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Siemans Analyst Meeting Rebecca Fifelski Presentation


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Rebecca's presentation at #SIAC18 on the success Visteon has had with creating safe and user-friendly autonomous vehicle technology and cockpit electronics.

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Siemans Analyst Meeting Rebecca Fifelski Presentation

  1. 1. Siemens Analyst Meeting August 29, 2018 Rebecca Fifelski Global Engineering Operations Visteon
  2. 2. An Automotive Technology Company on the Move • A top-five Tier 1 connected car supplier* • Largest supplier focused exclusively on cockpit electronics • Leading the transition of digital cockpits to autonomous driving 2 * ABI research (2016)
  3. 3. Visteon Corporation 3 Leading supplier of cockpit electronics and autonomous driving systems to carmakers across the world $3.15B annual sales 10,000 employees 18 countries 19 manufacturing locations 18 technical centers Total shareholder returns of ~105% from 2015 – Q2 2018; Significantly outperforming peer group and S&P 500 Note: Total shareholder returns per Bloomberg from beginning of 2015 through June 30, 2018
  4. 4. Industry-Leading Cockpit Electronics Product Portfolio Rapidly growing in infotainment and domain controller solutions Source: Rankings from 2016 ABI Research and IHS Markit. Instrument clusters Head-up displays Infotainment Displays Self-drivingConnectivityCockpit computer Visteon Market Position Top 5 Connected car Tier 1 supplier #2 Rank Instrument clusters #3 Rank Head-up displays #2 Rank Center stack displays 4
  5. 5. Global Engineering Footprint 5 4,000 Engineers; Over 50% in Software 70% of Resources in Growth/Emerging Markets 134,000 Lines of Code Per Week Regional Engineering with Global Centers of Competence
  6. 6. Visteon Future Direction Leader in centralized computing technology 6 Autonomous Driving ComputerCockpit Domain Controller Sensors Sensors Sensors Cloud DriveCore™ Autonomous Driving Computer Artificial Intelligence SmartCore™ Cockpit Domain Controller Augmented Reality V2X Head-Up Displays Instrument Clusters Displays Phoenix™ Infotainment Visteon Technologies Visteon Products Computer Vision Cyber Security Driver Monitoring
  7. 7. Growing Customer Engagements with New Offerings 7 Delivering next generation operating systems for cockpit and autonomous driving • Drives ECU consolidation and reduces cost to automakers • First Tier 1 to deliver solution launched in early 2018 • Four automaker customers adopting this technology Autonomous Driving ComputerCockpit Domain Controller • Centralized failsafe, secured and scalable computation • Open for algorithm developers • Easy integration in vehicle
  8. 8. New Products Require Improved Tools Industry trends driving aggressive needs for hardware development 8 SOFTWARE COMPLEXITY GLOBALIZATION OF TEAMS PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY DriveCore™ – Multiple sensor inputs (cameras, Lidar, Radar, Ultrasonic) via LVDS requires significant usage of high-speed traces SmartCore™ -- Increased functions drive high-density PCB layout and precision at PCB fab Shift-left Simulations for EMC, trace widths, signal integrity Multiple teams in various global locations must work concurrently and re-use design immediately. A design comparisons tool increases opportunity for re-use. Early hardware required for software development. Need HW functioning in 12 weeks, no time for redesigns or non- industrialized prototypes. Schematic auto-connect, Simulations and design reviews live during design SPEED RE-USE PRECISION
  9. 9. D E S I G N F L O W Simulations Used to Meet Speed & Precision 9 NEW BOARD BOARD RELEASE Component Selection & Library Management Schematic Capture Circuit Simulation & Circuit Analysis PCB Layout EDM Library Client Controlled Impedance & Antenna Simulation BOM Creation PCB DFM Xpedition Designer Constraint Manager VisECAD Viewer Valor NPI EDM Library Client Xpedition PCB Xpedition PCB Systems Flow Power Integrity, SITA, High Speed Analysis HyperLynx PI/SI/THERMAL Simulation & Analysis
  10. 10. Challenges for Development Tools Page 10 Many tools exist in pieces; need to improve and integrate for quick-use • Better auto-design review tools – concurrently running during schematic creation, identifying more issues, and linking to defect tracking tool • Automated design comparison to enable global re-use and alignment • Quick-use circuit and layout library to enable speed and re-use • Better integration of simulations for signal integrity, PCB fab variation, and EMC performance • Seamless flow of hardware, mechanical and software development tools from requirements capture to simulations, software design, hardware design, mechanical design, design reviews, test case alignment, and defect tracking.