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Virtual Call and Contact Center


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Virtual Call Center provides one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art cloud based call center software solutions in Europe.

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Virtual Call and Contact Center

  1. 1. Everyone's becoming mobile.
  2. 2. We're using smart tools more than ever before.
  3. 3. OK, but why do we like them so much?
  4. 4. Simple Convenient Effective
  5. 5. Available anywhere, anytime!
  6. 6. But what would happen if these tools were taken taken away from us?
  7. 7. It would be like going back to the time of the Dinosaurs!
  8. 8. So, where do we still come across outdated ’dinosaur’ systems?
  9. 9. at Work!
  10. 10. But we all know we don’t want to use ’dinosaur’ systems…
  11. 11. We want to use tools that are…
  12. 12. simple, smart, convenient, effective and available from anywhere
  13. 13. So, what about and contact centers?
  14. 14. Everyone has a dream...
  15. 15. Manager outstanding results cost effectiveness happy clients
  16. 16. Supervisor customer tailored interface all-in-1 solution real time statistics
  17. 17. Operator …friendly interface, …helps not interferes. Easy to handle…
  18. 18. Client problems solved easy access& stable service fast solution
  19. 19. The 21st century requires highly streamlined systems!
  20. 20. Can today's tools meet these requirements?
  21. 21. There are many tools available, why don’t we use them at work?
  22. 22. Why not?
  23. 23. Really, why not???
  24. 24. Contact us if you would rather have...
  25. 25. application for all your tasks
  26. 26. minute or less needed to review your statistics
  27. 27. click to play back voice recordings
  28. 28. minute required to launch a new project
  29. 29. hour with 46 minutes of talking time on average
  30. 30. week for remarkable growth results in effectiveness
  31. 31. month to pay off all your invested resources
  32. 32. everything is easily accessible from anywhere place from where
  33. 33. so there is only thing you need to do…
  34. 34. Contact us! +36 1 999-7400