VisualMente Corporate Presentation 2010


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We are a specialist in Virtual Business Environment Solutions. We create and integrate virtual environments for communication and business development; like Virtual Events, Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Conferences Centers or Virtual Career Fair

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VisualMente Corporate Presentation 2010

  1. 1. Corporate presentation Calle Laguna del Marquesado 11, bajo 16 • 28021 • Madrid | España • • MADRID 1
  2. 2. VisualMente Index 1. Visualmente 2.0 a) Mission b) Core Business 2. Our Value Chain 3. Our Business Model 4. Virtual Events Solutions 2
  3. 3. VisualMente Mission We create and integrate virtual environments and solutions to improve your organization´s communication and to develop your business. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 3 REAL GOAL
  4. 4. VisualMente Our Core Business Continuous innovation in solutions that contribute to giving a differential value to organizations, implementing them in a very short time. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 4 REAL GOAL
  5. 5. VisualMente Our Value Chain Business objetives´s Development Functional Design with Integration identification and Definition virtual solution´s technological selection partners Under the supervision of VM, we will work with strategic technological partners that will allow us to efficientily solve our customers needs. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 5 REAL GOAL
  6. 6. VisualMente Our Business Model It´s based on providing a global service, understanding our customer´s business, and participating throut out their value chain, from the identification of the best solution according to their needs, configuration, implementation management, project execution and result measurement. The abovementioned, provide a service that makes our customers feel that VisualMente´s team is part of their organization. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 6 REAL GOAL
  7. 7. VisualMente® Events > Conference Room > Blended Event > Trade Show VisualMente® Events „Virtual meeting, real life results‟ VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 7 REAL GOAL
  8. 8. VisualMente® Virtual Event Technology VisualMente has among its developments a multiuser platform (Virtual Business Platform) that promotes interaction and direct communication between users and the access to any type of multimedia content live or on demand. This tool allows you to set up virtual environments in seconds, without the need to install any type client VisualMente® Events application software. The platform registers everything that takes place inside the virtual environment, allowing the organizations to obtain updated information about the interactions and movements made by users, both at a per user and macro level. For example: most visted areas, number of users in a particular moment, which contents have been reviewed and how many times, etc. All this information can be easily exported to make a customized data processing. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 8 REAL GOAL
  9. 9. VisualMente® Events VisualMente® Events „Virtual meeting, real life results‟ Imagine you can create a single event in different countries at the same time? Ever dreamed about locating customers with a single click? Want to show your products and services live to thousands of people? VisualMente® Events complements the impact and effectiveness of physical events with a tight budget.VM Events incorporates a webcasting system to broadcast live conferences, allowing real time communication between the speaker > Conference Room and the audience. It also facilitates networking among the attendees thanks to the advanced user > Blended Event search engine. > Trade Show VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 9 REAL GOAL
  10. 10. > Conference Room VisualMente® Events VisualMente® Events > Conference Room Discover the power of live or on demand presentations; a master class, a product, or any type of audiovisual content delivered to thousands of people around the globe. Allowing communication among users, information sharing and networking in a single scenario. “ Organize events in different countries at the same time. Locate clients with a single click. Show your products and services live to thounsads of people. ” > Blended Event > Trade Show VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 10 REAL GOAL
  11. 11. > Conference Room VisualMente® Events > What is Conference Room?  It is a multiuser virtual environment that recreates a conference center.  It incorporates a webcasting system with streaming technology for content and conference reproduction both live or on demand for large audiences.  It allows the creation of an advanced networking thanks to its communication and user profile localization tools. > What are its functionalities?  Live broadcast, recorded or on demand transmission of conferences or live events to any place in the world.  Live communication between the speakers and the audience.  Access to relevant documentation related to the conference.  Segmented searches and contact creation.  Open or private communication, internal and external messaging system. > Why do an event in Conference Room? > Blended Event  Superior perception of your brand when creating a virtual event, because it implies you are at the forefront of > Trade Show technology.  Multiplies the number of attendees and popularity of your event.  Makes your event more profitable by allowing the access to recorded conferences.  Money savings for the organizer and for the attendee.  Creates a working network linked to your brand on the internet. VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 11 REAL GOAL
  12. 12. Where are we? VisualMente® Events VisualMente CEO Laguna del Marquesado, 11 Héctor Merodio B0-16 T: + 34 91 827 51 51 28021 Madrid M: + 34 696 22 10 85 Spain VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A 12 REAL GOAL