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Shopper's Stop retail

  2. 2. AUTHOR: Vishnu Sharma STUDENT ID (UBS): 1360 PROGRAMME: MBA GROUP: AICTE MBA-3 SEMESTER: 3rd Semester MODULE TITLE: Retail Management Strategy MODULE NUMBER: MBA -3 | 1360 MODULE TUITOR: Mr. Bibhas Basumatray ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Analysis of a Retail Store
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Introduction to Retail  Introduction to retail industry  Introduction to SHOPPERS STOP  SEC of SHOPPERS STOP, Andheri,Mumbai  Product and services  Lay out  Technologies at SHOPPERS STOP  Recommendations and solutions  Bibliography
  4. 4. Introduction to Retail Retailing is one area of the broader term, e- commerce. Retailing is buying and selling both goods and consumer services. With more number of educated and literate consumers entering the economy and market, the need for reading the pulse of the consumers has become very essential. Retail marketing is undergoing radical restructuring. This is because of increase in gross domestic product, increase in per capita income, increase in purchasing power and also the ever changing tastes and preferences of the people. The entry of plastic money, ATMs, credit cards and debit cards and all other consumer finances, the taste for the branded goods also added for the evolution of retail marketing. Retail marketing is not just buying and selling but also rendering all other personalized consumer services. With the RM picking up it has given a new look for various fast moving capital goods (FMCG) goods. This not only increased the demand for various goods in the market but also made retail
  5. 5. marketing the second largest employment area, the first being agriculture. Retail Industry, one of the fastest changing and vibrant industries in the world, has contributed to the economic growth of many countries. The term 'retail' is derived from the French word retailer which means 'to cut a piece off or to break bulk'. In simple terms, it implies a first-hand transaction with the customer. Retailing can be defined as the buying and selling of goods and services. It can also be defined as the timely delivery of goods and services demanded by consumers at prices that are competitive and affordable. Retailing involves a direct interface with the customer and the coordination of business activities from end to end- right from the concept or design stage of a product or offering, to its delivery and post-delivery service to the customer. The industry has contributed to the economic growth of many countries and is undoubtedly one of the fastest changing and dynamic industries in the world today.
  6. 6. Introduction to Retail industry in India  India is the 5th largest retail market in the world. The country ranks fourth among the surveyed 30 countries in terms of global retail development. The current market size of Indian retail industry is about US$ 500 bn (Source: IBEF) and is expected to grow at the rate of 15-20% p.a. The retail industry is expected to increase to US$ 750-850 bn by 2015 (according to a report by Deloitte). Retailing has played a major role the world over in increasing productivity across a wide range of consumer goods and services. In the developed countries, the organised retail industry accounts for almost 80% of the total retail trade. In contrast, in India organised retail trade accounts for merely 8-10% of the total retail trade. This highlights a lot of scope for further penetration of organized retail in India.  The sector can be broadly divided into two segments: Value retailing, which is typically a low margin-high volume business (primarily food and groceries) and Lifestyle retailing, a high margin-low volume business (apparel, footwear, etc). The sector is further divided into various categories, depending on the types of products offered. Food dominates market consumption with 60% share followed by fashion. The
  7. 7. relatively low contribution of other categories indicates opportunity for organised retail growth in these segments, especially with India being one of the world's youngest markets. Market Size By 2012, the total market size reached US$ 518 billion, thereby registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 per cent since 1998.
