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Oliver cromwell-the dark horse


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this is the ppt on Oliver Cromwell a british who played an important role during the civil war in Britain.

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Oliver cromwell-the dark horse

  1. 1. Oliver CromwellOliver Cromwell A presentation byA presentation by Vishnu SharmaVishnu Sharma
  2. 2. Cromwell’s early lifeCromwell’s early life  Cromwell was born on April 25, 1599 inCromwell was born on April 25, 1599 in Huntingdon, England to Elizabeth andHuntingdon, England to Elizabeth and Robert CromwellRobert Cromwell Elizabeth Cromwell Robert Cromwell
  3. 3. Cromwell’s educationCromwell’s education  He attended grammar school atHe attended grammar school at Huntingdon grammar school, which is nowHuntingdon grammar school, which is now the Cromwell Museumthe Cromwell Museum
  4. 4.  He then attended Cambridge UniversityHe then attended Cambridge University
  5. 5. If he was smart, he would haveIf he was smart, he would have gone to Oxfordgone to Oxford
  6. 6. Cromwell’s early occupationCromwell’s early occupation  He became a minor landowner in EastHe became a minor landowner in East Anglia, farming and collecting rents forAnglia, farming and collecting rents for incomeincome
  7. 7. Cromwell’s wifeCromwell’s wife  He married Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620,He married Elizabeth Bourchier in 1620, just a few months after his 21just a few months after his 21stst birthdaybirthday
  8. 8. Cromwell’s childrenCromwell’s children  Robert (1621-1639)Robert (1621-1639)  Oliver (1623-1644)Oliver (1623-1644)  Bridget (1624-?)Bridget (1624-?)  Richard (1626-1712)Richard (1626-1712)  Henry (1628-1674)Henry (1628-1674)  Elizabeth (1629-1658)Elizabeth (1629-1658)  James (1632)James (1632)  Mary (1637-1700)Mary (1637-1700)  Frances (1638-1721)Frances (1638-1721)
  9. 9. Cromwell and religionCromwell and religion  Believed to have converted beforeBelieved to have converted before civil warscivil wars  ““Godly reformation”Godly reformation”  ““Liberty of conscience”Liberty of conscience”
  10. 10. Cromwell as military manCromwell as military man  Captain of small group of mounted troopsCaptain of small group of mounted troops in 1642in 1642  Promoted to colonel in 1643Promoted to colonel in 1643  22ndnd in command of New Model Army inin command of New Model Army in 16451645  Summer 1650 – appointed lord generalSummer 1650 – appointed lord general (commander-in-chief) of all parliamentary(commander-in-chief) of all parliamentary forcesforces
  11. 11. Became Lord Protector inBecame Lord Protector in December 1653December 1653
  12. 12. Died in London on September 3, 1658 after aDied in London on September 3, 1658 after a recurrence of malarial feverrecurrence of malarial fever
  13. 13. Cromwell’s Statue inCromwell’s Statue in Westminster PalaceWestminster Palace