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Power bi dashboard in hour Agenda


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Power BI Dashboard in an hour with Various Examples Agenda ,This session was from #GroupBy Conference , Power BI Dashboard in Hour

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Power bi dashboard in hour Agenda

  1. 1. Introduction Slide About Me Agenda, Always On! BI for Everyone Traditional Microsoft BI Current Microsoft BI Path What is Power BI Why -Key benefits Who – User of Power BI January 2017 Feature Update Power BI – All Component Installation, Prerequisites How much Power BI cost? Connection
  2. 2. DEMO – Data Set, Metadata The 2017 Data Professional Salary Survey- make-2017-data-professional-salary-survey/ DEMO – Power BI Desktop  Welcome screen  Top Menu  Landing Screen  File Menu o Option Menu  Visualization Plane o Charts o Formatting Options o Custom visuals   Fields Plane o Column o Measures, Hierarchy  Working Plane Layout o Report  Home  View  Modeling o Data  Home  Modeling o Relationship  Home  Modeling  Home Tab o Get Data  Get DEMO Data o Recent Source o Enter Data o Edit Queries o Refresh o New Page o New Visual o Text Box o Image content/uploads/2016/11/Group_By_Conference _Logo.png o Shape  Rotate o Page View o Manage Relationship o New Column  NetSalary = Employee[Salary]- ((Employee[Salary]*23)/100)  HourlySalary = Employee[Salary]/2087  WeekelySalary = Employee[Salary]/52 o New Measures o Publish>>Cover Later  Publish
  3. 3. Power BI Overview  Connectivity for all  Start discovering  Live to your on-premises  Immediate insights Demo - Power BI Services  Dashboard  Report  Data Sent  Auto Refresh
  4. 4. DEMO Dashboard SQL Server Dashboard  Query Used  Relationship  Filter  Formatting Sp_Brentz  Brent Know this better   Script Editing  Filter & Card Count Twitter  Current Method  My Old Method