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Boost Your Sales Force Efficiency for Powerful HCPs Engagement


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Convinced that your med reps are 100% efficient?
We bet there is still much space for sales force efficiency growth! Learn more how to empower your field forces to reach their highest potential, achieve revenue goals and continuously upgrade their skills. We will also highlight how to:

- sustain professional growth and the right level of motivation
- align your strategies with workforce effortlessly
- make your sales force compliant with digital transformation to reach higher HCPs engagement.

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Boost Your Sales Force Efficiency for Powerful HCPs Engagement

  1. 1. HOW TO BOOST Sales Force Efficiency
  2. 2. Investment in SFE!
  3. 3. The crucial role of pharma representatives!
  4. 4. Satisfied. Or not?! According to a survey, 76% of respondents said they are very or somewhat satisfied in their jobs. In fact, 47% of those medical sales employees also said they’re not looking for a new job.
  5. 5. Reasons of underperforming!
  6. 6. How to make your sales force more performant?!
  7. 7. Too many new hires = lower performance!
  8. 8. Quick access to resources! “Salespeople are spending hours searching for information and recreating things. They are mobile and doing things in the car or a coffee shop. The resources should be available to them, and access to those resources can now be enabled with technology.” – Nicholas Lihou, Head of global sale enablement at Xerox.
  9. 9. Professional growth1 • Website/landing page • Articles • Surveys • Trainings and webinars • Educative forums • Newsletters • Videos • Applications
  10. 10. High-quality content2 • Chanelless • Omnipresent • Flexible
  11. 11. eDetailers that convert! • Dynamic story flow • 360 customer view • Conversation follow-up • Multiple channels supported • Value-based attraction • Live and familiar information for HCPs • Back up information • No overload of key messages • Regular updates • Use videos and animated figures
  12. 12. Align your strategies and workforce3
  13. 13. Understanding HCPs needs4 Not all physicians have to be approached in a same way, with a fixed call flow. Refer to the previous communication history and meet the behavioral patterns of your conversational pattern.
  14. 14. What HCPs value!
  15. 15. Drive motivation5 • Certain level of autonomy • Promotion • Training sessions • Outdoors activities
  16. 16. Optimization tips6 • Ability to respond to pressures from customers, competitors & changing economy • Medical reps can better target, prioritize, assess physician needs and develop solutions around those needs • Sales reps develop their competencies according to the current market needs • Growing physician satisfaction and loyalty resulting in repeat sales(RRx) • Identify all factors really influencing prescriber behavior including messages which are having the most impact on actual prescribing • Optimize all relevant resources for a brand or portfolio across multiple regions & activities
  17. 17. Digitalize! Currently, around 90% of Pharma reps are equipped with a mobile device, but only a small percentage use digital content consistently in their interactions with HCPs.
  18. 18. Choosing the right platform7 • Possibility to engage with customers any place any time • Panoramic customer view of how the message resonates through multiple channels • Advanced reports for field activities monitoring and optimization with flexible KPIs in place
  19. 19. Optimize KPI! • Production Cost • Production Time Lag • Sales Productivity • Interaction Engagement • Interaction Impact
  20. 20. Updated data records8 Presentation slides have to encourage active conversation: the doctor can move sliders, take surveys, or drag & drop elements.
  21. 21. Pharma goes online! 68% of doctors already prefer online mode of communication for a very simple reason - it is more convenient for them
  22. 22. • More comprehensive database coverage • Integration between communication channels • Choice of meeting types • Exceptionally longer call duration • More frequent engagements at any time • No additional software required • Integration with 9 Remote detailing to drive performance
  23. 23. Channels are coming!
  24. 24. checklist
  25. 25. Over perform your marketing plan! eWizard: unique platform for efficient pharma marketing • Automatic conversion of PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign into CLM presentation • Storage and access to globally-approved content • Fast and easy editing, localization, adaptation of content • One message/idea is available for promotion across multiple channels • Integration with VEEVA, IQVIA, and other systems
  26. 26. chelist
  27. 27. THANK YOU!