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Hospital aiims presentation


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Hospital aiims presentation

  1. 1. AIIMS HOSPITAL  Submitted by:- Pankaj Sagar Pankaj kumar Furkhan Karan Wali Submitted to,
  2. 2. ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE (AIIMS) All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi – INDIA. The institute has a hospital with 1766 beds, 1323 doctors including. The hospital facilities cater to about 1.5 million outpatients and 80,000 inpatients every year AIIMS.
  3. 3.  Cardiology  Cosmetic Surgery  Dentistry  Diagnostics  Ear, Nose and Throat  Female Reproductive System & Pregnancy  Fertility  General Surgery  Laparoscopy & Endoscopy  Male Reproductive system & Urinary Tract  Nephrology  Neurology  Obesity Surgery  Oncology  Opthalmology  Orthopedics  Physical Exams DEPATRMENTS
  4. 4. All the gates will have controlled entry or exit as follows: Gate 1 and Gate 3: Gate 1 and 3 will open at Aurobindo Marg. Both the gates will have entry and exit. Gate 2: Gate 2 will open on Ring Road. It will only have exit. Gate 4: Gate 4 will be shifted to South Extension. have both entry and exit. Gate 5: Gate near Doctor’s Hostel near Masjid Modh parking area will have Entry and Exit. The entry and exit will be strictly limited restricted to AIIMS staff/faculty/doctor /residents having RFID card. ENTRY/ EXITS
  5. 5. The basement parking facility would include following thing: (a) Built up space (b) External Development such as leveling, roads and paths, horticulture operations, external landscaping, signage, polycarbonate domes for skylight, cafeteria furniture etc. (c) Public Health Engineering & Fire Fighting facilities (d) Electrical facilities such as street lighting, LT panel & cables, DG sets and lifts (e) Parking Management System including Ticket Dispenser, Card Reader, Boom Barriers, centralized software etc. (f) Basement Ventilation BASEMENT
  6. 6. CASH COUNTER  The Cash Counter is located in the OPD Complex of CNC next to the OPD  registration counter. The cash payment for various investigations and  diagnostic procedures is made at Cash Counter Room no. 28-B.  Payment for the following procedures can be made here.  Blood Tests  TMT  Holter  ECG  ECHO  EEG  X-RAY
  7. 7.  It is stationed in the basement of CNC. It has one of the best preserved.  hospital archives in India. The medical records of CT Centre & NS Centre.  maintained separately Records of each & every patient visiting the CNC.  OPD since its inception is maintained manually as a file by a comprehensive.  process of collection, collation & compilation of data. MEDICAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT
  8. 8. CARDIOLOGY  Cardiac ICU is located on the second floor of the CTC centre.  There is a intensive cardiac care unit for adults & a Paediatric care unit  for infants and children.  The Cardiology Department caters to a wide spectrum of diseases.  actively involved in various diagnostic and interventional DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES  Investigative & diagnostic procedures are carried out routinely and by  appointments also. Registration form for the requisite investigation should  completed properly and name, age, gender, residence
  9. 9. DAY CARE  Day Care services are at present provided to only few patients requiring  either Gamma Knife, diagnostic evaluations such as DSA, or very minor  operative interventions, such as aspiration/removal of reservoirs or release  flexor retinaculum for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Other procedures requiring  local anesthesia such as biopsies of intracranial lesions are admitted for a day.
  10. 10. INDOOR ADMISSIONS  There are facilities for admission into General or Private Wards.  Neurosurgery Department has the following wards and ICUs:  NSI ICU B: NS Unit II (1st floor)  NSI ICU C: NS Unit I (1st floor)  NS2 Ward: NS Unit II (2nd floor)  NS3 Ward: NS Unit I (3rd floor)
  11. 11. DAY CARE Patients requiring muscle biopsy and short term care for intrathecal injections are evaluated with only a short admission. INPATIENT ADMISSION The patients are given date of admission from the OPD and admitted on priority depending on the urgency of the clinical situation and bed vacancy. cleared and is a constant source of enhancing performance. ward admission are done by the Office of Chief, Neuro-Sciences Centre. Admissions into the ICU are carried out from the casualty directly or from the ward. DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY
  12. 12.  Many facilities are provided at OPD level e.g. ECG, Plaster, Injection and Immunization Room,    Contraception and MTP Services, Minor Surgical Intervention, Physiotherapy, Bronchoscopy,      Endoscopy etc.  Medical fitness / Medical examination and other such certificates are issued after paying the requisite     fees. For this purpose contact the central registration office, ground floor OPD.  The decision to admit a patient rests with the treating doctor. The patient will be admitted only if a vacant bed is available. But, in case of emergency, out of turn admission may be done.  Wheel chairs, patient trolleys etc. are available free of charge at the entrance of OPD.  OPDs have waiting hall with chairs, STD booth, TVs, lifts, ramp for Ortho OPD, public utilities like     drinking water & toilets etc. at each floor.
  13. 13.  Facilities provided in private ward - Each room has - attached toilets & bath room, T.V. with cable connection, Refrigerator, A.C., sofas, bed for attendant, chairs and table, geyser, emergency light, phone with incoming facility etc.  Day care facility is available for certain types of operations. e.g. laproscopic surgery; day care chemotherapy; blood transfusion, dialysis, endoscopies and similar interventions.  ICUs The hospital has fully equipped Main ICU at 8th Floor, AB wing to provide expert ICU care. There are ICUs/HDUs in few wards of main hospital and CTVS ICU & NS ICU in CN Centre. Patients requiring urgent ICU care are admitted to ICUs at the discretion of treating Doctors.  Blood Bank:- AIIMS has a licensed modern, state of the art Blood Bank that functions 24 hours a day and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood and its components. Strict precautions are taken and testing is done to prevent any borne infection. If your patient requires blood transfusions, then you are requested to arrange healthy blood donors for donating blood in order to reduce shortage of blood. FACILITIES
  17. 17. DIETARY SERVICES The hospital dietary services provide nutritionally adequate and quality food to all indoor patients with emphasis on the therapeutic and special diets, thus improving the health status. It also imparts training to Dietetics interns, medical students, nursing students and para-medical staff in the field of nutrition. LOCATION The office of the Chief Dieticians is located on Ground Floor of the Private Ward Block, Room No.8. The main kitchen is situated on the ground floor between CSSD and Central Cafeteria.
  18. 18. FORTIS GURGAON ENTRY / EXIT There are 4 entry and exit.  1. & 2. VISITORS 3. SERVICE ENTRY  4. EMERGENCY Total no of floor 9 ( UG, LG ,BASEMENT, 1ST , 2ND ,3RD ,4TH ,5TH ) Total area 11 ACRES Built up area 8 ACRES It is planned for 1100 beds. Working beds 450 beds. No of lifts 11. and capacity of one lift 24 persons. No of AHU 90 regarding all floors and 5 TFA . No of OT. 10
  19. 19. Thank you