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Prototyper - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering

  1. 1. Save time and money defining business applicationsExperience your software Many software projects fail due to poorly defined requirements andbefore it’s built communication gaps between business users and developers. Justinmind’s solutions deliver rapid ROI by validating test-driven applications in a simulation environment where mistakes are inexpensive and easily corrected. Avoid rework in all project phases with Justinmind Prototyper.Build web wireframesfor your applicationdesignJustinmind’s simulation tools accelerate yourweb, mobile and desktop applications definitionprocess and avoid rework in later projectphases. Experience your applications with ourinnovative solutions before you invest yourtime and your money.Requirements Image 1: Desktop, mobile and web applications user interface prototyping and simulationSimulation Visualize your first-time-rightThe integration between Justinmind Prototyper software solutionsand Visure Requirements allows you togather early feedback from users and User requirements often change throughout a project’s life-cycle, leavingvalidate requirements right from the beginning, incomplete specifications and conflicting requirements. It is almostshortening the development lifecycle and impossible to validate concrete details of an abstract specification until itavoiding unnecessary costs. has been visualized in early implementations. Align business needs and application from the beginning of your projects with Justinmind Prototyper solutions.Benefits Communicate ideas visually between domain experts and IT Avoid requirements inflation which threatens estimates and timelines by involving customers and developers Validate functional requirements through simulations Image 2: Requirements view and integration with Visure Requirements Reduce poor productivity due to delays in early project stages which can never be regained Visure Requirements Integration Requirements can be seamlessly exchanged between Visure Requirements and Justinmind Prototyper in order to provide user Prevent specification breakdown interface experts the basis for the prototypes. Prototype screenshots caused by incomplete requirements and the feedback gathered through validation can be sent to Visure Requirements to be analyzed. 2012 Visure Solutions S.L Official Distributor Justinmind Prototyper is a registered brand of Justinmind
  2. 2. Define software that meets everyone’s needs Analysts and Project Managers Simulate functional scenarios without coding. Simulate business data without database knowledge. Generate documentation for proposals, specification documents, and more from a complete prototype. User Experience and UI experts Design and simulate the information architecture. Simulate user experience through real-time interaction. Feature list Professional Enterprise Rich interactions Custom widgets TemplatesQuotes Masters Forms and datagrids simulationLeander Härter, Export HTML/JavascriptCustomer Relations Manager,Audi Generate specification documents“Our client had a very positive Customization of document generationreaction when they saw theycould help visually definine their Integration with Visure Requirementsapplications.” Justinmind Usernote Publishing Wireframes Online With Justinmind Usernote, you can publish your website wireframe online and simulate itSean K Frogner, anywhere. Anyone you invite can interact with your prototype using the web browser.Director Product Management,Oracle Managing Annotations Justinmind Prototyper lets you import all the threads and discussions your users made in“Justinmind Prototyper is far Justinmind Usernote (our Testing and Publication Service) to see what components needand away the best wireframe/ to be edited. You can improve your website prototype thanks to key users testing and comments.prototyping tool in the market This is great to design wireframe or It is not only very easy touse but handles very complex Collaborative Annotationscases. It has helped us at Oracle With Justinmind Usernote, users and stakeholders will be able to comment every wireframedrive product development to element using web annotations. Just like threads in a forum, your users can commentconvey concepts for building straight on your wireframe elements or respond to previous annotations. This is great tonext generation software appli- keep track of the evolution of your wireframe.cations.” Usability Test Publish your wireframes to carry out user tests and improve the usability of your applications.Contact Website prototyping is one thing but you can take your projects to the next level, implementing user tests right from the start.Visure Solutions Headquarters Online Usability TestsAvda. de los Labradores, 1 Justinmind Usernote lets you carry out user tests on your prototype using the main remoteTres Cantos, Madrid 28760 testing tools. Initiate the testing phase at the start of your projects and check that your application+34 91 806 17 13 meets your users’ 2012 Visure Solutions S.L Official Distributor Justinmind Prototyper is a registered brand of Justinmind