  8. 8. Market Breakup In 2012, Food and Grocery accounted for nearly 60 per cent of total revenues in the retail sector.  India’s retail market is likely to touch a whopping Rs. 47 lakh crore by 2016-17, expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of 15 per cent, a Yes Bank-Assocham study says.The retail market, which comprises both organised and unorganised segments, stood at Rs. 23 lakh crore in 2011- 12.“Favourable demographics, increasing
  9. 9. urbanisation, nuclearisation of families, rising affluence amid consumers, growing preference for branded products and higher aspirations are other factors which will drive retail consumption in India,” Assocham Secretary General D.S. Rawat said.  According to the study, organised retail, which comprised a meagre seven per cent of overall retail market in 2011-12 is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 24 per cent and attain 10.2 per cent share of total retail by 2016-17.On the supply side, retail sector growth will be backed by expansion plans of existing players and the entry of new players, the study said.It also listed out the challenges being faced by the country’s retail sector such as dearth of skilled manpower, numerous clearances required to set up a retail outlet and lack of basic infrastructure like roads, power and water.  Store-based retailing is likely to witness a CAGR of 7.6 per cent during 2011-16 and will grow by 44 per cent in absolute terms during this period, the study highlighted.Amid traditional grocery retailers, kirana stores will continue to be the largest contributor to value share by 2016 and are likely to account for 61 per cent share in constant value sales, it said. Introduction to SHOPPERS STOP
  10. 10. Vision: To be a Global Retailer in India and Maintain No.1 position in the Indian Market in the Department Store Category. Positioning Shoppers’ Stop is positioned as a family store delivering a complete shopping experience defined by its mission, vision and values. 1991: Shoppers' Stop launches at Andheri Setting up shop in 1991 with its flagship store in Andheri, Mumbai, Shoppers’ Stop is a member of the K. Raheja Corp. of Companies. Shoppers’ Stop is the first retail venture by the K. Raheja Corp. Promoted by Mr. Chandru L. Raheja, Mr. Ravi C. Raheja and Mr. Neel C. Raheja, the K. Raheja Corp. have been leaders in the construction business for over 48 years. With its wide range of merchandise, exclusive shop-in-shop counters of international brands and world-class customer service, Shoppers’ Stop brought international standards of shopping to the Indian consumer providing them with a world class shopping experience. India – 2000 & Beyond… Expanding its operations to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai
  11. 11. (Andheri, Bandra, Chembur, Kandivli, Mulund), Pune, Gurgaon and Kolkata, Shoppers’ Stop is today recognised as India’s premier shopping destination. With a customer entry of about 50,000 customers a day, a national presence with over 6,00,000 square feet of retail space and stocking over 250 brands of garments and accessories, Shoppers’ Stop has clearly become a one stop shop for all customers. Customer Profile Shoppers’ Stop’s core customers represent a strong SEC A skew. They fall between the age group of 16 years to 35 years, the majority of them being families and young couples with a monthly household income above Rs. 20000 and an annual spend of Rs.15000. A large number of Non - Resident Indians visit the shop for ethnic clothes in the international environment they are accustomed to. Range of merchandise… The stores offer a complete range of apparel and lifestyle accessories for the entire family. From apparel brands like Provogue, Color Plus, Arrow, Levi’s, Scullers, Zodiac to cosmetic brands like Lakme, Chambor, Le Teint Ricci etc., Shoppers’ Stop caters to every lifestyle need. Shoppers' Stop retails its own line of clothing namely Stop, Life , Kashish, Vettorio Fratini and DIY. The merchandise at Shoppers’ Stop is sold at a quality and price assurance backed by its guarantee stamp on every bill. Their motto: “We are responsible for the goods we sell”. Customer Rewards – The First Citizen Shoppers’ Stop’s customer loyalty program is called The First
  12. 12. Citizen. The program offers its members an opportunity to collect points and avail of innumerable special benefits. Currently, Shoppers’ Stop has a database of over 2.5 lakh members who contribute to nearly 50% of the total sales of Shoppers’ Stop. International Affiliations Shoppers’ Stop is the only retailer from India to become a member of the prestigious Intercontinental Group of Departmental Stores (IGDS). The IGDS consists of 29 experienced retailers from all over the world, which include established stores like Selfridges (England), Karstadt (Germany), Shanghai No. 1 (China), Matahari (Indonesia), Takashimaya (Japan), C K Tang (Singapore), Manor (Switzerland) and Lamcy Plaza (Dubai). This membership is restricted to one member organization per country/region. Acquisitions The Organisation, in 2000, along with ICICI ventures also acquired the reputed bookstore, “Crossword”, which offers the widest range of books along with CD-ROM, music, stationery and toys. Services like Dial-a-book, Fax-a-book and Email-a- book enable customers to shop from their homes. Crossword currently has 18 Stores.
