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VT Virtual Panel - Remote is Here to Stay

How to mitigate risk and continue to position to win.

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VT Virtual Panel - Remote is Here to Stay

  1. 1. VT Virtual Session Remote is here to stay – How to mitigate risk and continue to position to win In conversation with Mark Amtower, Danai Malianga and Fergal McGovern VT Virtual Session: October 1st , 12pm EST
  2. 2. ˇˇ VIRTUAL SESSION HOUSEKEEPING • Our discussion will last approx. 1 hour. • Please ask your questions in the ‘Question’ facility – we have lots of time for questions planned. • This is a virtual panel webinar with only a few slides. We will make these available for you. • The recording will be shared a few days after this webinar. • Please complete the survey at the end of the session. Let me know what you’d like to see in future!
  3. 3. TOPICS Theme Discovery Bid Center Automation Position to win – LinkedIn and personal brand Acronym Checker VT Insights Compare Docs & Excel Sheets VT Docs VT Readability Virtual Events & Networking WE’LL COVER TODAY Compliance Matrices Virtual Proposal Management
  4. 4. MEETYOUR PANEL Evelyn Wolf CMO VisibleThread Mark Amtower Founding Partner of Amtower & Company Danai Malianga VP of Professional Services VisibleThread Fergal McGovern CEO VisibleThread
  6. 6. OUR TIPS FROM TODAY’S VIRTUAL PANEL 1. Work from Home (WFH) Workspace Tips a) Create a designated workspace where you can shut out noises. b) Be near a window for natural light. Or if that’s not possible, supplement natural light with LED “sun” bulbs. Don’t focus these on your desk but above and a foot or two away. c) Pay attention to the ergonomics of your workspace. d) Take breaks! Consider a 10-minute break every hour. 2. WFH Team Tips a) Understand everyone’s challenges from a virtual team environment. b) Define virtual team roles and tasks for team clarity and individual accountability. c) Overcommunicate with your team using voice, text and email channels – Create a virtual War Room. d) Show your face in meetings – Cameras enhance communications and allow you to pick up nuances by seeing your team members. e) If you are using messaging solutions like MS Teams or Slack, set up a channel for each pursuit (e.g. RFP, task order, etc). These tools raise efficiency and often you get better responsiveness. f) Gain executive oversight through reporting.
  7. 7. OUR TIPS FROM TODAY’S VIRTUAL PANEL 3. Virtual Proposal Management Tips a) Stay true to your proposal process (don’t deviate because your virtual). b) Double down on having a clear & clean repository folder structure (SharePoint or elsewhere). Content needs to be findable for all team members. Agree a folder structure prior to blue team (outline) phase. c) Record virtual meetings and sessions. If needed transcribe them so no discussion points are lost. d) Define virtual team roles and tasks for team clarity and individual accountability e) Be self-sufficient. We can no longer walk down the hall and collaborate as easily as before. So, you need to be able to self-serve on most aspects of the proposal lifecycle. Consider automating the more tedious tasks like shredding. f) Identify areas that are more open to risk and human error. Make a plan and consider how to tackle or avoid these in the first place. g) Map out processes and identify which areas can be automated.
  8. 8. OUR TIPS FROM TODAY’S VIRTUAL PANEL 4. Technology Support & Selection a) Map out processes and identify which areas can be automated. b) Get team/employee buy-in for processes and technology. c) When choosing a technology partner consider functionality, training and ongoing support. Your success depends on more than software. 5. Virtual Events a) Although “networking” aspects of large events is nowhere near live events, check whether this functionality is available. And join virtual networking session. b) Watch out for smaller organizations and sessions which may offer a discussion or networking opportunity. c) Check for online “happy hour” groups and networking sub-groups from associations.
  9. 9. OUR TIPS FROM TODAY’S VIRTUAL PANEL 6. Virtual Networking a) Encourage people to “meet” or connect with you on LinkedIn. b) Message after connecting on LinkedIn and suggest a conference call or phone call. Conference calls are great for seeing a persona (cameras) and getting to know someone over virtual coffee. c) If group networking, consider a twice-monthly session on a particular topic. Use Zoom or another conferencing system. d) Use apps like Calendly to make it easy for people to set a time to “meet” with you. 7. Building Your Personal Brand a) Build your LinkedIn profile. Add your relevant work experience. b) Reflect your professional area of expertise in your LinkedIn profile. c) Find and / or create content around your area of expertise. d) Connect with others in similar roles. e) Comment and share other people’s content.
  10. 10. ˇˇ THANK YOU, MARK AMTOWER Contact Mark to learn about his advisory services on all aspects of marketing to the Federal Government, including ü Training for government contractors on Social Selling via LinkedIn, ü Building a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Platform (company and individual), ü Content Marketing for GovCon, and more. All of the above are included in Mark’s Small Government Contractor Advisory Program. Email: Phone: 301 854 9493 LinkedIn:
  11. 11. ˇˇ VT DOCS 3.4 NOW AVAILABLE FOR CLOUD USERS Usage Report ü Show all activity by user in your sandbox. ü Helpful for onboarding, executive oversight and making the most out of VT Docs functionality Introducing ‘Ignore List’ ü Renaming of ‘Whitelist’ to ‘Ignore List’ in the product and all reporting outputs. ü Words matter. Discriminatory words have no place at VisibleThread. Available to all Cloud Customers. On-Prem release will follow later this year.
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