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Actiivity hour


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One half of the activity hour conducted at XIME Kochi

Published in: Business, Technology
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Actiivity hour

  1. 1. Chacko’s Battalion Presents Thank God It’s Friday!!! But we do work on SATURDAY’s…  Vishnu. G
  2. 2. JAM
  3. 3. Dictatorship
  4. 4. Class Culture
  5. 5. Surprise Test
  6. 6. Attention Deficit
  7. 7. Knowledge is Power
  8. 8. Brand Quiz 1. This was an Indian brand created by TATA. Now it is owned by Unilever. It is a French word which also means ‘Lakshmi’. Name the brand. 2. What was known as the Blue Ribbon Sports Company earlier? 3. Which brand got its name from a Sanskrit word which means "Priceless"? 4. Which international brand was founded by Adrian Dasley, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn? 5. Which two brands from PepsiCo are being promoted under a single slogan” I feel UP”?
  9. 9. Who am I???
  10. 10. CURRENT AFFAIRS 1. Which commodity might be imported by Japan to improve fiscal numbers? 2. Angry Birds have their brand merchandise partnerships with which 2 companies in India. 3. Which rupee note denomination is going to have Raghuram Rajan’s signature 4. Which industry seeks hike in import duty and export sops? 5. Which business giant currently posts big revenue drop?
  11. 11. Scenarios 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. In Vedanta , a manufacturing firm without a union leader, on a certain day , due to some management issues all the employees went to strike except managers. You are a general manger in operations, how will you convince your team to come back to work rather than going for strike Raghav, who is working as an executive, is a very hard working and a dedicated employee. His track records in the company are excellent. Due to recession management is not able to give salary hike for last 2 years and it may continue next year. He gets a better offer to join another company. How will you convince him not to join that company. Saroj went on leave for a month without informing his manager. Management tried to contact him so many times but there was no reply from Saroj. After one month he receives a termination letter by post . How will he convince his boss and HR manager to stay in the company. You are a project manager of a site. On one day , a worker met with a serious accident , and after this incidence all workers went for strike and they even smashed the office. As a project manager how are you going to control the situation. Ram is a general manager in operations, and he is married. In his office he has a love affair with one of his office staff. He was always biased towards her. Most of the peers in the company at management levels did not like this affair. One day vice president came to knew about this affair, and he called Ram in his chamber. He was asked about the affair,. and VP gave him 2 suggestions….Either you fire that girl or I will fire you. What will you do in this situation and why?