  13. 13. The IT Backbone Realising the role of IT way back in 1991, Shoppers’ Stop was among the first few retailers to use scanners and barcodes and completely computerise its operations. Today it is one of the few stores in India to have retail ERP in place, which is now being integrated with Oracle Financials and the Arthur Planning System, the best retail planning system in the world. With the help of the ERP, they are able to replicate stores, open new stores faster and get information about merchandise and customers online, which reduces the turnaround time in taking quick decision. Supply Chain Management Understanding the importance of distribution and logistics in ensuring that merchandise is available on the shop floors, has led Shoppers’ Stop to streamline its supply chain. The company has developed process manuals for each part of the logistics chain. These modules include vendor management, purchase order management, stock receiving systems, purchase verification and inventory build up, generation and fixing of price and store tags, despatch of stocks to the retail floor and forwarding of bills for payment. Future Plans Shoppers’ Stop aims to position itself as a global retailer. The company intends to bring the world’s best retail technology,
  14. 14. retail practices and sales to India. Currently, they are adding 4 to 5 new stores every year. SHOPPERS STOP, Andheri SWOT Analysis: < Shoppers Drug Mart.. Shoppers Stop Parent Company K. Raheja Group Category Retail Sector Retail and lifestyle Tagline/ Slogan Start Something New USP New styles and presence in all major metros STP Segment Style and status cautious group Target Group Upper Middle class group Positioning Styles and quality SWOT Analysis
  15. 15. Strength 1. It has strong domestic presence with 50+ stores in India 2. Shoppers stop has become highest benchmark for retail industry 3. Loyal customer base with more than 750,000 first citizen members 4.Increasing footfalls and conversion rates 5. Management team is strongly established as well as skilled labor force Weakness 1. It has lesser promotional strategies on both ATL and BTL level compared to global leaders 2. It always follows low risk strategy in business or entering into new segment Opportunity 1. Big opportunity to enter into new geographies nationally 2.Foreign players see it as preferred partner for making investment in India 4.It could enter into Hypercity -high retail value category Threats 1. Due to global slowdown consumers’ purchase power has reduced for top high value brands
  16. 16. 2.Increasing brand awareness among consumers across all socio-economic classes Competition Competitors 1.Vishal Mega mart 2.Westside 3.Wills Lifestyle PORTER’S five forces model: Five forces Model 1) Suppliers power 2) Buyers Bargaining Power 3) New Potential Entrants 4) Threat of Substitutes 5) Industry Competitors STRENGTHS 1) Suppliers power A segment is unattractive if the company’s suppliers are able to raise prices or reduce quantity supplied Ss in apparels section
  17. 17. have major brands like, Arrow, Levis, lee, Provogue, Pepe, loues Philip, Zodiac Weakness 2) Customer Buying Power The bargaining power of customer at SS can be a weakness if customer shift to substitutes. There are various other brands which could act as a substitute to SS for eg: Zodiac, Raymonds, Color plus, and Arvind Mills 3) Industry competitors competitors like Globus, Westside and Lifestyle, Wills Lifestyles, Rpg ,Pantaloon who catered to the same segment of customers, entered the market. 4) New potential entrants Preferred Partner for Foreign Players SS is the preferred partner/retailer for foreign brands entering India. The company has already signed an agreement with UK retailer Mothercare to retail their products. The company has tied-up Estee Lauder’s MAC brand of cosmetics with one strongly performing outlet
  18. 18. opened so far. SS has also tied up with Austin Reed for both manufacturing and retailing its brand in India. We expect many more opportunities for similar tie-ups, particularly as the government has allowed up to 51% FDI in single brand retailing. Shoppers’ Stop has 4 division the Men’s apparels, ladies apparels, kids wear and the Non-apparels. Following is their contribution to the turnover. * Men’s 43% of sales * Women’s 18% of sales * Kids 8% of sales * Non-Apparels 31% of sales SS LOYALITY PROGRAMES SS PIONEERED INDIA’S first loyality programes They have 3 tier loyality programme 1) classic moments for entry level 2) silver edge 3) golden glow, members fall in different cateogory dependimng on theior spends with the company, they also receive... Marketing Mix: PRODUCT 1. General Products : Shopper’s Stop includes domestic as well as international retail articles and products 2. Private Label: Shopper Stop has also launched their own private labels such as
