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Why good storytelling matters in HCP engagement


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A set of storytelling tips for next-generation pharma marketing - don’t miss the Chance to increase your visual aids’ quality to the maximum level of engagement. Find more about storytelling in pharma marketing at

Published in: Healthcare
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Why good storytelling matters in HCP engagement

  1. 1. Storytelling in HCP engagement
  2. 2. The role of storytelling!
  3. 3. Routine day of pharma brand manager!
  4. 4. Old-school detailing!
  5. 5. 3 pillars to successful storytelling! CONTEXT CONTENT CONNECTIVITY
  6. 6. Traditional methods vs progressive! Traditional detailing: - Outdated, repetitive data - Time-wasting - Overloaded with marketing information - Lack of consistency Advanced eDetailing + Instant updates of information + Illustrated & animated + Personalized + Strong background (reviews, stats, surveys) + Multichannel approach with modular fragment
  7. 7. Routine day of pharma brand manager!
  8. 8. Practical recommendations! • Dynamic story flow • 360 customer view • Conversation follow-up • Multiple channels supported • Value-based attraction • Live and familiar information for HCPs • Back up information • No overload of key messages • Regular updates • Use videos and animated figures
  9. 9. Dynamic story flow! Support two-way communication. The physician have to be able to choose the direction of the dialogue and the slides will be dynamically adjusted to fit the preferred scenario.
  10. 10. 360 view of your customers! Not all physicians have to be approached in a same way, with a fixed call flow. Refer to the previous communication history and meet the behavioral patterns of your conversational pattern.
  11. 11. Less push, more value-based attraction! Presentation slides have to encourage active conversation: the doctor can move sliders, take surveys, or drag & drop elements.
  12. 12. Real life stories matter! The slides provides answers for the questions physician encounters on a day-to day practice. The presentation have to include real life stories to easily build a dialogue with HCPs upon them.
  13. 13. Complete information with back ups! You have to be sure to provide fresh and relevant slides to cover all topics of your planned activities. For medical representatives to be ready anytime a HCP has a question. Think about a hidden slide, available on demand.
  14. 14. checklist
  15. 15. Launch interactive eDetailers easily! eWizard: unique platform for creating connected content • Automatic conversion of PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign into CLM presentation • Storage and access to globally-approved content • Fast and easy editing, localization, adaptation of content • One message/idea is available for promotion across multiple channels • Integration with VEEVA, IQVIA, and other systems
  16. 16. DEMO
  17. 17. THANK YOU!