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Presentation on 4 weeks summer training at Mercedes


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Presentation on 4 weeks summer training at Mercedes

  1. 1. By : vishal saraswat Northern India engineering college Silver Arrows, Noida
  2. 2. A BRIEF COMPANY INTRODUCTION  founded in 1881 by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler  Mercedes-Benz is the brand name owned by Daimler AG and its headquarters is at Stuttgart, Germany.  Its Product line consists of Luxury cars, buses, trucks, high performance internal combustion engines.
  3. 3. Continued..  Mercedes-Benz was previously owned by Daimler-Benz.  It was formed by the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler's motor car companies.  Karl Benz engineered the first petrol- powered car and formed the Benz motorcar company i.e. Benz Patent Motor wagon in January 1881.  The first Mercedes-Benz brand name vehicles were produced in 192
  4. 4. PURPOSE OF SUMMER TRAINING An internship can be of considerable benefit to you in this respect.  Introduce you to potential future work environments  Acquire important supplementary skills  Make it easier for you to find work  A cross-over point between university and career  Real time evaluation of thyself
  5. 5. WORK SHOP STRUCTURE There are 4 divisions in shop for carrying out the various operations on vehicle. These are :  Service bay  Body shop  Paint shop  Washing bay separate group of professionals are assigned in each section and they work as an integrated unit each relating to one another
  6. 6. SERVICE SHOP In service shop, various mechanical tasks are carried out and customers complaints are looked into. This may include :  Regular maintenance (servicing)  Replacement of brake pads  Wheel balancing  Checking of various fluids in the vehicle such as engine oil, washer fluid, coolant etc  Various filters viz. air filter, A/C filter, oil filter
  7. 7. Customer’s concern may include..  Lights not working(both head and tail)  A/C not cooling enough  Low pick up  Noise while applying brakes  Tight steering wheel etc. All the problem areas are thoroughly checked both by the technician and a computer system called STAR using XENTRY software. the faulty part is replaced after taking the customers approval.
  8. 8. A V6 PETROL ENGINE A V6 petrol engine is shown here. There are 3 ignition coil on either side for the six cylinders. Oil filter cap, washer fluid, coolant and engine oil cap are also visible. The square shaped plate in the middle is the ECM(engine control module) which is responsible for actuating various mechanism when something unusual is detected.
  9. 9. SERPENTINE BELT Serpentine belt is a common a belt that powers the auxiliary components a vehicle such as alternator, oil pump, compressor etc. The main drive comes from the engine and hence it uses a fraction of power produced by engine. It may be located in front or side . Now-a-days rear of the engine is commonly preferred.
  10. 10. AN INLINE 4 CYLINDER CDI ENGINE CDI (common diesel injection) engine. As we can there is a common rail the feeds the fuel into the combustion chamber. There are no ignition coil and spark plug present in diesel engine and combustion takes place due the compression of fuel.
  11. 11. ENGINE WITH TURBO CHARGER Turbo charger thrusts the air into the cylinder at high temperature and pressure so as to improve the combustion. Its compressor is run by exhaust gases as they posses a considerable amount of energy
  12. 12. A ventilated disc is shown here. The purpose of the brake is to stop a vehicle and here it is achieved by pressing the brake pad held in the caliper against a disc that revolves along with wheels. The thickness of the pad and disc are of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the brake and hence these are properly checked. BRAKE CALIPER AND DISC This is used to charge the battery in case the voltage is below the prescribed level. A battery plays a very important part in running the vehicle including starting the engine and providing current for all the electronic circuitry of vehicle BATTERY CHARGER
  13. 13. SOME SPECIAL TOOLS ratchet Torque wrench These are some special tools that proves to be very helpful. Torque wrench is used to give certain amount of torque to the bolts and nuts such as wheels so that they are neither too tight nor loose.
  14. 14. BRAKE FLUID MACHINE Bleeding process is shown. An incompressible fluid is used in actuating the piston pads against the revolving disc to halt the vehicle. It is very essential that no bubbles are present in the hose pipes as that leads to poor braking.
  15. 15. Star is used to check all the control units in the vehicle and it also shows the faults if any. It contains all the details of the all the mercedez benz vehicle and hence it is also used to refer when some major dismantling is to be done. It helps the technician to update and reprogram the control units. Its reports are attached with the vehicle report and vehicle is cleared only if the xentry report is okay. STAR AND XENTRY
  16. 16. SOLENOID PRESSURE VALVE AND ATF ATF (automatic transmission fluid) is used in gear box. Its main function is to lubricate the gear box and also acts as a coolant. Solenoid pressure valve helps in shifting the gears. They form a part of automatic gear shifting the results as speed increases and decreases. This is very helpful particularly in traffic as it saves you the headache of up shifting and down shifting.
  17. 17. FILTERS Air filter Oil filter Filter are of various shapes and sizes depending upon the requirement of the vehicle. Air filter cleans the air the air that goes into the engine cylinder and improving combustion. Oil filter is for engine oil.
  18. 18. WHEEL BALANCING MACHINE ENGINE MOUNTING Wheel balancing is necessary for stability of the vehicle and proper handling. Engine mounting is place just below the engine in order to isolate the vibrations from the engines to the chassis.
  19. 19. FUEL INJECTORS The fuel injectors are used to spray fuel into the cylinders. Spraying the fuel improves combustion and hence the efficiency.
  20. 20. A/C MACHINE AND COMPRESSOR The compressor is run by the engine (serpentine belt) and thus helps the a/c to produce cool air. The machine on the left is used to take the gas out or put into the compressor.
  21. 21. BODY SHOP TOOLS AND EQUIOMENTS These are the various tools which are used in the shaping of the vehicle body. If there is a dent on the fender, doors, hood etc. then they are brought back to the original shapes. After that polishing of the parts is done.
  22. 22. SUSPENSION These are the air matic suspension that lowers down the vehicle as its speed increases with increase ride comfort and the stability
  23. 23. EXHAUST SYSTEM In the exhaust system, catalytic converter is installed to prevent the harmful gases such as SO2 NO2 NO3 etc. sensors to sense the presence of oxygen in the exhaust gases is also present and hence correct the air/fuel mixture with the help of ECM.
  24. 24. Experience… First , a very sincere thank you to the silver arrows who provided me this opportunity to do training in their workshop. It was a great learning curve for me. Exposed to the real life work environment, I gained a lot from everyone. The technicians here were really helpful and supporting as they satisfied every doubt that I raised to their best potential. It was a great pleasure working with them. The experience I gained was priceless and I am sure that the month I spent here will help me prepare for the future. With that I end my presentation.. THANK YOU