  19. 19. STOP. 3. Others: In addition to the above, Shopper Stop also does promotional marketing.e.g.They launched ZooZoo range and also other similar products have been launched. These also form the part of the Product as SS. PLACE Shoppers Stop is Indian largest chain of Super Stores and has many stores in whole of India 2. Shoppers Stop Ltd. Excels in Service quality and the stores of a high class feel which is different from Big Bazaar or similar stores. PROMOTION The communication strategy of Shopper’s Stop has been to reach out to the customers in their own style and language 2. SS uses print as well as OOH media to promote the brand. The brand uses brand ambassadors like Kareena Kapoor to endorse the brand. 3. The private label STOP is promoted in store through logo and proper placement in the store adjoin similar national brands 4. Associates itself with Local festivals and events PRICING * SS has a proper mix of both premium and affordable priced
  20. 20. products. The brands are sold at MRP and lower. The main USP is the choice given to the customer rather than the Price. Various Pricing Strategies used by Shopper’s Stop are as below: 1. Premium Pricing 2. Economy Pricing 3. Psychological Pricing 4. Optional Product Pricing 5. Promotional Pricing 6. Geographical Pricing 7. Value Pricing Product and services Store Shoppers Stop is one of the leading retail stores in India. Shoppers Stop began by operating a chain of department stores under the name “Shoppers’ Stop” in India. Shoppers Stop has 65 stores across 32 cities in India. Shoppers Stop retails stuff like ladies watches, men's watches, artificial jewellery, fine jewelry, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics, men's footwear, women's footwear, home furnishing and decor products.
  21. 21. Shoppers Stop launched its e-store with delivery across major cities in India in 2008. The website retails all the products available at Shoppers Stop stores, including apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Shoppers Stop opened stores in Amritsar, Bhopal and Aurangabad. Products Shoppers Stop retails products of domestic and international brands such as Louis Philippe, Pepe, Arrow, BIBA, Gini & Jony, Carbon, Corelle, Magppie, Nike, Reebok, LEGO, and Mattel. Shoppers Stop retails merchandise under its own labels, such as STOP, Kashish, LIFE and Vettorio Fratini, Elliza Donatein, Acropolis etc. The company also licensees for Austin Reed (London), an international brand, who’s men's and women's outerwear are retailed in India exclusively through the chain. In October 2009, Shoppers Stop has bought the license for merchandising Zoozoo the brand mascot for Vodafone India. Marketing In April 2008, Shoppers Stop changed its logo and adopted the mantra "Start Something New" and introduced international brands like CK Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK, Mustang, Dior across the stores. Loyalty program and Co-branded Credit Card Shoppers Stop’s has a loyalty program called First Citizen. They also offer a co-branded credit card with Citibank called the First Citizen Citibank Titanium Credit Card for their members. New Shoppers Stop branch has been opened in "The Grand Mall",
  22. 22. 137, Seetharam Nagar Main Road, Velachery Main Road, Chennai - 600042 Merchandising Merchandising opportunities like the launched Zoozoo merchandise and film merchandise. Shoppers Stop's sister stores are Crossword Bookstores Crossword Bookstores is the largest chain of bookstores in India with 83 branches. Shoppers Stop acquired 100 per cent stake in bookstore chain Crossword. Crossword is positioned as a lifestyle bookstore with their spacious, well laid out stores which encourages customers ease in browsing through the merchandise of books, music, stationary and toys. HomeStop HomeStop is premium home furnishings home concept store, which offers products in home decor, furniture and accessories, bath accessories, bedroom furnishings, mattresses, draperies, carpets, modular kitchens and health equipment. Brio Brio has 20 outlets in select cities. Café Coffee Day (CCD), the retail division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading (ABCTL), has signed an MoU with Shoppers Stop to run its BRIO outlets.
