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VRA 2012, Cataloging Case Studies, Metadata Magic


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Presented by Mary Alexander at the Annual Conference of the Visual Resources Association, April 18th - April 21st, 2012, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Cataloguing Case Studies session will explore metadata migration, workflows, cloud computing, and tagging and how they can be applied to digital collections. Mary Alexander of the University of Alabama will present on the second of two migrations that have taken place at the University of Alabama Libraries and the importance of metadata schema and workflows in that process. Joshua Polansky of the University of Washington will describe his automated workflow using optical character recognition (OCR), Apple Automator, and Microsoft Excel to speed the process of collecting metadata for 75,000 digital assets. Elizabeth Berenz of ARTstor will look at the advantages of cloud based software for image management using Shared Shelf as a working example. And finally Ian McDermott will demonstrate the advantages of expert tagging and annotation in improving metadata. His presentation will focus on two ARTstor collections that could benefit from the knowledge of the larger ARTstor community: the Gernsheim Photographic Corpus of Drawings and the Larry Qualls Archive of contemporary art exhibitions.

Jeannine Keefer, University of Richmond, VA

Mary Alexander, University of Alabama
Elizabeth Berenz, ARTstor
Ian McDermott, ARTstor
Joshua Polansky, University of Washington

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VRA 2012, Cataloging Case Studies, Metadata Magic

  1. 1. Metadata MagicBy Mary S. AlexanderMetadata Librarian, The University of Alabama Libraries Given by Jeannine Keefer Moderator VRA Conference Case Studies IV March 21, 2012
  2. 2. The beginning of digitization
  3. 3. Dublin Core• 15 elements• element qualifiers• alpha tags• broad definitions• easy to use• optional elements.• repeatable elements
  4. 4. Moving from Endeavor toCONTENTdm
  5. 5. Data in CONTENTdm• <dc.title>• <dc.creator>• <dc.creator> displayLabel=“Artist”• <dc.creator> displayLabel=“Author”• <dc.creator> displayLabel=“Sender”• <>• <dc.publisher>• <dc.format>• <dc.coverage>• <dc.contributor>
  6. 6. Production growth
  7. 7. Display labels for masterspreadsheet• Title• Other title• Cover title• First Line of Text• First Line of Chorus• Masthead• Series Title• Special Issue• Title from plate• Subjects(s)• And more
  8. 8. Catalysts for change• Institutional repositories Born-digital resources Electronic thesis and dissertations• More metadata schemas Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) Encoding Archival Description (EAD)• Emphasizes on discovery of hidden collections• Mass digitization
  9. 9. Local changesLocal development for a web-based search and retrieval systemwas favored. It is now know as Acumen.Mass digitization and processing workflows would beimplemented.MODS would be used for descriptive metadata schema.
  10. 10. DC to MODS crosswalkdisplayLabel DC element MODS elementTitle Title <title>Other Title Title-alternative <title type=“alternative”Subject(s) Subject <subject authority=“lcsh”Description Description <description>Creator(s) Creator <name type=‘personal’>Author(s) Creator <name type=“personal”>Editor Contributor <name type=“personal”>
  11. 11. Creating MODS<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><mods xmlns=""xmlns:xsi=""xsi:schemaLocation=""xmlns:xlink="" version="3.4">- <titleInfo> <title>{{Title}}</title> <subTitle>{{Subtitle}}</subTitle> <partNumber>{{Part Number}}</partNumber> <partName>{{Part Name}}</partName>….
  12. 12. Archivist Utility
  13. 13. Editing rawMODS<modsCollection xsi:schemaLocation=""><mods><titleInfo displayLabel="title"> <title>Cotton lint</title></titleInfo><name type="personal"> <namePart>Smith, Marjorie L.</namePart><role> <roleTerm authority="marcRelator" type="text">Photographer </roleTerm></role></name>
  14. 14. Real magic, scripting
  15. 15. Name processingName Role Type Authority VIAF_ID LCCN Source History CommentsCoffman, J. Henry Sender(s) personal local no matchesKing, Helen Sender(s) personal local check VIAF againKing, Margaret Recipient(s) personal local 1+ matches--check VIAF againKing, Robert S. Sender(s) Personal naf 76561235 nb2004005427
  16. 16. Subject processingSubject Master list Tagging keyIncorporation#x--West Virginia#z--Ohio County#z #x topics #z geographic locationIngram, T.#p--Finance, Personal#x #p personal nameJefferson County (Ala.). Tax collector#c #c corporate name
  17. 17. PURLS• <Root>• <Row>• <identifier>u0003_0000520_0000001</identifier>• <purl></purl>• </Row>• <Row>• <identifier>u0003_0000520_0000002</identifier>• <purl></purl>• </Row>• <Row>• <identifier>u0003_0000520_0000003</identifier>• <purl></purl>• </Row>• </Root>
  18. 18. More magic<name type="personal" authority="naf"> <namePart>King, Robert S.</namePart></name><subject authority="lcsh"> <topic>Debtor and creditor</topic></subject><identifier type="local">u0003_0002865_0000001</identifier><identifier type="uri"></identifier>
  19. 19. Practical lessons learned• By moving to the directory structure, we are able to implement OAI, ETDs, and EADS.• This structure allows flexibility to adopt other schemas.• It is important to know the standards. Knowing how to manipulate large amount of data is invaluable! Current records and digital objects available: Items available: 74197 Scans available: 282091
  20. 20. S. AlexanderMetadata LibrarianCataloging and Metadata Services Dept.University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, AL 35487malexand@ua.eduvoice: 205-348-1490