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Show Hidden Files on Mac - Funter


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Funter is a small freeware utility by Nektony Inc enabling viewing of hidden files in 2 simple clicks.

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Show Hidden Files on Mac - Funter

  1. 1. Viewing Hidden Files & Directories on Mac
  2. 2. Hidden Files / Directories are such that are not displayed by file system utilities like Finder. Mostly they store system folders(Library, Trash, Cookies, Cash, Language Resources, etc) and user
  3. 3. Ways to show hidden files: 1. Terminal Enter the following in Terminal:defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
  4. 4. Ways to show hidden files: 2. Funter Simply click on a circle in your Menu Bar Funter is FREE
  5. 5. Download Funter by the following link: Funter is a FREE utility by Nektony Video