  23. 23. Desi Cafe Desi Café and their operations have been taken over by Café Coffee Day (CCD), the retail division of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading (ABCTL), has signed an MoU with Shoppers Stop to run its Desi Café outlets. HyperCity HyperCity offers a contemporary range of products, sourced from both local and international markets. The product range covers: Foods and Grocery, Homeware, Home Entertainment, Hi-Tech, Appliances, Furniture, Sports, Toys & Fashion. M.A.C. M.A.C. and Shopper’s Stop Ltd. entered into a non exclusive retail agreement with cosmetics major Estee Lauder to open up M.A.C. Cosmetics stores in India. M.A.C. Makeup-Art Cosmetics - the professional brand of choice, is the first brand under the Estee lauder Group of Companies portfolio to enter the Indian retail market. Currently there are 20 M.A.C. stores operating Arcelia
  24. 24. Arcelia is a new retail concept aiming at the growing accessories and cosmetics segment, and primarily caters to women shoppers. It retails cosmetics, fragrances, fine jewelry, footwear, handbags. MotherCare MotherCare and Shoppers Stop stocks a variety of products for mother and babies, toddlers and children till eight years of age. The UK-based maternity and kidswear brand has nine standalone and 13 shop-in-shop formats. Nuance Group Nuance Group with Shoppers Stop makes an entry into airport retailing. The alliance is marked with a joint venture with The Nuance Group AG of Switzerland, the world’s leading airport retailer. Shopper's Stop Ltd. is handling the retail operations at the duty-free zones in international terminals. The joint venture company, called Nuance Group (India) Private Limited. is operating outlets at the International airports at Bengaluru and Hyderabad. HyperCity-Argos HyperCity-Argos and Shoppers Stop, the two retail ventures of K Raheja group had signed a memorandum of understanding with UK’s leading retail chain Home Retail group to develop the Argos (retailer) retail format stores in India.Two years later, Shoppers Stop Ltd has informed Bombay Stock Exchange shall wind down and discontinue its catalogue retail operations under the Hypercity-Argos brand.
  25. 25. Timezone Shoppers Stop forayed into the Entertainment sector by acquiring 45% stake in Timezone Entertainment Private Limited which is in the business of setting up and operating Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). It has more than 20 outlets across Indian cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Baroda, Raipur, and Goa. Technologies at SHOPPERS STOP Shopper's Stop cashes in on SAS® Business Analytics Framework: India's growing retail sector is the fifth largest in the world. In recent years, the sector has experienced rapid growth and sophistication to address swelling market demand and ever- changing customer preferences. Growth in the sector has created a highly competitive retail environment, in which innovative retailers like Shopper's Stop Limited are using analytics to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and profitability, while improving overall operations. Established in 1991, Shoppers Stop is India's largest retail chain of large-format department stores. Owned by K. Raheja Corp Group, Shoppers Stop offers customers a world-class shopping experience through its 30 stores across 13 cities spread over 1.9 million square feet of retail space. The company sells a range of domestic and international premium brands in categories such as apparel, accessories, cosmetics, home, bed and bath. Shoppers Stop also operates Crossword Book Stores and has a 19 percent stake in HyperCity, a large format hypermarket chain.
