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Mobility Solutions


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Is Mobility the answer for your Supply Chain?

Published in: Technology
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Mobility Solutions

  1. 1. All RIGHTs reserved SUPPLY CHAIN Is Mobility the answer for your supply chain? Mobility Solutions Every element in your supply chain ultimately affects the success of your business. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, you deal with numerous salespersons and customers every day. Mobility solutions ensure that you harness the power of automation beyond the office and into the field. Mobility Solutions See more Mobility Solution articles See more of our innovations. [VIRTUAL CITY LIMITED] Contact us today 0703091337
  2. 2. All RIGHTs reserved Automation introduces a string of interconnected benefits for you and your customers. It is not enough to automate the head office and leave it at that. Think about the repetitive work that goes into recording transactions from supermarkets and other selling points up the supply chain and to your main office. The salesperson has to carry around journals to record transactions. These records are then forwarded to the distributor who has to make other redundant entries which are forwarded to you. Distributr Enter Distributr, Virtual City’s mobility solution for your supply chain. The salesperson replaces the paper records with a hand held device that is fitted with the Distributr application. Every time the agent makes a delivery, he or she uses the hand held device to input transaction details. The data is synchronized with records at the head office in real time. One can access a wide range of information pertinent to the transaction and issue a receipt for the customer instantly. For you, the manufacturer or distributor, you will cut costs through the following ways:  Lesser phone calls since everything is communicated on the Distributr system  An integrated supply chain where data is entered at different locations into a centralized system reducing commuting costs  Less paperwork, printing is only done when necessary  Errors are easily detected and reduced  Integrity is upheld as traceability is enhanced  Faster order processing time  Real time requests from the field thus cutting down on staffing and controlling costs For the salesperson, Distributr will allow you to:  Improve customer relations as they are happy with the fast services  Place an order to the supplier in real time  Manage inventory seamlessly, monitoring the goods coming in and out  Communicate instantly with the supplier  Issue goods, take sales orders and perform transactions faster Try us today Synchronize your supply chain. No more time lags from delayed orders on snail mail or slow reconciliation processes. You will be happy. Your end customers will be happy. Innovation lives here at Virtual City. We have a range of mobility solutions to suit your business. Contact us today for more details and let mobility improve your supply chain.