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Iphone presentation


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Iphone presentation

  1. 1. Real Estate Photographyand Virtual Tours
  2. 2. About Me Grew up in Richmond, VA area – moved to Hampton Roads in 2001 James Madison University graduate Worked in ceramic tile showroom for 7 years – helped customers design kitchen and baths REALTOR® 2004 – 2012 Affiliate member of HRRA and VPAR Started professionally photographing homes in 2008
  3. 3. Evolution of the cell phone camera(2004) Flip Phone - horrible(2006) Palm Treo - .3 Megapixel(2008) Blackberry Storm – 3.2 MP(2010) DroidX – 8 MP(2012) iPhone 4S – 8 MP – better apps low aperture (allows for lower light)HDR – High Dynamic Range
  4. 4. Essentials of Real EstatePhotos1. Understand the purpose of each photo - The primary purpose of real estate marketing photos is to present the features of the property2. Try to minimize and remove all distractions3. Use a Camera with a wide angle lens4. Straight Lines should appear straight5. Minimize brightness/color contrasts
  5. 5. iPhone Camera Apps Camera+ ($.99)Separate focus/exposurelocations
  6. 6. iPhone Camera AppsVSCO CAMMore advanced Editing:-Contrast/Saturation – if photo is washed out-Temperature – if color is off (whites don’t look white)-Fill – brightens/darkens shadows-Exposure – brightens/darkens overall picture-Highlights – brightens/darkens highlights
  7. 7. iPhone AccessoriesWide Angle LensiPhone 4S - 33 mmWith iPro lens - 19mm
  8. 8. iPhone – Flash or no flash?
  9. 9. iPhone – HDR?
  10. 10. Contact Info Rosalind Boyle 757-880-6422On Facebook: Twitter: @virtualtideh2o