  26. 26. Faced with ever-growing customer aspirations, Shoppers Stop needed to advance customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase its breadth of merchandise and expand store operations into new markets -- all while retaining profitability. 'First-of-a-kind solution' All of this required access to standardized, timely and accurate data from its DRISHTI (Insight) data warehouse project, along with flexible reporting functionality and deep analytical capabilities to help drive business objectives. SAS provided the retailer with a business analytics framework for reporting and analytics using SAS Enterprise BI Server and SAS Enterprise Miner. This is a first-of-a-kind analytical solution for the retail industry in India. The benefits put us ahead of the curve in our quest for competitive advantage. Customer Care Associate & Group Chief Technology Officer. The scalability of the solution lets us analyze over three years of customer data, in multiple formats, which is extremely valuable in understanding churn and share- of-wallet. Already, we have been able to develop focused campaigns and offers as well as study target market demographics to assist and influence our merchandising decisions. To help drive its growth strategy, Shopper's Stop is employing its reporting and analytics capabilities in the areas of merchandising, loyalty management, distribution and logistics, sales performance, loss prevention, and financial analysis. time-to- intelligence has been significantly reduced in areas such as
  27. 27. customer segmentation, inventory and vendor management, market basket analysis, store and sales performance analysis and assortment planning. Insights, improvements, benefits Shopper's Stop achieved a variety of early benefits from the SAS® Business Analytics solution, including the measurement of merchandise availability. In one exercise the retailer was able to increase availability by 2 percent for the targeted category, which is significant in the early phase of a shopping season when margins are higher. The chain can now monitor migration trends and calculate the business effect of opening new stores in the markets in which it already operates. Other early benefits came from a study of demographic groups, in which Shopper's Stop analyzed customer buying behaviors and drivers in a specific market. The insight resulted in an increase in sales from the targeted segment. With the competitive landscape getting tougher, we recognized the need to leverage our rich transactional data.After carefully examining the market, we chose SAS to drive our quest for generating insights. The journey thus far has been gratifying with SAS providing the requisite expertise towards moving data to information and insights. As we deploy the data warehouse across our other business units, we believe that the potential to harness insights is immense. SAS® Consulting earns praise Gupta credits the expertise of the SAS consultants who supported his team throughout the implementation process. The project was
  28. 28. carried out in phases, allowing users to get their hands on the solution early and have their requirements addressed quickly throughout the project. Layout Shopper's Stop: "One of the first shopping mall like destinations to open up in Mumbai, Shoppers Stop seems to have survived the opening of gigantic malls and luxury boutiques in Mumbai by constantly renovating and reinventing. Shoppaholics can rarely get bored when there is so much to see and do. You indulge in coffee and conversation at Brio or go read and research at Crossword or better still go shopping for shoes, clothes, bags the works! And with major brands like Wills, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and W for women, Catwalk shoes, Puma all available under one roof, Shopper Stop seems to have a complete package to please its customer. New entrants at Shoppers Stop include the Mother care section with mother and baby accessories, pregnancy clothes, and of course fashion brands like FCUK, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Espirit are now available here too. Prefer the Indian brands? You can stroll into the Ritu Kumar section to get your doze of traditional and fusion designer garments. Well-trained and polite staff, good after sales service and a loyalty programme that offers great benefits have made Shoppers Stop a favorite amongst shoppers . Shoppaholics can rarely get bored when there is so much to see and do. You indulge in coffee and conversation at Brio or go read and
