Towards the Technology Concierge


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Presented at SITS13 (London) & itSMFNZ13 (Auckland)
Many service desks offer an outdated support model based on a break/fix mentality that the business no longer wants or can relate to. The service desk must evolve into a trusted advisor, a tehnology concierge, to keep pace and meet the needs of the year 2020

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  • Ladies and Gentleman - call - priority 1 incident. big guy w the cape & boots called. surprise - not much call lately.
  • service desk feeling good. monthly stats green. Calls down – good thing right?. No one yelling CAB . No CIO please explainhigh maintenance user quiet
  • All is not well in Gotham. Catwoman watching and knows. Calls are down, not things working & no one needs services, Customers have lost faith – fix things or address new service need
  • ITIL: SPOC is efficient, processes identify reoccurring incidents, direct appropriate place speedy resolution, etc. Repeatable processes great stuff – in theory. People, individual, they’re special & natural resistance to being processed. They’ll do anything not to call the service desk - got more alternatives now. Workforce is tech-savvy, corporate policy say no BYOD, pushing corporate data to iPAD because it’s efficient to. IT has a history of taking a long time to deliver, so IT is increasingly avoided. Horribly wrong in the cloud.
  • typing pool. my first employ- more modern. All correspondence in/out handwritten, submitted to typing pool, speedily, accurately type and format the documents required. shifts to ensure services were available when needed, adhered to corporate standard formats (protect corp brand) measured - speed & accuracy. no autocorrect - errors difficult - job redone. Sound a little helpdesk structure?
  • What happenedTechnology better & cheaper quickly. < decade 1 phone per 10 to a PC perHumans evolved. learnt to use tools - work better, smarter & improve situation. Girls type - boys woodwork. Husband taught type business imperative - failed woodwork. Printing houses, typesetters, graphic designers – still exist
  • Sustainability - the motivator no longer just social responsibility; equally high performance lower costs, stronger customer relationshipsincreased revenues
  • CIO has to deliver w technology enhancement consumers/customers more tech-savvy< 3 years - iPAD released April 2010). Catwoman knows big impact on service desk changing need Support and CustSrvService desk: people skills and still the face of IT – direct impact & conduit.Click for KPOW
  • Catwoman’s not evil - Not fighting BatmanSmart - just finding better/easier ways sustain her lifestyle. Service desk must innovate do for our businesses. the only ones save IT by reinventionTrusted advisor/ biz value/ support the biz
  • Become the technology concierge. Biz want cloud, why not, IT assist understanding risk, compliance, impacts plus the technology available. Need restaurant advice new city –options: your guidebook, friends & social media. Concierge should always be able helpWhy aren’t we that trusted advisor.
  • Too much process made us inflexible. Message – I’m adaptable.
  • Diversity in 2020 - Race Religion Gender - Age 5 generationsLook like in 2020 – Hot!Veterans pre 1946 = 74+Bboomers 1946-1964Gen X 1965-1976/82Gen Y 1977/82-1995/2001Gen Z 2002 – 2020 = 18some dates in dispute
  • In 2020 Veteran (over 75 & working) want to or no choice almost 1.3%Trait Loyalty - Gold watch – job for lifeInnovation Fax - born before TVBBoomerTrait Competition job status & social standing , loyal but ambitious tooInnovation PCGenXTrait Self-reliance, individualistic, exposed both parents working, to daycare & divorce, well educated, Innovation Mobile phoneAnother trait big hairGen YTrait immediacy internet – want it now but for everyone, civic duty, charity work. one day salary 4charityInnovation Google & FacebookGen ZTrait Hyperconnectedness (now many connected devices & always on) can’t breath w no internet Children – how do communicate Innovation Iphone apps
  • You may reject these stereotypesBut collaborate/communicate many different styles Tangible/Flowone size does not fit all – the service offering and support needs to accommodate – gradually help evolve (fax)
  • How measure your service?. These quantifiable and maybe you need to gauge your capabilities and cost effectiveness. Customer doesn’t care. speed to answer - off the phone quickFixed on first – stopgap measures no RCACustomers, “reboot” they won’t call. Humans are egoists, even the most altruistic, seek the best personal experience – measureTraditional surveys distrust them and they take too long. So….
  • Net Promoter Score. 2 questions. Understand if customer experience would/not recommend, & why. 
