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  1. 1. Перспективные направления исследований исотрудничества в области микробиологии и биотехнологии
  2. 2. Microbiology DepartmentDepartment of Microbiology was establishedin 1995 and is a part of VyatSU BiologyFaculty.Prepares specialists and microbiologistsbachelors in "Biology" ("Microbiology“profile).The department has 20 employees: 10Doctors and 10 PhDs
  3. 3. Microbiology Department Staff
  4. 4. AchievementsIn 2011-2012 4 Postgraduate students won theregional innovation program UMNIKPatents: PATENT RU № 2390555«The nutrient environment for growing bacteria withincreased hydrocarbon destructive activity» PATENT RU № 2011149501/14(074291)«Modeling method of laboratory animals intestinaldysbacteriosis» PATENT RU № 2395962С1«Anti-infective agent»KNOW-HOW«Methods of microbiological diagnosis »The department has generated about 200 specialists –environmental biotechnologists (1998 - 2007). In theperiod from 2007 to 2012 were graduated 130 certificatemicrobiologists.
  5. 5. Department’s graduates:Blinova Е.А. – Deputy Director of Quality in Federal State Institution"Kirov Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion ofthe Federal Medical and Biological Agency"Pletnyova А.Yu.- PhD, Deputy Head of the Laboratory of biomonitoringand bioassay branch of "Regional Centre of state environmental controland monitoring in the Kirov region"Loginova М.А. - PhD, Head of donor hematopoietic cells department in"Russian Medical Research and Production Center " Rosplazma "Kolupayev А.V. - PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department ofChemistry in Vyatka State University of HumanitiesTsvetkov А.S. - Drug development specialist of of "ABBA RUS“ Kirovbranch officeTarasova Т.S. - Head of Microbiology Laboratory of "PepsiCo"company
  6. 6. Laboratory facilities of the DepartmentA set of equipment forgenotyping, PCRdiagnostics,genetic engineeringLaboratory fermenters.Testing conditions ofsubmerged cultivationof microorganisms
  7. 7. Laboratory facilities of the DepartmentTransmission electronmicroscope.The study of nano-andmicrostructures ofbiological objects.Petroleum productsanalyzer.Determination of oilcontent in theenvironment.
  8. 8. Laboratory facilities of the DepartmentBiotoks-10M.Environmental control ofthe degree of toxicity inintegrated water samplesand water extracts.Centrifuge Avanti JE,chromatographic systemsShimadzu Prominence LC-20 andBiologic LP.Biomolecules isolation,purification and concentration.
  9. 9. Laboratory facilities of the DepartmentLaboratory dryer Labconco2.5.Drying crops sublimation.A set of equipment formicrobiological work:refrigerators, dry heatsterilizers, laminar flowcabinets, autoclaves, shakers,CO ²-incubators, lowtemperature chamber.
  10. 10. Highly qualified specialists trainingPletnyova Yu. Anna Using perfluororganic compounds in the deep cultivationof microorganisms. 2007, «Moscow state academy of veterinary medicineand biotechnology named K.I. Skryabin». Ph.D. in Biology. 03.00.23BiotechnologyPikov V. Alexander. Development of technology for the concentration of thenative culture for the production of live dry vaccine against sheep and goatsbrucellosis on the basis of a strain Brucella melitensis Rev-1. 2012, «All-RussianResearch and Technological Institute of Biological SciencesIndustry of RAAS». Ph.D. in Biology. 03.01.06 Biotechnology (includingbionanotechnologies)
  11. 11. Main partners Open Joint Stock Company “HaloPolymer“ (Kirovo-Chepetsk,Kirov region); Ltd. “Sorbonaft“ (Kirov); Kuban State University (Krasnodar); Scientific Society “Microbiota” (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region); Nizhnevartovsk Chamber of Commerce (Khanty-MansiAutonomous Area); Ltd. “BIOBAN” (Biysk, Altai Territory)
  12. 12. Areas of research work№ 1 Study of the fundamentals of molecularmechanisms of the effect of nanoparticlesperfluororganic compounds on theproductivity of microbial enzyme preparationsin biotechnology№ 2 The development of experimental andbiological test systems. Creation of process flowlines for the production of microbial agents.
  13. 13. № 1 Perftororganical compounds with gas transmissionfunctions deploymentArea involves the study of fundamentals of the molecular mechanisms of theeffect of nanoparticles perfluororganic compounds on the productivity ofmicrobial biotechnology in the enzyme preparations. The aim - to create atheory and justify the molecular mechanisms of interaction perftororganicalconnections with components of liquids and microorganisms.At the Department for cultivation of microorganisms using perftororganicalconnection with gas transmission functions as molecular gas reservoirs. Theproject is financed from the federal budget. Based on the results of work twopatent applications were handed:1."The biotransformation process of phosphonates in the presence ofperfluorocarbons",2.“Method for producing an activated biomass bio destructors phosphonates".Results can be used in the production technology of drugsused for whitening paper, textile, waste water fromaromatic hydrocarbons, developing whitening toothpastes.
  14. 14. № 2 Experimental biologic drugs and test systems development. Hardware-technological line for production of microbial preparations creating.Line of research involves the isolation, identification andcharacterization of oxidizing, probiotic, lignolytic microorganismsand the development of biological products based on them for ecobiotechnological purposes.At present, microorganisms are allocating from environmentalobjects, studying their properties. Holding the work onincorporating them into the emerging biologics. Based on theresults of work microorganisms belonging to the drugs will bepatented. The theme is included to the "Strategic DevelopmentPlan" of VyatSU.It is planned to prepare a regulatory and technical documentationfor the production of biological products. The search for potentialpartners interested in these developments.
  15. 15.  Darmov I.V., Chicherin I.Yu., Pogorelskiy I.P., Lundovskikh I.А., Survival of probioticmicroorganisms in the conditions in vitro, simulating the process of digestion in humans //Experimental and Clinical Gastroenterology. – 2011. –№ 2. – p. 6-11. Bakulin М.К., Martinson Е.А., Bakulin V.М., Myachina N.S. Isolation of bacteria of thegenus Pseudomonas from soil contaminated with xenobiotic phosphonomethylglycine //Veterinary medicine. – 2012. - №1. - p.9-11. Tarasova Т.S., Teterina I.S., Mokrushina N.S., Lundovskikh I.А., Darmov I.V. Isolation ofmicrobial strains promising for inclusion in the scheme of bio-bleaching of pulp // 4th All-Russian. Conf. with international participation "Ecological problems of industrial cities“.Saratov, 2009. Collection of scientific papers, Vol. 2. Intestinal microflora: a view from the inside. Collection of scientific papers. – Moscow,2012. - http://gastroportal.ru/files/mikroflora.pdfMain publications
  16. 16. ContactsDarmov V. Ilya,Head of the Department of Microbiology, Doctor ofMedicine, Professor610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str., 36, off. 1198 (8332) 32-16-50darmov@vyatsu.ru, kaf_mb@vyatsu.ruLitvinets G. Sergey,Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation in VyatSU610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str., 36, off. 3218 (8332) 64-15-91litvinets@vyatsu.ru