  29. 29. research at Crossword or better still go shopping for shoes, clothes, bags the works! And with major brands like Wills, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and W for women, Catwalk shoes, Puma all available under one roof, Shopper Stop seems to have a complete package to please its customer.New entrants at Shoppers Stop include the Mother care section with mother and baby accessories, pregnancy clothes, and of course fashion brands like FCUK, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Espirit are now available here too. Prefer the Indian brands? You can stroll into the Ritu Kumar section to get your doze of traditional and fusion designer garments. Well-trained and polite staff, good after sales service and a loyalty programme that offers great benefits have made Shoppers Stop a favorite amongst shoppers. " Recommendation and Conclusion Product Quality Quality of stores is perceived to be higher among shoppers at Mumbaithan among shoppers located in other townships of NCR. Gurgoan shoppers are quite low on quality rating of department store they patronize. Among store brands shoppers rate Ebony high on quality parameter than other stores. It is fairly high for Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop but exceedingly low for Globus and Lifestyle. Price Mumbaishoppers give higher rating for the price factor associated with the department store they usually buy
  30. 30. from, than shoppers from other towns of NCR. Price as the store factor is rater higher by shoppers at Noida and Ghaziabad too. However, it is lowest among all towns for Gurgoan. Shoppers who patronize Ebony and Pantaloons have noticeably higher rating on pricing factor, than shoppers at Globus and Lifestyle who gives the lowest rating on pricing factor. Assortment Mumbaiand Gurgoan shoppers apparently are more pleased with the assortment availability and range at stores. Shoppers at Noida appear less pleased with the availability and range of assortments. AN EMPRICAL STUDY ON FACTORS INFLUENCING STORE IMAGE, SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY IN DEPARTMENT STORES 274 Among store brands shoppers at Ebony and Shoppers Stop confine higher ratings on assortment availability and range. Apparently shoppers at Globus appear least pleased with the availability and range of assortments it offers. Promotion Gurgoan and Mumbaishoppers evidently are more contented with the promotional offers and discount offerings by the department store they usually buy from. Faridabad shoppers are least content with the promotional offers their patronized store offers.
  31. 31. Shoppers at Ebony, Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop are quite content with the promotional offers. Shoppers at Globus are least content with the promotional offers the store provides. Convenience of Shopping Gurgoan shoppers confirm the convenience of shopping to a greater degree than shoppers at other locations. Shoppers at Noida on the other hand give lowest rating to convenience of the department stores offer. Ebony and Lifestyle stores offer greater convenience of shopping to shoppers than other stores. Globus has the least rating on convenience of shopping it offers to shoppers. Convenience of Location Convenience of location is rated highest by shoppers at Mumbaiand Gurgoan. It seemingly is quite lower for shoppers at Ghaziabad and Faridabad. Shoppers Stop offers reasonably higher convenience of location to shoppers than any other department store. Globus evidently has lowest rating on convenience of location it offers to shoppers. Store Facilities Store facilities apparently are rated higher by shoppers at Delhi. Shoppers at Noida have considerably lower rating for store facilities. Store facilities at Shoppers Stop and Ebony are giver higher rating by shoppers. Evidently it is lowest for Globus.
  32. 32. Personnel Services Personnel services are rated to be considerably higher by shoppers at Mumbaithan shoppers from other towns. Apparently the shoppers at Noida and Ghaziabad are not much pleased by personnel staff services. AN EMPRICAL STUDY ON FACTORS INFLUENCING STORE IMAGE, SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY IN DEPARTMENT STORES 275 Sales and service staff at Shoppers Stop and Ebony is rated to be better than other stores. Lifestyle shoppers apparently are not much pleased by services rendered by the sales and service staff. Credit Services Shoppers at Mumbaiand Faridabad rate credit services offered by store to be more promising than shoppers at other locations. Shoppers at Ghaziabad have lowest rating for the credit services offered by the stores. Shoppers rate credit services offered by Ebony and Shoppers Stop to be better than at other stores. Store Atmosphere Evidently store atmosphere is perceived to be more gratifying to shoppers at Noida and Faridabad. It is seemingly less pleasing to shoppers at Gurgoan and Ghaziabad.
  33. 33. Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop offer more pleasing store atmosphere than other stores. Globus is supposedly low on store atmosphere it offers. Store Branding For Gurgoan and Mumbaishoppers the store they patronize beams high class image and enjoys high brand image. This seemingly is lower at other locations and least for shoppers at Noida. Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons enjoy higher brand image among shoppers than other department stores. It is seemingly lowest for Globus.