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The Adventures of Zeallionaire Kids - Excert


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imes have changed and so have earning money or making a living – prospering in today’s times has a new name – ZEALLIONAIRE. The Adventure of Zeallionaire Kids™ explores how children can turn ideas,inventions and concepts into profitable businesses ventures. At Zeallionaire Enterprises™ we motivate kids to use their talents and skills to help people, and create community engagement. Doing something you enjoy and earn an income is a win for ALL. Through our Z-Kids™ Adventures youth of all ages can discover, develop and use their their inherent talents NOW!

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The Adventures of Zeallionaire Kids - Excert

  1. 1. Jonathan and Geneva couldn’t wait to get home to watch The Adventures of Zeallionaire Kids. They saw children on the television show from all over the world earning money from their own ideas and they were hooked! 2
  2. 2. What Jonathan and Geneva liked most was to see how these ideas helped people solve problems. The twins learned that Zeallionaire Kids earned money using their talents or skills. 3
  3. 3. There was a boy on the show, named Danny, who was with his parents at a boring council meeting. Some neighbors had complained that they were not using pooper-scoopers when they walked their dogs. Dog poop was everywhere. That’s when, Danny got his fantastic idea. 4
  4. 4. “Danny’s Dog-Walking Service could solve this problem,” he thought. There were three dogs on his block. If he walked each dog every day after school for $1.00 per day, he could earn $15 a week! 6
  5. 5. Basic 4th Grade Level Financial Knowledge The following questions are based on the national standards for personal finance education through JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Please note that these questions represent a very small percentage of basic financial knowledge. Please visit to familiarize yourself with the basic financial expectation and standards every fourth grader should know. Discussion Questions: 1. Did Jonathan and Geneva wait for their parents to give them an allowance or did they try to find creative ways to earn money? 2. How did the twins discover if their singing group, Double Whammy was a good idea? 3. What was Bianca’s talent or skill? 4. What business did Mr. Green own? 5. What were the ways Danny and Bianca earned money? 6. Explain how Danny made a profit with his dog-walking business. 7. What was the main problem for Jonathan and Geneva?