Nov. 20, 2020

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  1. Contract manufacturer Machinery assembly. Steel welding. Individual projects with dedicated workshops Custom-tailored industrial solutions delivering the most attractive pricing Ideal for projects requiring specific production processes  Stryi, Lviv Region, Western Ukraine
  2. Discovery is supplying to international markets since 2006, though our roots as a machinery manufacturer go back to 1885. We have provided our customers with the best quality products, excellent customer service and retained their patronage through always providing attractive rates. Recently we have introduced a new service by offering dedicated workshops for customers' long-term projects where we prepare the production capability precisely following clients' specifications to achieve the most competitive pricing schedules.
  3. Welding Fitting Assembling mechanical equipment Piping and instrumentation assemblies Assembling electrical components The core operations include: Including heavy and large size components requiring heavy lifting and work at the height.
  4. Multiple additional services are provided: Steel cutting Blasting and painting Heat treatment Packing Bonded storage Warehousing Loading and unloading Transportation Customs clearance Offices H&S officers First aid QA/QC inspections Industrial engineering support
  5. Industrial engineering and support As a contract manufacturer, we use a turnkey approach to projects as our industrial engineering and support groups provide the following: Products’ workshop drawings Bills of material Workflow design Estimating energy, water and other resources for production Designing the production facility Preparing the production facility Engineering communications, connections and installations Loading and unloading plans Standard operating procedures Workforce requirements and specifications
  6. Government permits Customs documents and clearance work Specifications and invoices All procurement work Third party certifications if required Planning supplies, min-max Storage and warehousing HSE documentation and planning QA/QC manuals and procedures Hiring and training workforce
  7. Strong and qualified team of experts with multiple years of experience and delivering projects for customers around the world.
  8. The facility is located only 70 km from EU border,  comprising 20 hectares of gross area and 58 thousand square meters of workshops. Spaces are available from few hundred to several thousand square metres.
  9. Multiple additional services are provided: Key premises 1. Office 1168 sq.m 2. Workshop, 5122 sq.m 3. Painting area, 2337 sq.m 4. Workshop, 4777 sq.m 5. Workshop, 13461 sq.m 6. Workshop, 3348 sq.m 7. Workshop, 1512 sq.m 8. Workshop, 1512 sq.m 9. Sand blasting area 10. Workshop, 3665 sq.m 11. Workshop, 2385 sq.m 12. Workshop, 3878 sq.m 13. Open warehouse 14. Warehouse 15. Open steel warehouse 16. Bonded yard 17. Open yard
  10. Cranes equipment Crane beam – 46 items Traveling crane – 13 items Jib-crane – 70 items Gantry crane – 3 items Mobile telescopic cranes – 3 items Elevators – 2 items
  11. Utilities Electricity supply: 7 units of transformer substations with a total capacity of 6030 kW; of them: • 5 units of substations of 1000 kW each; • 1 substation - 630 kW; • 1 substation - 400 kW. • electric boiler rooms 4 units of them: • boiler room of workshop No. 4, with a capacity of 50 kW; • boiler room for the domestic premises of the painting section and the mechanical workshop No. 3, with a capacity of 30 kW; • domestic premises of the transport service - 30 kW; • domestic premises of the installation section - 30 kW. • thermal department of the machine shop No. 3 for hardening and tempering of workpieces and parts. Air supply: compressor stations - 2 pcs.: • central compressor station, capacity - 40 cubic meters. / min • compressor workshop for the manufacture of metal structures, with a capacity of 6 cubic meters. / min
  12. Gas supply: • gas distribution station - 0.4 atm. • cabinet-distribution points - 6 units of 180 mm of water. pillar.; • throughput of the gas meter - 100 cubic meters. / h • gas distribution posts in production structural units - 30 pcs Gas mini boiler rooms 3 units: • factory management 1 unit. power of 200 kW; • domestic premises of workshop No. 1, and a painting department with a capacity of 600 kW; • domestic premises of workshop No. 5, with a capacity of 300 kW. Pump station with a water tower, with a capacity of 60 cubic meters / h. Sewage pumping station, with a capacity of 80 cubic meters / h.
  13. Recent projects included multiple products for customers from various industries and places around the world Geography of our users over the last 10 years spread to five continents
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