Simple Visuals for Complex Research (poster)


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Jesse Vestermark, California Polytechnic University, poster session at the VRA + ARLIS/NA 2nd Joint Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

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Simple Visuals for Complex Research (poster)

  1. 1. Simple Visuals “[Architects] show a remarkable lack of enthusiasm for the written word.” -M. Mackinder, Architect 1 for Complex Map Use... Research ILL Poly CAT for seeing Evidence of Need Architecture and Construction Management which books we own and journals we subscribe to Landscape Architecture Students Classi- 3rd-Year Students Classified by the Kolb fied by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Learning Style InventoryThis poster seeks to demonstrate the for ordering books in the regionillustrative power of simple diagrams Poly CAT 33% Inter-Library Loan (ILL)to teach information-seeking concepts. for articles & books not 21% 55% 27% covered by the aboveDiagrams and images allow for quick, servicesnon-didactic introduction of big-picture Classify NF (Intuitive/Feeling)concepts in the non-linear, detail-free style NT (Intuitive/Thinking) Assimilating Converging SF (Sensing/Feeling) Divergingpreferred by students of creative professions. ALL ARTICLES ST (Sensing/Thinking) Accomodating Brown, Robert D., Hallett, Mary E., Stoltz, Ronald R. Tucker, Richard. “Southern Drift: The Learning “Student Learning Styles in Landscape Architecture Styles of First- and Third-Year Students of the SCHOLARLY ARTICLES Education.” Landscape and Urban Planning, vol. 30, Built Environment.” Architectural Science Re- (FROM JOURNALS/PERIODICALS) 1994: 151-157. view Vol. 50.3, 2007: 246-255. Students of the built environment share a personality-Classroom Activity PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES based need for creative, open-ended, discussion-spark-On the spectrum below place each post-it where you ing opportunities where the big picture is presented first.think the source or characteristic belongs on the spec- These techniques satisfy the learningtrum of information reliability. Evaluate (and teaching) styles preferred by the Intuitive Feelers and Intuitive Thinkers of Myers-Briggs, and the Assimilators and Convergers of Kolb. RELIABLE UNRELIABLE “To see and be shown is now the A failed attempt: will and new expectation of half- mankind.” 2 Analogize -Henry Luce, Founder of Life Magazine “The Library is a Architecture & Landscape Architecture Research Diet Restaurant.” 3 Quote Sources Google -William Pereira, Architect Firm & Wikipedia 1. Stephann Makri and Claire Warwick, “Inspiration for Information: Under- Try to avoid Trade Entries standing Architects’ Information Seeking and Use Behaviors to Inform De- Websites sign,” Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Tech- Google nology 61, no. 9 (2010): 1745-1770. Google Wikipedia Too many concepts. Scholar Advanced Search References 2. Jan Baetens, “Illustrations, Images and Anti-Illustrations,” in Eloquent Inconsistent visual style. Images: Word and Image in the Age of New Media 2003, ed. Mary E. Hocks and Michelle R. Kendrick (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003) 185. Maps & GIS Print Journals Databases: Avery Index Art & Arch Complete Books: PolyCAT LINK+ Images: ARTstor Wikimdia Commons Jesse Vestermark Sage Journals Online ILL Flickr Creative Commons Architecture and Environmental Design Librarian Gimmicky graphics. Web of Knowledge Media Resource Center (MRC) Government: 3. James Britton, “Evaluation: Lantern-like Library Held Aloft on Concrete .gov (federal) Jstor California Polytechnic State University Fingers,” AIA Journal 66, no. 9 (1977): 30-35. (California) Research Guides MRC Materials Collection San Luis Obispo