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Learn the tools used by online professional to manage and market their online businesses. Go to http://virtualsuccessassistants.com/5-tools-used-daily/ to hear the webinar.

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5 Tool Used to Manage & Market Our Business transcription

  1. 1. 5 Tools Used Daily to Market and ManageYour Online Business Webinar Transcription __________________________________Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to our webinar!My name is Cathy Ayala and today I’m going to be sharing with youthe five tools that we use on a daily basis to manage and market ouronline business. We will also share two bonus tools with you and tellyou a bit about our upcoming series of webinars.The first tool that we use daily is WordPress. WordPress is where Ihave my site VirtualSuccessAssistants.com. It is very easy to use, it’scustomizable and great for blogging. If you love to blog, WordPress isyour best option. You can also maintain your sites and add a blogtab, as I do. Now this is what my site looks like. I’ve added variousplug-in’s to the site. These are all plug-in widgets. It’s very easy tocustomize, no technical knowledge. Now this is what the dashboardlooks like, the back office of the WordPress site. As I said you canadd many plug-ins, you can add different users. We’re gonna createa WordPress webinar just for you and we’re going to go into detail onhow to customize your site. It’s very, very simple.So the next tool that we use is Google Calendar. Google Calendar ismy main organizational tool. I use it to add tasks to my calendar tokeep me on track of all my client’s needs. I also use it to keep mycontractors on task. We all have one calendar, well each of us havedifferent calendars but it’s all integrated into my calendar so I canupdate all my contractors calendars and have them stay on task aswell. I setup alerts on my android phone which then syncs with mycomputer and syncs with my iPad so wherever I go I am always alertwith everything that needs to be done in the office that day. Tenminutes before each task needs to be done I will get an alert on my©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 1
  2. 2. phone, my phone will beep and it will tell me what needs to be done. Ican check with my contractor or I can go do it myself but it keeps meorganized and on task. I wouldn’t be where I am today withoutGoogle Calendar.The third tool that we use daily is Skype. Skype can be used to speakto clients. It can be used to call clients, video chat with clients andalso share your files. Now let’s say you have a virtual client andyou’re doing a new project for them designing their website. Now youhave everything formatted and you want to have your client approveof the changes that were made in this website, all you have to do is…I’ll show you. All you have to do is open up your Skype, find theparticular person that you are doing the website for and right here youcan share your screen so whatever it is that you’re doing on yourscreen Benjamin will see and he can approve, right then and there,he can approve the changes or he can tell you what his concerns areand you will go back and edit the website for him.You can also use it to train your contractors. Let’s say you neededyour contractor to change some mistake that they did on your blogsite. You will share your screen, you show them what needs to bedone then they will go back, make the changes and everything wasdone very simply. Rather than having to type out a 20 page list ofthings that need to be done, you just show them right away right hereand then they get to work. Well my page was unresponsive, thesethings happen but it’s an excellent feature. You can also send files,you can have meetings with clients, you can also keep track of yourFacebook. In the updated version of Skype they also allow you tokeep track of your Facebook. Now my computer’s running a little bitslow so I’m very sorry. But you can update your Facebook on hereand it’s very convenient if you use Facebook all the time as most ofus do.They also have a page version of Skype which I just use the freeversion. My computer just caught up with us. Here is the way that youupdate your Facebook… so this is when you come into Skype this iswhat you’ll see and you click on this tab and you can connect withyour Facebook here. I’m not going to do that right now but you willsee all your newsfeed right here once you connect it to yourFacebook, very convenient. Now as I was saying they have a paidversion also. One of the benefits of the paid version, which as I said Idon’t use, I only use the free version. I really have no need for the©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 2
