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What's new in VisibleThread 3.0


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VisibleThread Users Conference 2018 - What's new in VisibleThread 3.0

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What's new in VisibleThread 3.0

  1. 1. What’s New in VisibleThread Words Matter
  2. 2. Part 1: VT Docs 3.0 Update Part 2: Our Journey beyond a Proposal Tool to wider organisation value ▪Communications Suite, ▪VT Readability, ▪eMail server.
  3. 3. Part 1. What’s New in VT Docs 3.0
  4. 4. VT Docs 3.0 – Availability & General Notes ▪ VisibleThread Docs 3.0 is available now in the cloud! ▪ 8 months in the making and lots of exciting new features. Driven by user feedback. ▪ Live in the cloud. You’ll see all capability there today. ▪ Will be available as a FREE upgrade for on-premise customers with current subscription or maintenance agreement in May 2018. ▪ Any questions on any of the capabilities, mail
  5. 5. Summary of New Capability in 3.0 ▪ New UI – complete overhaul – Most areas affected – New sidebar ▪ Excel Compare ▪ Sub-folders ▪ Mass Import/Export for Readability Whitelisting ▪ Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
  6. 6. New UI
  7. 7. New UI
  8. 8. New UI - New Sidebar Sidebar
  9. 9. New UI - Drag-drop in folder view Drag / drop
  10. 10. New UI – Mega buttons Mega- buttons
  11. 11. Excel Compare
  12. 12. Why did we want to create a new compare for excel? Mostly Customer Feedback like this one: “Can you do a compare of excel documents in visible thread?” “We are working a large Army bid and the government just issued an Amendment which includes 30 excel files that were revised. They did not mark the changes.”
  13. 13. Excel Compare – how do you do it today? ▪ Try googling “comparing spreadsheets in excel”. ▪ Results look techie and a bit like this:
  14. 14. Excel Compare – how do you do it today? ▪ Multiple approaches ▪ Most are code based ▪ Require coding skills
  15. 15. ...and here’s a sample result
  16. 16. How it works? - Folder with excel files - Originated from FedBizOpps
  17. 17. How it works - Choose Excel Files - Check the boxes against each one.
  18. 18. Sample Output - Summary - Summary View - Sheet by Sheet Comparison
  19. 19. Sample Output – Detail of “Sheet vs. Sheet” Sheet vs Sheet Compare
  20. 20. Sub-folders
  21. 21. Sub-folders ▪ In response to customer demand ▪ Various ways of structuring: – By contract/RFP – By person – By group ▪ Advantages of folders – easier to archive off old folders into one ‘Archive’ type folder – better results in folder level views. Slice and dice the foldders as you need
  22. 22. Sub-folders Grouping Examples Grouping Related Documents
  23. 23. Part 2. VT Communications Suite, VT Readability & eMail service launch.
  24. 24. Our Journey beyond Proposals
  25. 25. Digital Transformation - Government
  26. 26. • Measure & improve the quality & readability of communications. • Support the Digital Service Standard mission. • Easily Audit & Report on readability improvements across the organisation. Project Objective:
  27. 27. Digital Transformation Agency
  28. 28. Digital Transformation Agency
  29. 29. Show Baseline Improvement Metrics
  30. 30. Case Study A strategic approach to efficient content development & review
  31. 31. Past Engagements
  32. 32. DIIS Findings • Emphasis on quality content (aligned with DTA’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) • Significant web page reduction from 3,000 to 1,000 today. • Delegation of content responsibility down the line – has resulted in improved content quality in a faster turnaround time • Useful as an independent ‘arbitor’ especially when working with SMEs to guide them towards improved readability of jargon or overly technical content. • Demonstrates value of continuous improvement. • Improvement and efficiencies across workflow process - prior to VT this work was done manually in Word, with screen scrape of content plagued with time consuming functionality problems • Full corporate knowledge management - content captured in a consistent way. • Excellent driver in demonstrating the difference well written content makes for users’ readability
  33. 33. How Do We Help?
  34. 34. Central Publishing Team Content Authors Current Process
  35. 35. VisibleThread Communications Suite – Supporting your Lifecycle Solutions for Audit and Oversight VT Docs Audit thousands of docs VT Web Audit thousands of webpages
  36. 36. VisibleThread Communications Suite – Supporting your Lifecycle VT Readability Readability analysis for a single doc, URL or Text. Solutions for Content Creators VT Readability eMail Service Submit PDF or Word doc for score. VT Usage Monitor Monitor adoption & usage
  37. 37. Solutions for the Improvement Journey:
  38. 38. User authors content in an MS Word document (.docx)* Content Author User Journey - step 1:
  39. 39. User submits document via email (as an attachment) to a dedicated email address (e.g. analyze@readability-<your-domain-name>.com ) Use of VisibleThread email address will remove the need for any internal IT workload. Document is processed by VisibleThread Readability Engine Content Author User Journey - step 2:
  40. 40. On completion an email is sent to the user with the following: - Top line stats (coloured) Long Sentences, Passive Voice, Readability, Grade Level Content Author User Journey - step 3:
  41. 41. Annotated document as an attachment is returned to user. Note: If user submits a PDF or Word Document instead of a.docx then an excel output will be returned instead of annotated output Content Author User Journey - step 4: Fix the content in MS Word & re-submit
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Transforming Your Customer Journey?
  44. 44. Step 1: Create Baseline – Analyse Readability of White Papers etc
  45. 45. Step 2: Compare Language used by Writers, SME’s, Divisions
  46. 46. Step 3 Create Dictionaries - Language used v Language Preferred
  47. 47. References & Digital Service Standards
  48. 48. Helpful Resources: Testing Content: to-test-content/ Christine Cawthorne & Emleigh Barnes Readability versus Comprehension: Jakob Nielsen
  49. 49. How to do this consistently, accurately and measurably? Checklist for Plain Language • Write for the average reader • Organize to serve the reader’s needs • Use active voice • Use short sentences • Use “you” and other pronouns • Use short sections • Use the simplest tense possible • Use base verbs, not hidden verbs • Avoid noun clusters • Use concrete, familiar words • Omit excess words • Place words carefully • Have useful headings • Use lists • Use tables • Use “must” not “shall” to express requirements
  50. 50. TBS Style Guide: • Plain Language • Active Voice • Avoid Jargon • Short Sentences • Verify Readability • etc. How to do this consistently, accurately and measurably?
  51. 51. Thanks Q&A