  • High rating say good things. Detractors who & why do they hate you – the guy who crashed planepassives don’t count - not quantitative here – it’s qualitativeperception is reality. calculation above zero is good. negatives hard – change factor x 100 Don’t click yetCatwoman liking NPS. Batman back into life & talking IT Governance Standard
  • It took a little negotiation & And like most people holding differing opinions about innovation/governance – persuasionClick
  • Catwoman listened
  • Bman talked ISO38500Principle of “Human Behaviour” WIIFMChg Mgmnt? call SDesk? Why?
  • Moving on from individual preferences.profile groups - behavioural traits of communities (in/out of IT)Nothing stays the same. always changing or implementing the typing pool gone - biz always changingFunctions/Roles influence behaviours & receive in a positive/negative
  • We can’t change people, only they understanding interact/ influence helpSDesk can’t always say yes, lack of resources, inadequate technology. Community groups involved in initiatives. 
  • I hate SLA’s. excuse not to provide service or beat people over the head when wrong. When SLA is goal (not cust service) process designed to fit the SLA – gets measured & pronounced “quality”. Not quality – efficiency of a processService prisoners – and they resent it & don’t call – even when they’ve crashed the plane
  • years talk service centric model. ITILv3 shifting focus to end-to-end service. Name change from HDesk to SDesk doesn’t do much. concierge won’t mean anything - fundamental change customer centric approach 
  • May need SLA’s if you have legal agreements/cash involved & complicated OLAs with other tech teams – IT is complicated But not be the key document you/customers focus on. We are talking customer centric model – the customer doesn’t want to have to navigate a minefield of legalise and “we don’t do that” Human face. Rules of engagement, a promise of behaviour provided and expected, values – code of practice - chivalry What’s the code of conduct, morals and ethics of providing service. 
  • Establish a wanting to assist business done & commitment focusing resources (people and technology) towards common end.Service charters in language appropriate for your business – understand and relate to. The customer has obligations too – charters are a 2-way doc – expectations agreed
  • Fundamental change to engagement model, becoming trusted advisor - Not easyPeople will listen & participate – w/in IT & your customer basereaching out and finding them – NPS might very well give you the place to start
  • Social media best effect. Youtube short training. IKEA example, Don’t waste time all staff meeting (service desk can’t go) Slideshare for info messages - f2f networking is invaluableGoogle hangouts gr8 people in disparate timezones.Yammer (or sharepoint) to collaborate on docs and share knowledge. Hoarding knowledge can’t protect individual when org survival – collaboration 4 innovation. Text or Twitter urgent priority 1 incident known or it’s resolution. Kindergarten – clean up your own mess, don’t hit people, share your toys, Facebook and Linkedin can be your friends also Fan and company pages. Your staff and your customers will be out there, your organisation has an image – Monitor & own it. Social media policy confidential/proprietary info, who to direct comments to, posting photos. It’s not additional workload it’s an additional channel. Have a planDon’t leave behind tangible methods of communication, take it slow.
  • Business is changing, our CEOs and CIOs are worried. IT of yesterday is fast becoming irrelevant and obsolete - typing pool. C suite set the goals and objectives – demand itSDesk provide tactical & operational IT - customer facing people – they innovate.
  • There’s a long way to go.
  • NPS – Learn what the perception is of what’s good/bad about your service Charters – find common language, goals/objectives and understanding of the service relationship38500 – profiling of group behaviours to understand how best to get customers (& IT) working togetherCommunication – key – social is an enabler but remember your diversity also 
  • You can all be superheroes go on you know you want to click 
  • New twitter avatar the last few weeks. She’s not tweeted much just yet but she’s unmasked this week.
