VRA 2012, MDID users group


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MDID Users Group presentation at the Annual Conference of the Visual Resources Association, April 18th - April 21st, 2012, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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VRA 2012, MDID users group

  1. 1. MDID Users Group VRA Conference 2012 Albuquerque
  2. 2. Three quick polls• Please text your responses to 22333 or submit online at http://pollev.com• Polls will be available all day, so you can also write down your response and submit it later• Thank you!
  3. 3. MDID Strengths• Manage any media type – Unknown media types can still be uploaded and downloaded• Present many media types – MediaViewer for dual screen image projection – Built-in viewers for audio, video, PDF, etc.• Develop custom front-ends to highlight individual collections
  4. 4. Survey
  5. 5. Update• MDID3 in production at JMU – Pilot started after several faculty training sessions in late 2010/early 2011 – MDID2 was available until December 2011 – MDID3 used exclusively since January 2012 – Continued bug fixes and feature improvements based on automated and user feedback
  6. 6. MediaViewer Remote
  7. 7. Student projects• Students have access to more features in MDID 3• Faculty participated in beta testing by assigning student projects to test searching, uploading content, creating data records, and creating slideshows
  8. 8. MDID in other disciplines• Music – Students record themselves practicing, conducting, or teaching – They upload videos into a class collection – Instructor reviews videos and gives feedback• Photography• Library Special Collections
  9. 9. External content• Flickr – Get a free, instant custom API key• ARTstor – Must be a subscriber – Need to complete a Metasearch Agreement to get access to ARTstor’s XML Gateway• NASA NIX – Recently changed their web site – Currently not working
  10. 10. Delivering Video with MDID• Progressive Download Client MDID Video files
  11. 11. Delivering Video with MDID• Streaming – Simple integration without content protection Client MDID Streaming Video Server files
  12. 12. Delivering Video with MDID• Streaming – Full integration with content protection Client MDID Streaming Video Server File links files
  13. 13. Survey
  14. 14. MDID as a platform• MDID3 serves as a platform for building web- based multimedia applications• Stores, manages and delivers data records and media files• Web developers create custom user interfaces
  15. 15. MDID as a platform: The Breeze
  16. 16. MDID as a platform:Shenandoah National Park Oral History
  17. 17. Collection Visibility Preferences• Users can hide irrelevant collections to avoid search result clutter
  18. 18. WordPress Integration (beta)
  19. 19. WordPress Integration (beta)
  20. 20. WordPress Integration (beta)
  21. 21. Making the Switch from MDID2• Can run MDID2 and MDID3 in parallel for as long as necessary – Regular data migrations
  22. 22. Survey
  23. 23. Project Team• Andreas Knab Lead Software Developer, CIT• Kevin Hegg Assistant Director, CIT• Grover Saunders Web Media Developer, CIT• Christina Updike Visual Resources Specialist, SAAH• Grace Barth Visual Resources Assistant, SAAH• Mary Ann Chappell Educational Tech. Librarian• Sarah Cheverton Associate Dean, CIT
  24. 24. Support• MDID blog and wiki at http://mdid.org/• MDID users list at http://listserv.jmu.edu/archives/mdidusers-l.html• MDID3 project on github at https://github.com/cit-jmu/rooibos• Email: mdid@jmu.edu
  25. 25. Information• Authors: – Kevin Hegg (heggkj@jmu.edu) – Andreas Knab (knab2ar@jmu.edu) – Christina Updike Visual Resources Specialist (updikecb@jmu.edu)• Further Information: – Visit http://mdid.org/ – Email mdid@jmu.eduo Product and company names mentioned in this presentation may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
  26. 26. Additional MDID Events at VRA• Thursday 10:30 am Alvarado Salon C Trevor Alvord – “Delivering Oral Histories”