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VRA 2013 Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom, Beetham


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Presented by Donald Beetham at the Annual Conference of the Visual Resources Association, April 3rd - April 6th, 2013, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Session #1: Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom Experience via Visualization Technologies
John Taormina,Duke University
Mark Pompelia, Rhode Island School of Design
Donald Beetham, Department of Art History, Rutgers University
"Assisi and Padua: Worlds Apart (Virtually)"
David Hill, Department of Architecture, North Carolina State University
"Bringing the Past Into the Practice: Incorporating Primary Source Materials into Digital Media Education"
Bryan Loar, BeecherHill, Columbus, Ohio
"Augmenting Education: The Collision of Real and Virtual Worlds"
Steven Tatum, Art & Architecture Library, Virginia Tech University
"Traveling Light: Gathering Information and Cataloging Photographs with Mobile Devices"

Endorsed by the Education Committee
As educational and cultural institutions continue to develop online image collections to support the teaching of visual culture in the expanded classroom, new technologies allow movement beyond the still image to investigate and disseminate visual information from different vantage points: social, economic, political, visual. The power of digital technologies as a means to synthesize, present, and communicate large amounts of information challenges the instructor and researcher to incorporate different ways to interrogate works of art, archaeology, and architecture or develop new visual support tools. This session seeks to explore components and examples of successful collisions between past models and present possibilities for teaching and research.

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VRA 2013 Enhancing Education Beyond the Classroom, Beetham

  1. 1. Assisi and Padua:Worlds Apart(Virtually)Donald BeethamVisual Resources CollectionDepartment of Art HistoryRutgers, The State University of New JerseyEnhancing Education Beyond theClassroom Experience via VisualizationTechnologiesApril 3, 2013
  2. 2. Meeting in Second Life
  3. 3. Graduate Student Presentation, Kira Café,Second Life – Lounge with Presentation Screen
  4. 4. Workshop HeldAt the Museumof Sacred ArtSecond Life
  5. 5. Museum ofSacred Art,Second Life
  6. 6. Presidio and Missions of Alte California ExhibitionLooking at God through Diamonds Exhibition
  7. 7. Arena Chapel,Open Sim
  8. 8. 1303 Reconstruction Of Arena ChapelOpenSim
  9. 9. Interior of 1303Reconstruction ofArena Cvhapel inOpenSim
  10. 10. Visual ResourcesCollectionRutgersTwo StationsOf NewGraphics Lab
  11. 11. BaroqueVisionsProject,OpenSim---Spring 2013