambridge Silicon Radio and Millennium Pharmaceuticals• As a consequence of this, TIME Magazine published articles about ClimateWell on the 4th of December 2006• This represents a global acknow- ledgement f Cli t W ll and it l d t for ClimateWell d its solutions for solar powered indoor climate
  5. 5. Technology
  6. 6. How does the technology work?• Fundamentally an absorption process, that converts heat to cold.• This process was in fact used already in gas-fired refrigerators developed more than 100 years ago.• ClimateWell has improved this process drastically by adding a patented energy storage solution: – Resulting in a de-coupling of the charging (where energy is received from the sun or the generator) from the output (where heat or cold is distributed to the house). )• The new process enables a continuous cooling/heating of the building, building even with a highly volatile source of energy like the sun We charge energy whenever it is available and use it when needed.
  7. 7. The Technology Triple-phase absorption heat pump system, or a ” Chemical heat pump with hybrid substance” Using a hygroscopic salt – LiCl – with an energy density of 300+ kWh/m3 In cooling mode the system can produce an output temperature of 44 to 66 ºF (7 to 17 ºC). ºC)
  8. 8. Energy storage• ClimateWell’s products include an integrated energy storage• The energy is fed into the storage as hot water, typically – 165 – 220 ºF (75-105 ºC) ( ) – With a stable or fluctuating power of 0-20 kW. – The typical flow rates are 240GPH (15 l/min).• The charging process is very robust and fluctuations in temperature, power or flow rates do not damage the unit, it only affects the charging time.• The discharging is totally independent of the charging and can hence take place whenever needed. During discharging the unit has a “hot side” and a “cold side”, with some 40 K of difference in temperature. , p – The cold side can be used for Air Conditioning and – the hot side for pre-heating of hot water or for space heating.• The hot and cold side can be used simultaneously, for maximum y energy efficiency
  9. 9. Thermal sources• Solar thermal panels: The products are designed to be coupled with solar th l thermal collectors: l ll t – Either flat plate or vacuum solar collectors – The units are designed to always receive the solar energy and over heating of the collectors is hence avoided• An electrical generator: For off grid sites it is possible also to use waste heat from an electrical generator to power the ClimateWell t h tf l ti l t t th Cli t W ll units: – This enables efficient tri-generation of electricity, heating and cooling. Ideal for energy autonomous residence areas – The thermal powered Air Conditioning dramatically reduces the need for electricity and the whole electricity generation installation can therefore be downsized• Waste heat from industrial applications, i.e. steel mills
  10. 10. The heat sink• There is a need for an efficient heat sink, where the Air , Conditioning heat and the condensation heat of the charging is dissipated• Heat sink options include: – Pre-heating of hot water – Geothermal heat exchangers – Heat exchangers in the sea – Cooling towers – Air cooled condensers
  11. 11. ClimateWell 10 – A unique technology• Continuous delivery of heating and cooling around the clock cooling,• Energy storage in integrated “chemical batteries”• Dimensioned to provide indoor climate comfort for some 150m2 of surface Heating Cooling Power 20 10 (kW) Energy storage 76 60 (kWh)
  12. 12. News with the latest modelZERO electricity consumption forthe absorption processElectric COP = 714Totally silentSmallerHigher powerLess pressure drop in the internalheat exchangersOutput signals from the controlsystem to make system integrationeasier
  13. 13. Application and experiences in Spain
  14. 14. With Solar Cooling y will feel better…and so will the Environment! g you• Maximum comfort• Superior interior design with Invisible indoor climate from Uponor• Totally silent heating and Air conditioning• Class A energy efficiency• Free cooling• Immediate saving due to lower energy costs• Independency of changes in energy prices• Contribution to a better world by reducing CO2 emissions by 15.000 kilos per year
  15. 15. Performance Example 1
  16. 16. Performance Example 2
  17. 17. Energy consumption and solar energy withClimateWellCli t W ll 5000 4500 4000 Aire Conditioning Air acondicionado 3500 Heating Calefacción 3000 kWh/mes Domestic Hot Water ACS 2500 2000 Energía solar ùtil con Usable solar energy ClimateWell Cli t W ll with ClimateWell 1500 1000 Climatización de piscina Pool heating 500 0 li o e o e o e o o o ri l re to br br er ni er br ay z Ju Ab os ub ar Ju m m En m br M M Ag ct ie ie ie Fe O pt ic ov D Se N
  18. 18. Examples of installations• On the images to the right you can see examples on ClimateWell Solar cooling installations• The target market for Solar cooling is – Solar powered indoor climate for single family p g y homes and – Solar assisted cooling for commercial buildings• In the map below you can see ClimateWell projects in Spain 56 units sold outside Spain
  19. 19. Visit our demo house in Madrid Temperatures at 6 PM last summerp the Madrid house p A fternoon T emperatures in 38 33 Deg rees   C A mbient pm 28 23 S howroom pm 18 11‐ 18‐ 25‐ 02‐ 09‐ 16‐ 23‐ 30‐ 06‐ 13‐ 20‐ 27‐ 03‐ 10‐ 17‐ 24‐ 01‐ jun jun jun jul jul jul jul jul aug aug aug aug s ep s ep s ep s ep okt
  20. 20. Solar powered indoor climate incommercial buildings
  21. 21. Solar powered indoor climate in multi family homes
  22. 22. Conclusions,Conclusions 1• ClimateWell has sold 158 solar cooling installations to date out of which the majority are in Spain. The aim is to deliver 300 units to the Spanish market in 2008• Solar cooling is now definitely technically available from 10 kW up to several MW of cooling capacity. A whole range of heat sinks has been developed and tested in real life installations for different project characteristics• There is a user friendly ClimateWell system dimensioning tool based on TrnSys for solutions engineering of indoor climate solutions• ClimateWell is conducting professional training of installers and engineers in Spain and in Italy. Some 250 installers will be Italy trained during the first 6 months of 2008• Solar cooling is still a early stage market but the implementation pace i picking up as equipment, system k is i ki i t t knowledge, engineering l d i i software and installer knowledge is reaching acceptable quality
  23. 23. Final conclusion• Solar cooling will have a major impact on EU’s ability to reach the CO2 objectives and provides an excellent route to highly energy efficient buildings• Solar Cooling from ClimateWell is an “A” Technology