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Parchment to Pixel: The Walters Islamic Manuscript Digital Project


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Diane Bockrath presentation for "New Voices in the Profession" session at the VRA + ARLIS/NA 2nd Joint Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

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Parchment to Pixel: The Walters Islamic Manuscript Digital Project

  1. 1. Parchment to Pixel: The Walters IslamicManuscript Digital Project Diane E. Bockrath Digitization Specialist Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
  2. 2. The Walters Art MuseumManuscripts & Rare Books900 illuminated and illustrated medievaland Islamic manuscripts, both religiousand secular in natureSecond most significant collection inthe Western HemisphereA collection of exceptional quality,containing consummate works of art
  3. 3. The ProjectsIslamic Manuscript Parchment to PixelDigital Project (2010-2012):(2008-2010): 105 English, Dutch,128 Islamic codices German, Byzantine,and 60 loose leaves Armenian, and Ethiopian codices
  4. 4. Digitization GoalsTo create full digital surrogates withaccompanying metadataTo release images on a CreativeCommons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike licenseIslamic collection: well conserved,a cataloging opportunity, and anarea of emerging scholarly interest
  5. 5. Digitization Workflow Conservation Review Metadata Entry Image Capture Verification Color Correction Automation Inspection Cataloging Data transfer
  6. 6. MetadataDublin Core: Embedded in theheader of each master TIFF(entered prior to imaging)Text Encoding Initiative (TEI):Accompanies images as an XMLfile (created after imaging)
  7. 7. Walters Electronic Cataloging Tool
  8. 8. Walters Electronic Cataloging Tool
  9. 9. Image Capture
  10. 10. Image Capture
  11. 11. Image Capture
  12. 12. Image Capture
  13. 13. Color Correction
  14. 14. Quality Control
  15. 15. Derivative ImagesMaster TIFF: 600PPI text folios /1200PPI illuminated foliosPrint Publication TIFF: 300PPIWeb JPEG: 1800-pixel line fileThumbnail: 190-pxel line file
  16. 16. Cataloging
  17. 17. The DigitalCollection
  18. 18. How can you see the images? The Digital Walters Walters Art Museum Web site Flickr Twitter UNESCO World Digital Library Academic databases: ARTstor, Digital Scriptorium, Index of Christian Art (Parchment to Pixel manuscripts)
  19. 19. The Digital
  20. 20. Walters Art Museum Web Site
  21. 21. Flickr:Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts
  22. 22. Twitter:@medievalMss, @WillNoel, @walters_museum
  23. 23. Successes and ChallengesGood condition of Being new-technologymanuscripts post- “guinea pigs”imaging Searchable accessPositive reception tool: overcoming thefrom scholars and limitations ofsocial-media users proprietary interfaces