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Music Magazines Analysis


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Music Magazines Analysis

  1. 1. The title of the magazine is big and bold, and the last The main cover image isletter is being covered of the rapper “Lil by the artist “Lil Wayne”, he is well know Wayne”, this shows musician and had as the magazine should several hits, he has just be know for it name! released his new brand new album “Tha Carter The word IV”, he could be doing “Exclusive” shows this magazine to that this magazine promote his album is the only one to release. interview the artist. Even though he has This sub-heading glasses on we can still is bold and in see that he is looking bright colours directly into the which has a big camera. impact on the cover. In the bottom right Although the magazine corner it has a feature does not show a price, it of what other famous has a barcode and left of people/rappers arethe barcode in small print inside the magazine. it shows the date and issue no.
  2. 2. The title of this magazine is quite bold and thecolours are standing out, The main image cover is yet again the artist of the artist “Drake”. He featured on the cover is has a new album coming slightly overlapping the out called “Take Care” title. and this magazine cover could be promotional to this. The slogan shows that this magazine is The magazine also has different from others small feature on the side and could be of who else the reader persuasive to readers. can expect to be inside this magazine. The artist who is covered on this magazine has his name in big, bright and bold Drake is looking into the font/colours. camera but he has a awkward face whilst he has his chain in his mouth. Just like the previous magazine, this one has a barcode and This code can be scanned inside the barcode it and it reveals a website shows the price. for a promotional product or person. This magazine has a Twitter and Facebook page and link in which the readers can go on to.