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Thanassis Parathyras, Virtual Trip Ltd CTO, presenting the consulting, development and integration services arm of the ecosystem to the team members

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20120523 virtual trip services parathyras

  1. 1. Virtual Tripmember of VtripGroup Thanassis Parathyras 23/05/2012
  2. 2. WHO
  3. 3. Team members• Serafeim Zachos• Mihalis Giannos• Kostas Lekkas• Antonis Papadakis-Pesaresi• George Tesseris• Lefteris Trimintzios• Thanassis Parathyras
  4. 4. WHAT
  5. 5. Our offerProfessional services• quality on result• development phases – design (document), – implement (documented code), – report (document)• time management – on time delivery
  6. 6. ActivitySoftware Development Projects• Applications on web and mobile• Systems infrastructure• Research & Technology DevelopmentTechnical support• VtripGroup and its members
  7. 7. HOW
  8. 8. ProjectsRespond to customer needs• Sites, portals, applications (Web, mobile)• Virtualization, Cloud computing (Systems)• EU funded projects, Product devel. (R & TD)VtripGroup technical support• Same people (Serafeim, Mihalis, Thanassis)• SysAdmin, Website implementation• Funding programs tech support (EL Grants)
  10. 10. KISS Keep it simple, Stupid Keep it simple and stupid Keep it short and simplekeep it simple and straightforward keep it simple and sincere keep it simple sir
  11. 11. KISSKeep it Simple and SIMPLE “Luis Sousa Cardoso” Portugal Telecoms, INNO-Utilities partner
  12. 12. TeamworkTeam effort• know your colleagues• share problems and solutions• assist your colleaguesCollaboration tools• Asana• VtripGroup Wiki• SVN
  13. 13. Portfolio
  14. 14. Customers• MoD, HNMS, Astynomia, Municipalities, EKKA• Eurobank, Piraeusbank, NBG, Emporikibank• OTE• DELL• Intralot• ENISA• NTUA, UoP, Fine Arts School• Avgi, Inform Lykos• OSDEL, OSFE• GSRT, EC
  15. 15. TechnologyWeb, mobile• JAVA, web services, Liferay Portal, PHP, python• Tomcat, wordpress, postgres, mysql• Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Velocity• Android SDKSystems infrastructure• Linux, RHEL, Centos, cluster, GFS, bash scripts• VMware, KVM, OpenStack, Puppet
  16. 16. Technology… is our tool, not a barrierwe are not limited in any mannerBUTwe remain focused on the built expertisePLUSwe get certifications & self-training for our team
  17. 17. Liferay Portal Development Build web-sites and web applicationsGadgets, Portlets, Pages, Themes, Navigation Role-Based Content Delivery Web Content Management System Easy Updates with Role-Based Approvals - Document Repository Community Pages Multiple Languages, Multiple Platforms
  18. 18. Liferay Portal Development• Intralot: opap.gr mobile web edition• Intralot: Idaho web lottery• Emporiki: web site prototype
  19. 19. HNMS Satellite subsystem
  20. 20. CHOReOSLarge Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet
  21. 21. Overview• FI challenges & key requirements – ULS context (Ultra Large Scale) – fusion of the user/developer/system roles, – adaptability and QoS-awareness – and others …
  22. 22. CHOReOS solutionchoreography-based service composition in service-oriented systems
  23. 23. CHOReOS solution choreography-based service composition in service-oriented systems• Formal abstractions and models on functional and non-functional properties of ULS choreographies• Dynamic choreography-centric development process – ULS service base management – synthesis of scalable and adaptable choreographies• Governance and V&V – service integration policies & rules – tools for dynamic verification & validation (V&V)• Service-oriented middleware – adaptable choreographies over ESB-based middleware, Grids, Clouds, and – technologies for the Internet of Things
  24. 24. CHOReOS solutionchoreography-based service composition in service-oriented systems• Dynamic choreography-centric development process• Governance and V&V• Service-oriented middleware CHOReOS IDRE Integrated Development & Runtime Environment (IDRE)
  25. 25. CHOReOS IDRE
  26. 26. DynaRoute Scenario
  27. 27. CHOReOS Y2 Roadmap• Contribute implementation tasks in the SOM for Things (Inria lead)• CHOReOS IDRE Assessment task – Test-bed Implementation• DynaRoute mockup for start – Lab demo – Real-world pilot demo• CHOReOS Exploitation tasks (Dimitris lead)
  28. 28. Thanks to …Main Group contributors• Katerina Kastriti• Dimitris Tsigos• Serafeim Zachos• Michael Giannos… all people supporting Group infrastructure
  29. 29. Thank you for attending!