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Important Issues Of Pregnancy While You Study In Australia


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Important Issues Of Pregnancy While You Study In Australia

  1. 1. Important Issues Of Pregnancy While You Study InAustralia The questions that arise when one considers thepossibility of a course of study in Australia are endless. There are a million apprehensions thatwill run through the mind of a student who wants to earn her degree in Australia, one of themost celebrated educational systems in the world. This is not your local Jr. College. Often, tostudy in Australia is to go through months of paperwork and applications, travel thousands ofmiles, and then face the most challenging course of study in Australia that the student will everface in their lifetime. As you study in Australia, there is one question that rarely comes to mindand is usually not asked until it actually happens, which is relatively rare. What happens if Ibecome pregnant while I study in Australia? There are many things to consider if this happensto you. How will the pregnancy affect the student visa that allows me to study in Australia? Is the pregnancy covered by OSHC, the health insurance that international students who study in Australia are required to carry? If I study in Australia and have a child, will the infant be considered an Australian citizen or does it inherit the nationality of the mother? Would the child be eligible for coverage under OSHC as a dependent child of the mother while she continues to study in Australia? If I study in Australia, is it possible to obtain a leave of absence for pregnancy from the course attended? Will I be able to get an extension on the student visa that allows me to study in Australia? 1/3
  2. 2. Study In Australia Visa ExpirationWhile this situation does not occur often, it does happen, whether it is planned or not. Apregnancy that occurs while you study in Australia can affect your student visa. There is anexpiration date on student visas and that deadline must be met. In extenuating circumstances,especially medical situations, it is possible to receive an extension on your student visa,although it is not guaranteed that you will get an extension since every circumstance is different.OSHC Does Not Cover Pregnancies While You Study In AustraliaThe OSHC rules clearly stipulate that pregnancy is not covered for students who study inAustralia with the exception of emergency medical problems that may arise. There are clinicsand other programs for which you can apply to receive pre-natal care if you cannot afford it or ifyou are not covered by personal insurance coverage that you may or your parents possesswhile you study in Australia. It is always a good idea to carry extra insurance if you can afford it,or be added to parents insurance if applicable. Once the child is born, you may petition OSHCfor medical coverage for the child under a family plan that would cost more than you would payas an individual when you study in Australia. The child may also qualify for coverage if you areon other insurance policies as a dependent.The Child’s Citizenship As You Study In AustraliaIf you become pregnant while you study in Australia, and decide to stay under a leave ofabsence from the educational institution and an extension of your visa, the question of thechild’s citizenship would then be decided by whichever county the mother is from and the rulesestablished by that government in cooperation with Australia. In most countries, the child wouldfall under the English rule called “Right of Soil,” which states that the child would be a citizen ofthe country of birth; however, some countries do not recognize this rule. Those students whostudy in Australia and have children should check with their country’s embassy for instructionsas to how their rules apply, and to obtain the proper paperwork with which to comply. The longeryou wait, the more complicated it will become. To study in Australia is complicated enough as itis.Visa Extension While You Study In AustraliaAll of this is hinged upon two very important items. First, you must apply for and be accepted foran extension from the institution that you attend while you study in Australia. Under the laws ofthe Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia, you may apply for an extension ofyour visa. You would do this at the education provider where you study in Australia under the“Leave for compassionate or compelling circumstances” statute. This is also a compelling 2/3
  3. 3. reason to keep your grades as high as possible while you study in Australia. The better student you are, the higher your GPA and the more likely you are to be a recipient of this compassion. Study In Australia After A Granted Leave Of Absence If the leave of absence or suspension of your course of study in Australia is granted, the education provider will contact the DIAC, (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) and the DEEWR, (Department of Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations) for you. You will then be able to resume your study in Australia after the child’s birth without leaving Australia. Contact us now We hope all of your questions have been answered, but feel free to ask more information in the comment section related to pregnancy during your study in Australia. Important Issues Of Pregnancy While You Study In Australia pregnancy with a student visa Related posts: My Australian Education and the Ghostly Lesson Better Left Unlearned Top Five Universities for the International Student Who Wants Australian Higher Education Australia Updates Student Visa Assessment Policy Taking Steps to Study, Work, and Live in Australia 3/3Powered by TCPDF (