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The Great Britain Tourism Survey,
measures the volume and value
of domestic overnight tourism in
Great Brita...
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Infographic on urban tourism spend in England


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This infographic shows that the number of leisure trips taken to city destinations in England has increased in recent years, with visitors spending almost £30bn on holidays/short breaks and day trips in urban areas.

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Infographic on urban tourism spend in England

  1. 1. SOURCES: GBTS The Great Britain Tourism Survey, measures the volume and value of domestic overnight tourism in Great Britain GBDVS The Great Britain Day Visits Survey, measures the volume and value of tourism day visits in Great Britain VE Brand and Comms Tracker Tracks measures relating to England holidays, visitor satisfaction, and VisitEngland marketing campaigns Other VisitEngland Research Quantitative and qualitative consumer and tourism business research on topics relating to the tourism industry in England England’s cities are a valuable part of the tourism economy. £ 28BN SPENT ON TRIPS TO CITIES IN 2012 Source: GBTS and GBDVS Volume & value of urban leisure trips in England 14M URBAN HOLIDAYS worth £ 3.3BN Source: GBTS 630M URBAN DAY TRIPS worth £ 25BN Source: GBDVS TRIPS TAKEN IN 2012 Cities and large towns have been one of the drivers of the “staycation” trend. HOLIDAYS TAKEN IN URBAN DESTINATIONS 22% higherthan 2006-8 Source: GBTS 2009-12 Where in England do people go for urban leisure trips? Source: GBTS and GBDVS Holidays & short breaks Day trips Rank MANCHESTER BRISTOL LIVERPOOL BIRMINGHAM YORK LEEDS NOTTINGHAM NEWCASTLE NORWICH 5 5 H D 2 2 H D 3 8 H D 6 4 H D 8 10 H D 10 6 H D4 3 H D 7 # 7 H D LONDON 1 1H D H D 9 H The profile of urban visitors is significantly younger than for other destination types. Who takes trips to cities? AB social grade take: MORE AFFLUENT THAN THE AVERAGE 36% Source: GBTS all trips 40% urban trips Source: GBTS and GBDVS HOLIDAYS TAKEN BY UNDER 34’s DAY TRIPS TAKEN BY UNDER 34’s all holidays26% urban holidays32% all day trips34% urban day trips44% What types of holidays do they take? TIME OF YEAR MODE OF TRAVEL TO DESTINATION DURATION OF TRIP - 3 NIGHTS OR LESS City breaks are shorter than the average City breaks are far less seasonal in nature than trips to other destination types. Hotels are more important for city holidays than other destination types Source: GBTS OCTOBER - MARCH all trips 34%urban trips 45% 3 nights or less 83% 66%A UCity breaks All trips compared to across all holiday types 12%26% compared to across all holiday types 78%64% HOTELS/MOTELS compared to across all holiday types 66% 40% Need data for this section for both strengths (top portion) and weaknesses (bottom portion) What do people think of urban destinations? Trips to urban destinations appeal particularly to those outside the family life stage, although they can be of interest for those with older children. HERITAGE CITIES historical also have a range of activities POST-INDUSTRIAL CITIES individuality cities with a distinct identity Source: other VisitEngland research BARRIERS FOR BUSINESSES lack of knowledge especially among younger groups Businesses should communicate the breadth of product offering and provide basic geographical information How do visitors rate their experience of urban holidays? Ease of access is a key strength of urban destinations over alternatives Easy to get to by public transport 55% A 40% U 46% A 37% U Clean and tidy 57% 67%A U Safe and secure 61% A 70% U Welcoming and friendly 60% A 68% U 55% 61%A U Ease of getting around by public transport A 41% U 53% Value for money Lowest ratings for urban destinations compared with other types of destination mainly relate to the environment and value Availability of festivals/sport/cultural events % rating excellent / goodUrban trips All trips Source: VE Brand & Comms Tracker U Domestic Leisure Tourism to England’s Cities