Apartments in chennai. vistahousing


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Apartments in chennai. vistahousing

  1. 1. E.BROCHURE- Vistahousing -MARKETING MATERIAL Relax & Enjoy Life Vistahousing: - one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs. What you think?1. You may be wondering is there any reliable & trustworthy people out there to assist you in referring Right Professionals to get an Apartment or Individual House or Plot etc?2. You may be wondering is there any Intermediate, who can form a well-built bridge between a buyer and a seller & don’t expect any commission?3. You may be wondering, whether will I be receiving all Relevant Property Documents as and when I required?4. You may be wondering , is there any Reliable Third Party who can monitor all your activities which you have with your buyer or seller (Financial transaction, Documents transaction, Authorized signatory & other relevant Agreements copy)5. You may be wondering, What I must do if I am Financial weak & need an assistance to get Housing Loans from Banks?
  2. 2. What you want?1. You may want Service provider like Electricians, Plumbers, ISP providers, Pharmacies, etc.,2. You may want reliable professionals to assist you in all processes / procedures.3. You may want to sell your property through online, want to share videos, photos, documents images with your contact details without spending time, energy & money4. You may want someone who can take care of all your event management.5. You may want to bid & would like to view the status of your bid through online.6. You may want to advertise your property with photos & other relevant details through online.7. You may want SMS / Email alters for Post Property Requirements.
  3. 3. What you need? 1. You need an Apartment with an affordable rates in the market 2. You need an Apartment that suits all your family needs 3. You need an Apartment that is situated at Hot spot 4. You need an Apartment that has a great resale value 5. You need the entire sales process to be very transparent. 6. You need a professionals who can save your time, money & energy in the whole process 7. You need an single platform where you can view all real estate listings for millions of homes for sale at buyers fingertips in regions across India and across the global 8. You need an option to compare the properties & buy. What you think, what you want, what you need,pertaining to Real Estate Industry, is what Vistahousing do.