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All that you need to know about graphic designing
This article describes about importance of choosing graphic designing as your career

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All that you need to know about graphic designing

  1. 1. All that you need to know about Graphic designing
  2. 2. Graphic designing is a science of ‘applied art’ that merges text, images and new innovative ideas for concocting an effective visual communication for the audience. What is Graphic designing?
  3. 3. A graphic designer is a professional who is talented in solving every types of problems related to visual communication. A qualified graphic designer should have better skills in photography, lettering, layout, typography, diagramming and of course drawing. Graphic designer should be creative in thoughts and innovative in ideas. Graphic designer should be able to concoct promotional displays, marketing brochures, design distinctive logos etc. according to the client needs. Who is a graphic designer?
  4. 4. Graphic Design can be considered as a one of the best career option today. There are innumerous number of candidates preferring graphic design courses. This is due to the sudden growth of the media industry that has lead to the availability of excellent employment options in the graphic designing field Is a graphic design course worthwhile..?
  5. 5. Job opportunities are available at various industries as design management professional, creative directors, brand identity designer, logo designer, layout artist, flash designers, art workers, etc. Employment opportunities for Graphic designers
  6. 6. You could join for bachelor’s degree/ certification programs/ diploma in graphic designing if you have passed 10+2 from any reputed institute/university with Minimum marks Can I join for Graphic Design Course..?
  7. 7. Graphic design colleges in Kerala Contact us: VISMAYAM COLLEGE OF ART AND MEDIA M’Square Complex, Pavamani Road, Calicut -1. Email: PHONE: 0495 2722242, +91 9387237314 Website:

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  • SyedGhulamShah1

    Jul. 6, 2018 This article describes about importance of choosing graphic designing as your career


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