  3. 3. Paid version. One of the good features about it, if it’s necessary inyour business, is that it allows you to have group video chats. Youcan chat with several different people at the same time that would beat a beneficial feature for some organizations but like I said I reallydon’t need it. You can also create groups in your Skype. Right here“Create a Group” and you can make international phone calls if youhave a subscription to Skype which I don’t. I’m located in the U.S. so Ijust make regular phone calls.The next tool that we use here on a daily basis is gTalk. Now gTalk issimilar to Skype but everyone has their own preferences. Differentpeople use Skype more, others use gTalk more. I have no preferenceexcept when it comes to transferring files. gTalk is a little bit easier totransfer files, it’s a little faster than the Skype. With gTalk you caninstant message, you can update your status, you can see whenyou’re - the person that you need to speak to when they’re online orwhen they’re idle. As soon as they move their mouse they aren’t idleanymore unless they change their availability, which is right here. Youclick this down arrow and you can create a customized message, youcan say that you’re busy, you can show a current music track. Sopeople won’t bother you if you say that you are busy. As soon as youstop using your computer this little green circle will turn orange andso everyone will know that you are idle and when you are available itwill turn green.You can also voice chat on Google. If you’d like the video chat thiswould be the plug-in that you’d use and if you just want the regularversion and don’t need the video chat then you can use, this onewhich this is the one that I use. Just go to http://google.com/talk andyou can choose the version that you like the best. They have a Macversion also which is this one, this one is not for Mac’s this one’s onlyfor PC’s so if you have a Mac then automatically you’ll use this one.It’s great for transferring images. I have a real estate client whichsends me pictures daily and instead of zipping up this file andemailing it to me, me opening up by e-mail then opening up the zipfile, then posting all the images online, all I need to do is downloadthem on gTalk, he will come… here, he will let’s see right here, righthere would show, right here shows the send files but if Reshie wasonline then right here instead of call would say “send files”. You justclick on the send files and choose the files to want to send andinstantaneously it will send them. No need for zipping, no need for©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 3
  4. 4. anything else. You get them on the other end and download themright away into your files. Very simple. I use gTalk daily.Now number five is TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a social mediamanagement and marketing tool. It allows you to add multiplenetworks. You can schedule updates on it. It’s great to schedulefuture updates. It’s very simple to use. You can create columns tomonitor your friends, mentions, your DM’s, your new followers andmuch, much more. You can add Facebook accounts, Twitteraccounts, Foursquare, Buzz, LinkedIn and MySpace accounts. Nowthe only downside that some people might not like - it’s adownloadable application so you must download it to your desktop.This is what TweetDeck looks like. As soon as it loads. This is what itlooks like. Now you can see I have all my friends here, my mentions,my mentions from my different twitter accounts. I have severaldifferent Twitter accounts. Now if I move over here with this littlearrow right here, I can see all my friends from my other Twitteraccounts, other mentions, my direct messages. I have my Facebooknewsfeed and my scheduled updates, which shows I don’t have anyscheduled here. It’s a very useful tool. I have my computer open assoon as I open my office I have my computer open. I have onecomputer specifically for my TweetDeck and so I monitor all mytweets. So whenever you write a mention to me you will be seen byme, right here on my TweetDeck platform. If I want to reply to you Iwill click right here “reply” and answer you “thanks for the mention”and you send it right here or you can schedule it for let’s say “16”, it’sarmy time so “16:55” you “set time” and then you click on “send todayat 16:55”. So it will show up right here “scheduled updates”“@CharpentierRich Thanks for the mention”. So this is the 5th tool thatI use. Now you must, must, must, must manage and market everyday, every single day regardless of how much work you have, youmust market and manage your social media every single day. Takeabout half an hour just to, just to send a simple thank you, just tofollow a few people. I mean you don’t have to spend hours and hoursmanaging your social media but you need to do it daily.The next bonus tool that - we don’t use, that’s why they’re bonustools – we don’t use these on a daily basis but we do use thesefrequently. The first bonus tool is bit.ly. B-i-t-.-L-Y Bit.ly is used toshorten, share, track and analyze your links. If you have GoogleChrome you can add bit.ly to your bar. It saves you time and it’s verysimple to use. You just sign in and if you have Google Chrome and©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 4
  5. 5. you go onto bit.ly, it will ask you if you want to download the littletoolbar application. Now what bit.ly does is… Aww, it was unable toaccess the metrics right now. Anyway, what bit.ly does is it trackshow many clicks you have for each link so right here they can’t,bit.ly’s having some sort of a problem but right here in this little spaceright here it would say how many clicks I have received to thisparticular link. So let’s say I wanted to promote this blog right here, Iwould come here and I would copy by clicking copy, you copy thislittle link right here. I go to my TweetDeck and I would enter “How andWhere to Get More Client’s” and so I’d like to send this through@cathysofficesvc Twitter account, my LinkedIn, my@socialmdiaguru, my @successagency and my @successassts. Soyou click the one’s that you want to post to so right here I’m notposting it to my Facebook so it says “Post from Facebook: NO” “Postfrom LinkedIn: YES”. If it’s highlighted you’re going to post to it. Howand Where to get more clients, my bit.ly