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Social media and PR


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The key to the success of any PR campaign is to work closely with social media. It takes search engines time to index a website and rank it higher. Sending press releases and engaging in social media 30-90 days prior to launch is recommended.

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Social media and PR

  1. 1. Social Media & PR Essential elements of a flawless product launch
  2. 2. Why Social Media? • News is the top shared content across all channels • People really on content from their influencers • In 2014 it takes 23 touch points to make a sale • 24/7 new cycle with journalists relying on social media content for stories
  3. 3. Benefits of Social Media • Get Ranked on Search • Build Early Awareness & Interest in Your Startup • Build an Audience before Sales or Raising Venture Capital • Amplify key messaging • Many advertising options to drive targeted users to key pages, encourage downloads, while contests can help build excitement and awareness • Position Yourself As The Expert in Your Industry
  4. 4. Social Media & PR • Activities should not exist in separate silos • Maximize campaign reach • Assist PR through interaction with key reporters • Consistent message through all channels
  5. 5. 30-60 days prior to launch • Get search ready - search engines e.g. Google, Bing need time to index a site and relevant content in order to rank high in searches • Activate social channels • Build social interest • Launch social ads
  6. 6. Activities • Research - review of company, related developments • Online environmental scan - customers, partners, investors, influencers websites & social channels • Keyword research - SEO keywords list built based on value proposition & customer goals • Recommendations - website & social channel from content, graphics, SEO ready • Build - content calendar & advertising campaign • Build media lists on social channels & amplify message of PR pitches • Execute content calendar & advertising campaign • Analyze social interactions • Tweak social strategy
  7. 7. Thank You