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Visure Report Manager - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering


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Visure Report Manager - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering

  1. 1. Simple reporting Visure Report Manager allows you to design corporate reports containing any type of information in Visure Requirements through simplePowerful and flexible drag-and-drop, as well as preview the contents of the final report. Thesedocument generation reports can be tailored to meet corporate style guides.Documentationas a basis forcommunicationDocuments are the most common mechanismto exchange information among stakeholders,however documents start becoming obsolete assoon as they are generated. Keeping informationupdated, and generating the right documentswith the right information are both difficult tasks. Image 1. Report design can be achieved by simply dragging-and-dropping contents to the report.One tool to generate Flexible and powerfulall reports All the elements in the Visure Requirements database, from the glossary of terms to the requirements, through test cases and use cases, can beThe Visure Report Manager generates any type structured in the Report Manager to generate any type of report, includingof report based on the information in the Visure regulatory compliance reports for ISO, FDA, TÜV; requirementsprojects, helping deliver the necessary regulatory specifications documents, proprietary or based on IEEE 830; progresscompliance evidence, requirements specifications, status dashboards, KPI metrics and dashboards for CMMI, and manytest session summaries, dashboards, or any others.other required output.BenefitsThe Visure Report Manager generatesreports for different users: System Engineers Requirements specifications Managers Dashboards and progress results Image 2. Reports may contain any type of calculations, metrics and dashboards. Quality Managers Validation matrices and KPIs Project and Product Managers Full traceability and cross project reporting Test Managers Test session results, summaries, and comparisons Image 3. Reports may display any type of Visure Requirements element, along with the traceability. 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Report Manager is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.
  2. 2. A click away Reports can be made available to all project members which contain only the information they can access based on their role and access rights, so everyone is working with, the latest information in the Visure database, according to their role and access rights. These reports can be executed on demand, or can be generated in batch mode so they can be available to offline users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, in any of the available formats, which include: PDF Rich Text File (RTF) HTML MS Excel MS Word XML Image 4. Users can generate reports from a list of Predefined and Corporate (company specific) reports. Feature list Predefined and corporate (company specific) reports Reusable reports between projects Multi-project reports for dashboards All Visure elements available through the reporting capabilities: • Requirements, services, test scenarios, concepts, etc. • Attributes • Traceability and traceability matrices • UML and functional diagrams • Baseline information Reports based on baseline information User definable design (styles, fonts, colors, headers, etc.) User definable calculations and metrics Chart generation Direct and indirect traceability representation Automatic generation of tables of contents Multiple output formats: • PDF • HTML • Microsoft (c) WORD(c) • Rich Text File (RTF) • Microsoft (c) ExcelContact • XMLVisure Solutions Headquarters Report availability according to user roleAvda. de los Labradores, 1 Contents of the report according to user access rightsTres Cantos, Madrid 28760+34 91 806 17 13 Report generation in batch .NET and C# programming to extend reporting 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Report Manager is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.