link and I’m going toschedule this because I just finished scheduling that other one so I’mgoing to schedule this for 17:10 and I’m going to send it today so Iclick it and there it goes, it was sent. Now when I come back to bit.ly,I should see my clicks here when bit.ly is functioning properly. I’mgoing to reload this page and see if it fixes it. Oh, there you go, thereyou go, now it’s working. So, so far I haven’t had any clicks to this linkbut I’ve only posted it once now twice because I just posted thatyesterday, posted that new blog yesterday. So hopefully I’ll get a fewclicks to it today. This is very helpful so you know if your blog site isdoing well. Right here I have had 5 clicks, 13 clicks, 2 clicks so youknow that Tips on Hiring the Perfect VA is doing better than 5 ways toGet More Followers on Twitter so you might want to make a few moreblog posts on hiring the perfect VA or something VA related becauseyour Twitter blog didn’t do too well. This is how you can use thesemetrics to have your business succeed.The next tool, last but not least is Hootsuite. This is what Hootsuitelooks like - Hootsuite.com. Now Hootsuite is similar to TweetDeck. Idon’t use Hootsuite very frequently but some of my clients prefer itand I have to use it for them. With Hootsuite you can update multiplenetworks just like TweetDeck except Hootsuite you can updateWordPress and Ping.fm which you cannot do in TweetDeck. You canalso update your Twitter, your Facebook and your LinkedIn. You canschedule your updates. Hootsuite is an online application so that is adefinite plus you don’t have to download anything into your desktopso you can use it anywhere. If you are not home and you want to©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 5
  6. 6. check your networks all in one shot you just go into Hootsuite, you login and you can see all your networks in one place. It also has realtime tracking, it allows you to monitor your mentions, your friends,your DM’s, your RT’s, your pending tweets and much more. You canalso build reports on Hootsuite and have team collaboration withoutsharing your passwords. Hootsuite has many different features to it. Iprefer TweetDeck but as I said some people prefer Hootsuite that’swhy I wanted to show it to you. So this is what the Hootsuitedashboard looks like. As I said it’s similar to TweetDeck. Here is yourHome Feed, your mentions, your direct messages, and your pendingtweets. It allows you to move your columns all around and it allowsyou to add columns, if you wish, right here “add a stream”. It is realtime so as soon as someone tweets something, you will see it here inyour Home Feed. As soon as someone mentions you, you will see ithere in your mentions. It’s real time and it’s very beneficial, if this isthe platform that you like and the platform that you choose. As I saidpersonally I like TweetDeck better, everyone has their ownpreferences.OK thank you for attending our webinar. I wanted to make this a shortlittle webinar so you can get to know me and get to know a little bitabout Virtual Success Assistants, we’ve been around for a few yearsnow and we’ve just begun on training sessions.If you’d like more training, if you’d like more tips and tricks for youronline business you can come and join our newsletter right here athttp://virtualsuccessassistants.com Just enter your name and your e-mail and I’m going to have some free ebooks that I will send to you.We’re also going to put together a series of webinars where we willshow you “How To Get Your Site Up and Running in 24 hours”. Wewill be offering that series in two weeks and if you are a member ofour newsletter you will be the first to know when the series will be upand running.I’m going to be creating many, many different ebooks. I have tons oftips and tricks up my sleeve to help you with your business so pleasecome and join our newsletter and I just created this post “How andWhere To Get More Clients” now I’m in the VA business and alsohave a couple of other online businesses but the VA business is mymain business. I’ve created this blog site and posted this new blogyesterday on how and where to get more clients. Now this is just fiveof the ways that I use to get more clients but if you join our newsletter©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 6
  7. 7. I will send you the complete version of this blog. There are a fewmore ways that I use to get more clients and might be of a bit morebeneficial to you to get a few more ways so if you’d like the full bloghere, join the newsletter and I will send it right over to you. If youcould also do me a favor and come here(http://virualsuccessassistants.com) and answer this question, “Whattypes of trainings would you like to see offered here by VirtualSuccess Assistants?” These are some of the trainings that I’m goingto put together for you but if you would like a specific training comeand vote here and I will create that training first. I will put that on thetop of my priority list and that will be the first training that we will do.But I will have all of these trainings for you in the near future but like Isaid if you want all of these trainings then just click all of them. Youcan click every single one of them and then vote. I’ll just get thetrainings out to you one by one. So join our newsletter and e-mail mewhenever you like if you have any questions or comments areanything feel free to e-mail me cathy@virtualsuccessassistants.comand I hope you enjoyed the webinar. Take care guys!©2011 Virtual Success Assistants 7