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advance ambedded system


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advance ambedded system

  1. 1. ADVANCED EMBEDDEDSYSTEMSBY:------------------VISHWAS JANGRA5909407Submitted To……………………….Training In-charge
  2. 2. 1. The Embedded Experts company is deliveringquality products and services in EmbeddedSystems2. The young engineers and technical enthusiastsprovide training and project guidance inembedded system hardware and softwaredesign & development
  3. 3. SUBJECT MATTER• Introduction to Embedded Systems• 8051 Microcontroller• AVR Microcontroller• ARM Microcontroller
  4. 4. What is Embedded Systems ? ? ?•Combination of hardware and Software for aDedicated application……•The software is permanently set into a read-only memory•MP3 Player is an Embedded System•Computer is not an embedded system•But combination of different embeddedsystems
  5. 5. MICROCONTROLLER• Microcontroller is a combination of CPU, RAM,ROM, TIMERS/COUNTERS, INTRUPTS,INPUT/OUTPUTS etc. are fabricated on a singlechip.• They are the heart and soul of many everydayappliances.• A group of instructions called Program is fed to itsFlash Memory
  6. 6. TYPES OFMICROCONTROLLER• 8-Bit1. 8051 (NXP/PHILIPS P89V51RD2)2. PIC (PIC16F73, PIC16F877)3. AVR (ATMEGA16)
  7. 7. TYPES OFMICROCONTROLLER• 16-Bit1. PIC (PIC24FXX)2. TI (MSP430F2013)• 32-Bit1. ARM (LPC2148)
  8. 8. CHOOSING MICROCONTROLLER• Now we have 3 options, 8, 16 & 32 bitmicrocontroller• Choice is done on the basis of application• Example:-Air bags in cars - 32-bitTemprature Sensor in AC – 8 bit