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Wishround Pitch Deck


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We believe that "Sharing expenses” is the next big thing. People like to feel connected, and probably one of the more profound ways to connect is through purchasing things and experiences together. That’s why we came up with the Wishround - social payments and group purchase engine for e-commerce.

Wishround basically generates additional high quality traffic to merchants website, provide more than one customer with every purchase and enrich customers data with their special occasions.

What’s cool about Wishround is that we are adding incremental revenue to e-commerce by bringing in those who would have otherwise perhaps not bought at all.

We’ve studied tons of analytics on gifting. The main idea - people want what they want. And they don’t care about your creativity when choosing the gift. The rise of returns after holidays proves it.

By combining the budget of different social groups we are able to increase the value of the gift and eliminate hustle associated with collecting cash.

We've developed two pipelines (for b2b and b2c perspective). As the service has shown viral effect we are more focused on conversions and A/B testing in every stage. The key metrics on the current stage for us are (b2c): relevant campaigns created/promoted, % of funding; (b2b): lead-opportunity-deal conversion.

For now there is about 30 online business committed piloting with us. We also approach local e-commerce platforms to build the partner channel.

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Wishround Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Social payments and group purchase engine for e-commerce
  2. 2. We bring social layer to checkout process
  3. 3. How it works Merchant places the button to the products page and adds Wishround as a payment option 1
  4. 4. User creates a nice looking landing page with the back-link to partners site and shares it with friends 2 How it works
  5. 5. Friends chip-in easily. We use “one click chip-in“ after first usage 3 How it works
  6. 6. User choses Wishround as a payment option. Pooled money transfers directly to merchant 4 How it works
  7. 7. How it works If there is not enough money to purchase the item user is offered to pay the rest or get a consumer credit 5
  8. 8. Benefits for e-commerce Trigger Friend-to- Friend marketing 2Add social activity layer to sales 1 Cut the cost appeared with returns 4 Discover customers special occasions 5 Increase sales of high-ticket items 6 Acquire out of reach audience 3
  9. 9. Benefits for consumers Combine budgets of different social groups 2Get bigger gift 1 Give meaningful gift with reasonable cost 4 No time waste to choose the gift 5 No collecting cash 6 Easily get consumer credit 3
  10. 10. Easy integration Beautiful payment flow to drive additional sales Checkout Initiate the campaign from items page to guarantee purchase Button
  11. 11. Security PCI Service Provider Level 1 Effective anti- fraud measures 256bit protocol SSL v3 24/7 availability Our partner Payline Inc has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level available All transactions are systematically analysed: risk assessment and behavioural rules based on the client's past spending patterns. Alerts and reports. Wishround forces HTTPS for all services, including our public website All transaction has encryption and integrity: 256bit protocol SSL v3 Guaranteed 99.99% uptime Data center standard: tier 3
  12. 12. Drivers of success 7 days 1 item Care Lending Time limit motivates users promote their wishes Wish limit guarantee sale to in case of successful funding Ongoing life-hacks increase chances of successful campaigns We give it one more chance enabling consumer lending (coming soon)
  13. 13. Consumers White-collar workers Closed communities Distant relatives Students Young parents
  14. 14. Stealth Mode (3 months, Ukraine)* 21K Visits 1.5K wishes created 260 Published 21 Funded $140 Average ticket size $600 Maximum ticket $12 Average transaction $120 Maximum transaction 10 Average contributors per campaign 18 Maximum contributors per campaign $3 000 Total wishes funded *Numbers in $ are approximate as the cashflow is in UAH 2.2K Registrations
  15. 15. Go-to-market Merchants Viral PR Partners (e-com Platforms) Direct B2B sales Consumers E-commerce
  16. 16. Pricing Commission Subscription (ToBe) Transaction (ToBe) 5 %, 15 % Monthly fee Transaction fee Group gifts Add-on White Label Consumer Lending
  17. 17. Commitments And 20+ polish e-shops
  18. 18. Competition Geography Market Payments Lending International Poland France Germany B2B2C B2C B2C B2C Cards, Gateways, PayPal, Bitcoins Yes No No No Cards Cards
  19. 19. Dream team Vitaliy Kedyk (CEO) 4+ years industrial experience in IT. Involved in 15+ projects on CIS market for retail, professional service firms and FMCG companies. Built new commercial, production and implementation departments (CRM for Retail, Loyalty Programs) from scratch Yuriy Shevchenko (CTO) 7+ years experience in development and implementation of industry-specific front-end and BPM solutions for Banking, Micro Financing and Insurance. Managed infrastructural projects for financial sector involving high-load architecture development Andrii Krasylnykov Core Developer Alexander Tokarev Customer Success Executive Georgiy Zhuliov Front-End Developerжульов-георгий/ab/b68/567 Pavel Kandzuba iOS developer Nadya Litey UI/UX designer Ewelina Glonek Sales Support Manager Secured $200K Seed round in February 2015
  20. 20. Vitaliy Kedyk email: GSM: +38 (063) 338 38 08 Skype: v.kedyk Facebook LinkedIn AngelList Great things best done together