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The Social Web. Why Brands Must Listen, Measure and Act v2.0


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The Social Web. Why Brands Must Listen, Measure and Act v2.0

  1. 1. The Social Web Presented by: Mike Spataro
  2. 2. Our World at Warp Speed Here’s what happens in one second… 7 PCs are sold 9 people logon the Web for the first time 25 cell phones are sold 257 search engine queries occur 1157 videos are viewed on YouTube 2 million emails are sent
  3. 3. …And We’re Just Starting 1 billion people online 6 billion people to go There is as much content on YouTube today as there was on the entire Web in 2000.
  4. 4. MeMedia Generation
  5. 5. Fad or Force? Top 10 Innovations of past decade…. BlackBerry introduced (1999) iTunes (2001) Consumer-Generated Content (2005) WiFi (802.11 launched 1997) Open Standards (HTML 4.0 released 1997) Google Ad Words (2000) (IPO May 1997) eBay (launched September 1997) Broadband Usage of US Internet Users Reaches 50% (2004) Google (1998) The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
  6. 6. Feed the Beast Worldwide users of consumer-generated content (millions) 2006 128.0 2007 147.5 2008 169.7 2009 195.7 2010 225.8 2011 253.6 NOTE: includes video, audio, photo sharing, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and online bulletin boards Source: eMarketer, June 2007
  7. 7. Size of the Blogosphere Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  8. 8. Who are global bloggers? two-thirds are male 50% are 18-34 years old more affluent and educated 59% have been blogging 2+ years 44% are parents 43% live in the U.S Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  9. 9. Global Blog Readership 43% of blogger respondents live in the U.S. 72% publish their blog in English (survey was only provided in English) Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  10. 10. Bloggers are Passionate Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  11. 11. Blogging about Brands Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  12. 12. Bloggers & Mainstream Media Blogs are getting taken more seriously as sources of information. More people will get their news and entertainment from blogs than from traditional media in the next 5 years. Blogs are just as valid media sources as traditional media. I get more of my news and information from blogs than other media sources. Blogs are often better written than traditional media articles. Newspapers will not be able to survive in the next 10 years. Source: Technorati State of the Blogosphere / 2008
  13. 13. Redefining Influential Sources Top 100 news sources
  14. 14. Brands Micro-blogging Source: Universal McCann, Power to the People - Social Media Tracker Wave 3
  15. 15. Social Networking
  16. 16. Social Networking
  17. 17. The Conversation Prism Source: Brian Solis, FutureWorks
  18. 18. Social Networking 73% of active online users have read a blog, 45% have started their own 55% have uploaded photos 39% subscribe to an RSS feed 83% have 57% have joined watched a social network video clips Source: Marta Z. Kagan
  19. 19. Consumer Profiles In Social Networks Passive Active grazers contributors spectators creators browsers raters & responders Passive audience is much larger than active one.
  20. 20. Social Media Landscape personal / self expression private public utilitarian
  21. 21. Intersection of Top-Down and Peer-to-Peer Traditional • Regulators top-down model • Experts T • Investors • CEOs A Horizontal L peer-to-peer K model ENGAGE Sweet Spot • Bloggers • Passionate Consumers • Employees The ability to play between the two
  22. 22. Word of Mouth Rules
  23. 23. Most Trusted Spokesperson 2003 2007 “Person like you” 22% 51% CEO 14% 22% Academic 43% 48% Regular 26% 36% employee Decline of authority figures Source: Edelman Trust Barometer
  24. 24. Social Media - Women outnumber Men
  25. 25. Disney Mom’s Panel More than 20,000 questions last year
  26. 26. Social Consumers Buy More “One in three Internet users say purchase decisions swayed by social content“ -- Jupiter Research
  27. 27. Social Networks Trump Other Media Social networks have caused a fundamental shift in the way people interact with each other. More than 70% of Americans 15 - 34 actively using online social networks. Source: Fox Interactive Media
  28. 28. Social Ratings
  29. 29. Social Networking Goes Professional Social Banking and Healthcare
  30. 30. Mainstream Media goes Social Consumer Interaction
  31. 31. Mainstream Media & Social Networking
  32. 32. Wikipedia - Tim Russert Wikipedia Scooped NBC News
  33. 33. Social News Gathering More than 2000 “editors” as the tragedy unfolded
  34. 34. Syndication of CGM Influence Blog content syndicated to online msm
  35. 35. Social Media Travels Fast Engadget knocks $4 billion off Apple market cap in six minutes on bogus iPhone rumor.
  36. 36. Real Business Value Consumer opinions are the most valued consumer tools in a crowded marketplace. brands need: insight into what consumers are saying awareness in social media networks excitement for products to engage with audiences
  37. 37. Corporate America Needs Social Media “Does business act responsibly?” Percentage of respondents who said “yes” Source: “Yankelovich, CNN/USA Today, and Gallup
  38. 38. Social Media Process Marketers need to find the right entry point to engage appropriately a social media dialogue. 1 join 2 listen 3 learn 4 participate 5 share 6 evaluate Trust needs to increase with marketer engagement.
  39. 39. Interactivity Engine Participation Line Conversational Conversational Conversational Communication Collaboration Conversational Line Controlled Controlled Communication Collaboration Controlled Communication Collaboration Talk Action Continuum
  40. 40. You Can Run but You Can’t Hide “Whether or not we choose to be part of the dialogue, the dialogue is going to happen,”… “I believe the challenge is to make happen with us.” -- Coca-Cola’s Tim Kopp “Consumer-generated media … are siphoning attention from traditional media and creating networks of influence among consumers.” -- Forrester’s Brian Haven
  41. 41. Brands Punk’d by Social Media Not listening can hurt
  42. 42. “2.0” is Really About … people = participation Source: David Armano, Logic + Emotion
  43. 43. join the conversation… …or procrastinate and then join the conversation later on anyway…
  44. 44. Conversation Architect Don’t market messages. Create social experiences. Design conversations …and relationships. authentic organic genuine conversational Source: David Armano, Logic + Emotion
  45. 45. Dialogue is Fueling the “Conversation Economy” Conversation Architecture CONVERSATION COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS AFFINITY
  46. 46. Dan Entin had a Problem Unilever employee Mike Fortner emailed Dan suggested ways for Dan to find store locations sent Dan a case of Degree Sport deodorant Dan blogged it and became brand advocate.
  47. 47. Brands & Bandwagons “SELLING AND TELLING is defunct; gone forever. With the increase of consumer-generated media … consumers are showing a greater need for making connections with other people and brands.” Source: James R. Stengel, Global Marketing Officer for P&G
  48. 48. Brands Micro-blogging
  49. 49. Southwest Airlines
  50. 50. Mainstream Media Twittering
  51. 51. New “Prism” Channels Evolving
  52. 52. The Influencer Network is Changing MEDIA EDITORS BLOGGERS BLOGGERS CONSUMERS JOURNALISTS PUBLISHERS ADVERTISERS “Consumers turning to each other online is not a fad anymore. Companies opening up to customers isn’t that different from the risks associated with doing business every day.” -- Forrester Research
  53. 53. Social Networking is… transparent inclusive authentic vibrant consumer-driven
  54. 54. Social Networking is NOT… controlled organized exclusive product-driven “on message”
  55. 55. Social Media Challenges for Brands transparency uncontrollable environment consistent immediate participation size and scope of the channel role of employees in the community
  56. 56. Brands and Engagement
  57. 57. and if all else fails…