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Overview of Virtustream's xStream Platform

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  1. 1. Virtustream® : Infrastructure-as-a-Service Enterprise Class Cloud Empowering the Business to Better Leverage IT Many organizations no longer question the benefits associated with cloud computing - and have shifted from asking “Should we do it?” to “How should we do it to get the most value?” As cloud technology matures and lines-of-business demands increase, IT leaders are looking to extend cloud deployments to even more flexible private, public and hybrid cloud models that promise innovative ways to maintain mission-critical enterprise application performance and expand the scope and speed of value-added business services. Enterprise-Grade Cloud Computing Virtustream’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enterprise class cloud delivers the economic and business benefits for a complex portfolio of legacy and web-scale applications - and provides a secure, simple to manage cloud that is performance guaranteed, compliant and includes backup and disaster recovery; a cloud that seamlessly integrates existing IT, onsite private clouds, and public/virtual private clouds. The solution delivers the benefits of cloud to IT: making it more dynamic, on-demand and cost efficient with multi-tenant economies of scale. Virtustream’s IaaS cloud, powered by xStream™ cloud management software, enables cloud- based deployment of existing mission-critical production applications, on reliable infrastructure, with predictable performance characteristics, and with the highest levels of enterprise/ government security and compliance. The xStream- managed cloud helps businesses migrate legacy applications to their preferred cloud platform to improve performance, reduce costs and to take full advantage of the power of cloud to deliver dynamic, scalable and agile IT delivery. Enterprise IT can now migrate and run existing applications, including production SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., on a robust, scalable, and agile cloud computing platform. The Virtustream cloud also enables production and mission-critical applications to take advantage of emerging technologies such as big data analytics (i.e., SAP HANA, Hadoop) and cloud advantages like agility, backup and disaster recovery. Enterprise Application Assured Performance The Virtustream enterprise class cloud is designed to deliver performance at every layer of the infrastructure. The commitment performance is backed by performance SLA’s that cover applications, compute, storage and networking for all workloads. Virtustream provides latency-based storage SLA’s, allowing customer workloads to burst to high I/O demands without experiencing performance degradation. If companies request Cloud managed services for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., Virtustream includes SLA’s for application availability (application performance SLA’s, geographically redundant data centers, integrated DR and backup services) DATA SHEET info@virtustream.com - www.virtustream.com
  2. 2. Virtustream’s xStream enables an IaaS solution that satisfies the NIST characteristics of cloud computing: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. Additionally, xStream supports all four of the NIST defined deployment models: private cloud, community cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Federated Hybrid Cloud Deployment Virtustream’s enterprise class cloud delivers true federated hybrid cloud, managed through an integrated web console. For existing IT, xStream’s cloud management platform is available as software and for private clouds (on-premise or off-site), xStream software can be installed on your hardware, and delivered as a managed service. For public clouds, all the benefits of xStream are available as cloud managed services delivered from Virtustream’s global cloud. Organizations benefit from the cloud without building one. Virtustream also offers xStream public cloud edition to service providers and governments, enabling them to offer enterprise cloud services to their customers. Virtustream’s Enterprise Cloud supports all major hypervisors and uses existing enterprise hardware with a role-based management portal. It is backed by cloud professional services: strategy, migration, setup and management with optional managed services for backup, DR, cloud-bursting or complete outsourcing. Enterprise- Grade Security and Trusted Deployments While all businesses are looking for greater flexibility from their IT investments, concern about cloud security continues to be a critical factor when looking for ways to solve business challenges. Virtustream’s IaaS, powered by xStream, provides deep multi-layered logical and physical security and compliance, enabling enterprises to meet the most rigorous regulatory and industry standards (including Department of Defense certified with clearances), including Two factor ID authentication, multi-tenant isolation, multi-tiered IDS and firewalls, Intel TXT, integrated SIEM policies. It is certification enabled with SSAE16, ISAE3402, PCI-DSS 2.0, FISMA,
IS0 27001-2005, ISO 9001-2008, HIPAA/HITEC and other certifications and compliance frameworks. Global Footprint- Local Commitment Virtustream has one of the broadest global cloud platform footprints with state-of-the-art, secure data centers providing resilient, high performance environments for any IT operation. Virtustream’s experience in managing and running data centers empowers businesses to gain access to a variety of value-added services ranging from colocation to traditional hosting to cloud infrastructure-as- a-service (IaaS) - to fully outsourced management of cloud-based infrastructure, applications and support. Virtustream IaaS Benefits Optimal hybrid cloud solution: private, virtual private and public Supports production and mission- critical enterprise applications in the cloud Enterprise-grade security and compliance Cloud orchestration, control and integration for packaged and custom applications Secure, hybrid federated cloud communities between trusted business partners Allocate compute by application and business unit Flexible billing - deliver cloud computing resources on demand while only paying for consumption of resources used Dynamically optimize cloud environments with predictive analytics Advanced GRC (Governance, Reporting, Compliance) Optional managed services for backup, DR, cloud-bursting or complete outsourcing To learn more about our IaaS offering, please contact us at www.virtustream.com or e-mail us at info@virtustream.com