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Contract Review Challenges Before & After VisibleThread Docs | Cobham


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VisibleThread Users Conference 2018 - Contract Reviews Challenges Before & After VisibleThread Docs | Cobham

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Contract Review Challenges Before & After VisibleThread Docs | Cobham

  1. 1. Contract Review Challenges Before & After VT Docs Kyle Peterson - Contracts Administrator
  2. 2. COBHAM PRIVATE Cobham Contracting Environment Incumbent Review Process 01 02 03 04 New VT Process Future State
  3. 3. COBHAM PRIVATE Cobham
  4. 4. COBHAM PRIVATE Background Cobham Mission Systems - Orchard Park, NY Capabilities: • Oxygen Systems • Space Life Support • Space Propulsion • Tactical Control Systems Contracts Team: • “Lean and Mean” • Internal customer service • Prioritizing resources and tasks is vital
  5. 5. COBHAM PRIVATE Desired FAR-DFARS Analysis Output • Ensure site compliance with flowdowns • Confirm site subcontract flowdowns reflect the contract/PO in question • The discovery and review of new FAR-DFARS for site compliance and flowdown if required
  6. 6. COBHAM PRIVATE Before VT Incumbent Process Combing for clauses incorporated into text and/or by reference.
  7. 7. COBHAM PRIVATE • Run all FAR-DFARS against site compliance matrix to ensure compliance and to determine if functional guidance is required.
  8. 8. COBHAM PRIVATE • Copy paste clauses into excel to compare against Cobham Standard Flow downs to ensure all required clauses are flowed to supply chain.
  9. 9. COBHAM PRIVATE Before VT: Bottom Line • Time intensive • Turnaround time is essential when RFPs are due and large purchase orders need to be processed • Juggling multiple spreadsheets • Not enough time spent on value added activities
  10. 10. COBHAM PRIVATE Goals for New VT Process • Analysis Outcomes Remain the same: • Site compliance • synchronized flow between prime contract and subs • New FAR-DFARS • Reduce manual document review • Clear, actionable breakdown
  11. 11. COBHAM PRIVATE With VT • Customizable dictionaries are a game changer • No more copy/paste and vlookups
  12. 12. COBHAM PRIVATE Using VT • Clear deliverable • Targets exactly what needs to be highlighted to the sales/supply chain team
  13. 13. COBHAM PRIVATE Multifaceted Benefits • Ability to search for “blank” clauses which aren’t included in Cobham standard flow downs (dictionaries) • Highlight to supply chain • New clauses can be analysed and than added to the dictionary to ensure they are flown down in the future • Shredding multiple flowdown documents  one output
  14. 14. COBHAM PRIVATE After VT: Bottom Line • Same day turnaround • Reduces “manual” contract review by 1 hour/contract • Doubled output from February to March • Audit deliverable • More time available for value add activities • Legal/regulatory analysis • Contract terms negotiation
  15. 15. COBHAM PRIVATE Future State • Move beyond the regulatory/flow down sphere • SOW Analysis • “shall,” “must,” etc. • VT “Compliance Matrix Scan” dictionary • Quality Function • Breakdown specifications, quality clauses, SDRLs