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SSRS coding conventions, best practices, tips and programming guidelines for sql server


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SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) coding conventions, best practices, tips and programming guidelines for sql server.This slide is really helpful for starting conversion between architects and developers. Just print 2nd slide and put on your desk as coding life board.

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SSRS coding conventions, best practices, tips and programming guidelines for sql server

  1. 1. SSRSCoding Conventions, Best Practices, Tips and Programming Guidelines BY-VISHAL PAWAR
  2. 2. Control Page Size use the common template convert the complex queries into views Introduce only the necessary parameters Assign the default value send “All” to the SQL and handle it retrieve what is needed Use all the space Profile the data Before start-report width - std. paper sizes Make sure PDF export width fits in a page Lengthy reports- theInteractiveHeight Move the Calculated fields into views Right data type for the parameters Rectangle-RCE, List-LST Image-IMG, Chart-CHT Report – RPT, Sub report-SRP Gauge-GGE, Data bar- DTB, Sparkline-SLN Data sources, Start name with DS Datasets Name Start with DS Text box – TXT, Map - MAP , Line - LNE Table – TBL, Matrix-MTX Use the DateTime data type instead String Stop the bug - Cannot read the next data Show the last refreshed date/time for ETL SSRS Label Formatting Report Header consistency Dashboard – KPI and Key information Adding Comments in Expressions Use a Dedicated Server for SSRS Optimize your report queries query directly impact the SSRS performance Define No records found properly Sparkline – Easy % representation KPI boxes on the left Displaying Columns Dynamically if required Adding Fields to Page Headers and Footers Off hours schedule report subscription Maintain SSRS Server Catalog Databases Details Report must be with Indicator Less info more charts Don’t use “Select *” We can Use Visual Basic (VB) Functions Enable drilldowns for detail Use rectangles for consistency , efficiency Background Selection SSRS Logical page breaks Using Custom Assemblies Use linked reports with hidden parameters Take advantage of free reports Embed basic JavaScript code in a report Formatting of Table Correlated column charts Soft page breaks Pagination Create folders and use linked reports Implement dynamic image for scorecard feel Display selected parameter in header Use dynamic grouping for control Use snapshots to avoid bottlenecks Physical page breaks Rendering formats Avoid security maintenance if any Store Colors in the Database Go further with ReportViewer controls Tapping Into Third-Party Tools Use Alternating Row Colors for visibility Use Multi-Value Parameter inT-SQL Implement filters for performance Define pagination to hide overhead Buy-in to Export to SingleFormat Used Linked Reports to ManageSecurity Keep Report Quantity Small Spend 10 Minutes on Design Choose the Right Chart Use Query Analyzer and Profiler for Optimization Define Property CleanupCycleMinutes Create Reach SSRS Report Use and Define Grouping properly Pass parameters through the URL Use Global Parameter - Page Name Consistent Layout execution log to assess performance sort a report that has been exported to Excel Follow standard Colum and text schema Develop proper - Ad Hoch report Use proper Newlines in text boxes SSRS Deployment's practices get number of rows in your result set Reporting Services trace logs Use C#, VB, SQL perfect combination as required
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