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Power and authority


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Power and authority

  1. 1. power & authority
  2. 2. What is Power? The ability to control and/or influence people and resources
  3. 3. Concepts of Power  Social power     use of power to influence people who have control over who becomes, or remains, a decision maker Linked to political power (often trying to gain some adv for themselves) Linked to cultural power (have social power bc are cultural icons) E.g. charismatic politicians, sportspeople, entertainers, academics.
  4. 4. Concepts of Power  Cultural power  Use such power to gain an advantage – economic or legal – for the group  E.g. used by religious bodies, ethnic minority groups, lobby groups that have as their basis sex or sexuality.
  5. 5. Concepts of Power  Economic power    Held by a person or entity that has the money, means of production or capital to influence law and decision-makers Low level (eg ‘breadwinner’ of family) or at high levels (majority shareholder in company) Use such power to gain political or legal
  6. 6. Concepts of Power  Political    power Held by the person or group that is able to control the running and policy development of a decision-making or controlling body. Such power is used by favouring a person/orgsn in a decisions-making process E.g union leaders, school prefects, committee chairpersons, politicians
  7. 7. Concepts of Power  Legal power  Where the person/group has the ability and authority to create sanctions or inhibit the rights of others – ie where a group or person can enforce its rights or create or apply the law.  Other groups without genuine law making power but with pol and eco power – e.g. power of media and financial institutions to alter the law  E.g. parliament and courts
  8. 8. What is Authority?  The legitimate or acceptable use of power
  9. 9. Concepts of Authority  Customary     authority Authority to wield power as a result of history or tradition Historically, men over women, non-indigenous over indigenous Often recognised at common law E.g. by parents over children, employers over employees, the state over the individual (eg police, gvt officers, defence etc)
  10. 10. Concepts of Authority   Statutory authority Held by persons and orgnsn that are provided with power by plt, eg customs agencies and tax office
  11. 11. Concepts of Authority  Common law authority   Authority provided to persons and groups by the courts Eg employers once had common law authority to completely control the lives of employees; the position of men in society was reinforced by ability to ‘own’ a wife at common law
  12. 12. Concepts of Authority     Delegated authority Authority given to subordinate, or lesser, people or orgnsns to make decisions or principles on their own behalf. Used to increase administrative efficiency of an orgsn. Eg junior staff in business orgsns to manage a budget without having to bother managing director. Local council given delegated authority to make law
  13. 13. power or authority or both?   Jailed for jaywalking A FATHER of three wept as he revealed how crossing the road ahead of an APEC motorcade led to his violent arrest in front of his young son and a traumatic 22 hours in jail.