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India wildlife tours with Exotic India Journey


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Make a India wildlife tour and enjoy your time while seeing different creatures of God doing different activities for you. Have a nice trip for your wildlife vacation and return with handful memories to cherish!

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India wildlife tours with Exotic India Journey

  1. 1. India Wildlife Tour to explore the heaven of different speciesThe dense green forests of India are areas of various wildlife species and flora and fauna and to explorethese treasures, India wildlife tour presents you memorable experiences of this natural beauty. Indiacarries most different set of wildlife in her lap. Diverse national Parks and sanctuaries found around thecountry make you visit again and again. The tiger reserves in India are the big attractions for Indian andforeign travelers.Amongst these tiger reserves, Corbett national Park, Ranthambore National Park and Kaziranga Nationalpark are the best known destinations where you can spot tigers.Corbett National Park: Presenting a wonderful landscape of forest, the national park offers you greatwildlife tour. The park shares its border by Nainital and Pauri and globally famous for the Bengal tigerand Asiatic Elephant. Instead of fine breed of tigers, Corbett Park is also rich in bird species. You can finda number of colorful birds here which celebrates their happiness by chirping. The other varieties ofcreatures that is found here including Gharial, leopards, Common otter, sloth bear, Indian graymongoose, Porcupine and etc. Even you can also enjoy different species of cats.
  2. 2. Ranthambore National Park: Another popular tiger reserve in India. The park has good population oftigers and the round figure would be 36 to 40. Apart from the tigers, the park is also a home of the SlothBear, Jungle cat, Wild Boar, Chinkara, Sambar, Jackals, Nilgai, Gazelle, Mongoose and a large number ofbird species.
  3. 3. Kanha National Park: Situated in Madhya Pradesh, the park has great breeds of tiger reserve. 175 birdsand 22 mammals of species, deer, Sambar and etc are found here. This is the only park in the globe wherefour-horned antelope can be found.
  4. 4. Kaziranga National Park: The Park is another stoppage for travelers who want to experience theactivities of tigers. It has number of tigers spread around the forest. Aside from tigers, you can experienceelephants, Jackal, wild Boar, Pythons, Leopard, Jungle cats, Sloth bears and many more. Even, you canexperience a number of migrated birds coming from different parts of the world.
  5. 5. Sundarban National Park: Sundarban is a home of 270 royal Bengal tigers and another most popularnational park for different species. Elephant safari is the perfect chance for discovering the true essence ofthis forest.Instead of these well-recognized national parks, there are several other national parks that increase thelist of Indian wildlife. Some worth mentioning names are Bandipur National Park, Panna tiger reserve,Bhadra tiger reserve, Periyar national park, Bhandhavgarh tiger reserve and Sariska tiger reserve, Bortiger reserve and etc. All the parks are packed with exclusive collection of flora and fauna. All the parks aredifferent from each other and give their valuable contribution to make India a largest variety of wildlife inthe globe. Make a India wildlife tour and enjoy your time while seeing different creatures of God doingdifferent activities for you. Have a nice trip for your wildlife vacation and return with handful memories tocherish!Looking for Tour In India ? Exotic India Journey offers budget tour packages for wildlife sanctuariesin india. For More Information Visit here .