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Vista Latinos Tri-Folder Brochure

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Vista Latinos .

  1. 1. Vista Latinos believes that by providing strategic marketing planning followed by implementation in all Strategic Connectivity within the channels of customer touch points you can build solid customer loyalty. Our Latino Community goal is to provide return on investment Marketing & Communications Solutions for the Corporation and the Hispanic community (whether consumer, Vista Latinos is a Strategic Marketing Vista Latinos has been successful in developing signature events that build the professional or business owner). Consulting Company that helps connectivity between the corporations and the Hispanic community. We strive to Fortune 500 corporations understand Strategic Marketing how to strategically increase their go the extra mile for Corporations so they can meet their objectives. Whether in profit and market share within Planning the U.S. Hispanic market. building awareness of their products or services, reaching Hispanics to fran- chise, recruit them to work at their Spanish Call Center to MBA professional posi- Implementation Connectivity to the Hispanic Market tions or build business relations with Hispanic entrepreneurs. Vista Latinos has the corporate awareness and experience to understand Customer Relations Signature Event Planning Management how to effectively deliver results in any of the following services areas: Media Planning Marketing and PR Communications • Segmentation Marketing Signature Event Planning • Strategic Program Planning • Strategic Marketing Communications Award Philanthropic Sponsorship Analysis and Planning • Philanthropic Sponsorship Analysis *Women, Youth and General Marketing are also part of our services. Vista Latinos LLC, was selected by LATINA We also offer the following Workshops: Style, a national and most influential magazine, WWW.VISTALATINOS.COM to receive the 2008 Ana Maria Arias Memorial PHONE: 248-978-7491 “Customer Relations “Building diverse Business Fund Award for demonstrating excel- “Understanding the EMAIL: TBM@VISTALATINOS.COM workforce retention Management Beyond $ Trillion lence in entrepreneurship and commitment to to build the General Market “ Hispanic Market” MMBDC and WBENC certified. your business” the community.
  2. 2. Focusing on the Keynote Latino Market Speaker Terry Beltrán-Miller President of Vista Latinos, an ADDRESSING TOPICS ABOUT THE Hispanic Marketing Consult- HISPANIC MARKET, HISPANIC ing Company. Vista Latinos EMPLOYEE GROUP DEVELOPMENT, helps corporations under- Hispanic Strategic Marketing stand how to strategically THE LATINA SEGMENT AND Planning and Implementation increase their market share H I S P A N I C E N T R E P E R N U E R S H I P IN THE within the U.S. Hispanic mar- Vista Latinos works with companies that have made a U.S. ket. Vista Latino’s projects focus on strategically commitment to reach the Hispanic market in order to positioning our client’s products or services by tak- gain market share. Our goal is to be the leader in developing strategic marketing and advertising results ing into consideration segmentation and brand for our clients, no matter which of the following stages development to meet the needs of the Hispanic they may be in their Hispanic Marketing efforts: Terry Beltrán-Miller, President of Vista Latinos, a His- ties whether developing a brand or services or building market. Stage I - Initial Planning panic Marketing Agency is a professional keynote a diverse workforce her content provides insightful infor- Terry is a senior marketing professional with over 16 years of experience and an MBA in Marketing If your company is just beginning to consider the Hispanic speaker, motivational speaker, business conference mation. Terry has been featured on TV by the Spanish and Management. Beltrán-Miller has experience Market, we can help you develop a strategic marketing plan which includes an industry and business opportunity with multicultural marketing for the Hispanic, speaker, seminar leader, and corporate retreat facilita- network Univision, CNN Newsmaker and local Michigan assessment. Women, Youth, Mobility, and other international tor. She is also a Hispanic marketing consultant, and Hispanic programming like Delta College, “Somos His- markets, as well as for the general U.S. market- Stage II - Cross-Functional Development place. Areas of expertise include integrated mar- successful Latina executive. Terry has over sixteen panos”.. If you have some Hispanic marketing efforts started then keting plan development and execution, sales pro- years of corporate business and nonprofit experience, perhaps you should consider other areas of building grams, strategic planning, advertising, direct mar- customer loyalty within this market. Allow us to strengthen keting, customer relationship management enter- providing a vast wealth of knowledge. As a public your efforts with cross-functional planning to attract and tainment marketing, sponsorships and promotions, retain the segmented Hispanic market you are targeting. speaker, Terry draws upon her expertise with the His- international marketing, e-commerce and market research. Stage III – Assessment of Current Marketing Efforts panic market and relates it to key business opportuni- Your company’s efforts in reaching the Hispanic market did Terry Beltrán-Miller formerly was with General Mo- not provide effective results; therefore analysis of the tors and Univision. She has worked with several situation is necessary. We can provide you with an other globally recognized organizations including Testimonial assessment of your current campaign and identify the National Basketball Association, Walt Disney opportunities to permit you to effectively build enduring Corporation, PBS, Intel,, The relationships with the Hispanic consumer. During the Hispanic Heritage month Teresa (“Terry”) Beltrán-Miller came to the Council of Fashion Designers, and World Wide Detroit office of Deloitte to speak about the role of Hispanics in corporate America Stage IV - Refinement of Current Marketing Efforts Productions Entertainment. and her own experience as an Hispanic. Terry Beltrán-Miller's real world experience and involvement in Hispanic organizations put her in a unique position to provide Your company’s Hispanic marketing strategy has been In 2002, Ms. Beltrán-Miller served as Chairwoman insights about the Hispanic population that few professionals have.quot; effective for some time, but due to changes in the of Automation Alley's GLIMA - Great Lakes Inter- organization, it now is losing its ability to deliver results. active Marketing Association. In 2007 she served Henry Ventura We can help keep your current efforts on-track by as the President of the National Society of His- Chairman Hispanic Network North Central Region providing strategic guidance in support of your overall panic MBA's, Detroit Chapter, and increased member- Manager Financial Advisory Services objectives for the target market. ship, sponsorship ROI and the organization’s visibility Deloitte throughout Michigan.