  • Towards the Technology Concierge

    1. 1. Kathryn HowardImage source: batman wallpaper misanthrope86 Service Desk isn’t perfect let’s reinvent it
    2. 2. Golly gee Batman,Our changes aren’t causing incidents& we don’t have many problems!Robin,All’s wellin GothamBurt Ward & Adam West “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    3. 3. Guess againBatman!Lee Meriwether “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    4. 4. Please, oh please,don’t make us callthe service desk?Image: Robert Runyon Wikipedia Commons@KathrynHoward
    5. 5. The Typing Poolstill active into the late 1980’sImage-NationalAustralianArchives:A11016,325@KathrynHoward
    6. 6. Obsoletebecause?• Technologicaladvancement• Human capabilitydevelopmentImage-NationalAustralianArchives:A11016,325@KathrynHoward
    7. 7. 93 % of CEOs believethat sustainabilityissues will be criticalto the future successof their business.@KathrynHoward
    8. 8. TransparencyValueAgilityAvailabilityBYODSupport & Customer ServiceComplianceCIO ChallengesJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    9. 9. TransparencyValueAgilityAvailabilityBYODSupport & Customer ServiceComplianceCIO ChallengesJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    10. 10. Use your inner Catwoman to innovate• Support business objectives with ITservices where and how thecustomer wants it• Navigate the technology landscape• Deliver business value fromtechnology• Forge a partnership and become thetrusted advisorLee Meriwether “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    11. 11. Use your inner Catwoman to innovate• Support business objectives with ITservices where and how thecustomer wants it• Navigate the technology landscape• Deliver business value fromtechnology• Forge a partnership and become thetrusted advisorLee Meriwether “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    12. 12. Image source: misanthrope86@KathrynHoward
    13. 13. @KathrynHoward
    14. 14. Generation Major Trait Defining InnovationVeteran Loyalty Fax MachineBaby Boomer Competition Personal ComputerGen X Self-Reliance Mobile PhoneGen Y Immediacy Google & FacebookGen Z Hyperconnectedness Iphone appsDiversity2020@KathrynHoward
    15. 15. Communication styles Tangible• print• mail• face2face• phoneFlow of transmission• text• e-mail• profile updatesEartha Kitt “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    16. 16. Fixed on FirstSpeed to AnswerCall AbandonmentAvailability 99.x%Traditional Service MeasuresLee Meriwether “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    17. 17. Net Promoter Score2 QuestionsHow wouldyou rate yourcustomerexperience1-10?And whydid yougive thatscore?Julie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    18. 18. PromotersPassivesDetractorsNet Promoter Score0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10NPS = promoters – detractorsJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    19. 19. I told you weneedInnovationnot moreGovernance!Adam West, Julie Newmar & unknown “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    20. 20. I told you weneedInnovationnot moreGovernance!@KathrynHoward
    21. 21. ISO/IEC 38500IT GovernancePrinciplesResponsibilityHuman BehaviourStrategyAcquisitionPerformanceJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    22. 22. Do your research• Identify communities & collectivebehaviours• Understand impact of change• Understand resistance &attraction factorsISO/IEC 38500 – Human Behaviour PrincipleDiagram reproduced with permissionMark Toomey – author “Waltzing the Elephant”@KathrynHoward
    23. 23. Act upon it• Provide communication of intentions,progress & outcomes• Provide training & facilitation• Involve stakeholders in change process• Provide engagement in planning &implementation with meaningfulconstructive dialogue• Incorporate enabling initiative in the planISO/IEC 38500 – Human Behaviour PrincipleDiagram reproduced with permissionMark Toomey – author “Waltzing the Elephant”@KathrynHoward
    24. 24. Penalty & blame cultureInflexibleBreeds process paralysisQuality delusionSLAs@KathrynHoward
    25. 25. Create a customer centricengagement modelService CharterJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-6@KathrynHoward
    26. 26. Framework to outline services,overall standards andcompliance requirements plusset expectations in businesstermsService CharterJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-6@KathrynHoward
    27. 27. OverviewWhat you do/service you provideCommitmentsAccountabilityFairnessReliabilityTransparencyCustomers Rights/ObligationsStandards – Aims w Targets/GoalsMetricsService CharterJulie Newmar “Batman” TV Series 1966-6@KathrynHoward
    28. 28. You are not
    29. 29. It’s Social@KathrynHoward
    30. 30. What wouldCatwoman do?Eartha Kitt “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    31. 31. What wouldCatwoman do?Eartha Kitt “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    32. 32. What wouldCatwoman do?Eartha Kitt “Batman” TV Series 1966-68@KathrynHoward
    33. 33. Unleash yourinnerCatwoman!Michelle Pfeiffer “Batman Returns” 1992@KathrynHoward
    34. 34. Kathryn Howard@KathrynHoward@ITSM_Catwoman Pfeiffer “Batman Returns” 1992