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Virtual Assistant Solutions MN


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VASMN PowerPoint Presentation

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Virtual Assistant Solutions MN

  1. 1. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?In the traditional office, we are known as Administrative Assistants,Office Clerks, Project Coordinators, etc., but in the Web community,we are known as Virtual Assistants (VA).Virtual Assistant Solutions MN is a remote administrative supportcompany. We are independent contractors who provide virtualbusiness management and support with administrative tasks on anas-needed basis. We help start-up entrepreneurs organize theirbusiness, existing businesses support or enhance their currentoperational processes, assistance with personal organizational andproject tasks, or just providing support with the everyday running of abusiness.Virtual Assistants work from their own offices and use their ownequipment, eliminating overhead. The client incurs no payroll taxes,no insurance costs as well as no fringe benefit expenses No task istoo large or too small. Assignments are usually communicatedthrough email, phone, or fax. They can provide assistance along withyour current employees or help you find employees. If you just needone for a one time project, most of them can accommodate you andalso provide full-time permanent support.Specialties: Project Management, Bookkeeping, Spreadsheets,Presentations, Paralegal, Training & Development, Recruiting
  2. 2. ABOUT USOur company is based on the belief that ourcustomers needs are of the utmost importance. Ourteam is committed to meeting those needs. As aresult, a high percentage of our business is fromrepeat customers and referrals.We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trustand deliver you the best service in the industry.Based in MN, Angela A. Hinton, founder and CEO,has experience that covers a span of over twentyyears.Angelas combined experience includes corporateand private executive administrative support andnumerous management roles. IT, Travel, Finance,Marketing, Human Resources, Sales and Legal arejust a few of the business sectors where she hasshared her wealth of knowledge.Being a Paralegal and prior business owner, Angelaalso has the knowledge and expertise necessary toassist others with addressing legal matters, inaddition to addressing the needs of their specificadministrative or organizational issues. Angelabrings to the company her friendly and pleasantpersonality, great attention to detail, efficient timemanagement, creative problem solving and peopleskills.Angela holds degrees in Applied Management andParalegal Studies, along with a proven record ofinnovative and effective staff recruitment,management, training and development. Extensiveexperience in organization, design andimplementation of internal operations processes.Proficient in creating, analyzing, interpreting andmanaging financial reports.
  3. 3. WHY A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?* Assume a current hourly rate of $25: $25 x 40 hours = $1,000 Weekly $1,000 x 4 weeks = $4,000 Monthly $4,000 x 12 months = $48,000 Yearly + 35% (taxes & benefits) = $64,000 Annually PLUS: Non-productive hours, lunch breaks, technology, sick and holiday pay, vacations, etc. Assume a minimum number of 20 hours for a Virtual Assistant: $25 x 20 hours = $500 Weekly $500 x 4 weeks = $2,000 Monthly $2,000 x 12 months = $24,000 Annually *With a Virtual Assistant, you never pay for taxes, benefits, lunch breaks, sick or holiday pay, non-productive hours or expensive technology because we are independent contractors working from our own home office only if and when you require assistance.
  4. 4. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT?Start up, seasonal and existing small businesses:Your office will become operationally functional and run more smoothlywith our services, and you can concentrate on growing yourbusiness.......Busy PeopleYou can have your day-to-day tasks managed to ensure efficiency andmaintain ongoing structure.........Non-Profit Organizations:You can have your events planned, publicized, and organized for you....Businesses who seek Virtual Staff Management:Your business can continue to run effectively without the overheadcosts...
  5. 5. NEW RECRUITING COMPONENT!!! Since its inception in 2009, we have secured and completed long and short-term projects for 11 clients!! Through our broad network of individuals and companies who either utilized our services, or referred us to others, we were able to initiate apartnership with a 4th ranked Minnesota Minority Owned IT company to remotely support their staffing requirements.Beginning January 1, 2013, VAS has also established itself as an Independent Placement Agency, and have obtained an exclusive collaboration for candidate recruitment and placement of all Administrative/Business Professional and IT opportunities!!!
  6. 6. SERVICESOur broad experience base includes (but not limited to) the following specialties: Paralegal Services (Contracts, Proposals, etc.) Basic website design Small Business Consulting Word Processing General and Legal Transcription Bookkeeping Presentations Office/Staff Management Office Organization Consulting Executive Assistant Services Personal Administrative Services Sales Operations Document Creation & Editing Human Resource Services Staffing Services
  7. 7. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RATESWe understand that every business isunique......and so are the needs of our customers.Virtual Assistant Solutions MN offers services atan hourly rate, in 15 minute increments, with a fourhour minimum.For projects that require a minimum of 10 hours orless, a 50% deposit is due upon signing of aService Agreement before commencement of work.We also offer retainer packages. These packagesare offered to those who are ready for a long-termpartnership and wish to reserve a minimum of 10 ormore hours per month. We have the expertise andpersonnel to handle your unique personal andbusiness needs. RECRUITING FEESFor contract, contract-to-hire or direct hireplacement for your business, please contact usdirectly using the “Contact Us” form on our website.
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALS"Congratulations on your new endeavor!! Your talents and expertise in managing staffissues when you arrived at our office were a HUGE help to me !! I witnessed dramaticbehavioral changes and it was greatly appreciated!! VERY great management skills!!!You will do an awesome job!!"Marty - PDI"Ms. Hinton, I cannot thank you enough for coming through at the last minute. Yourwork is exceptional and speaks volumes about your character! Once again youvesaved the day!!"T. Johnson - Phoenix Group"Ms. Hinton performed a wide variety of assignments here professionally and promptly.She needed little instruction or supervision. She rose to each challenge cheerfully andquickly caught on to new assignments. She worked easily with others and utilized themas resources to efficiently perform her job. Her work product was excellent. She wasalways courteous and helpful. She would be a valued asset to any office ororganization."Anne M. Taylor - Assistant County Attorney -Hennepin County"Due to the state of the economy, like many companies, we found it necessary todownsize. Virtual Assistant Solutions MN was recommended by a friend, and now Iknow why - the quality of service I received was outstanding! Contracting with yourcompany not only saves us money, it enables us to remain in business."VBenet - Benet Design Services -Atlanta, GA“Angela is very detailed-oriented with a discipline for continuous improvement” “Hertop qualities: Personable, Good Values, High Integrity”Reggie MCLee - Director of Safety – Pilgrims Pride Corporation“Angela is very organized and extremely committed to the work that she does. She hasthe ability to see the project to completion. I would highly recommend her for anyproject because she is highly capable”Devin Miller - President, Green Energy, Inc.“Angela is a very professional, reliable and efficient worker. She is dedicated to anytask she is assigned and completes it on time. She is very pleasant to work with andwill always greet you with a smile, regardless of how tough her day may be going. Shedefinitely has the people skills that any business would appreciate.”Teresa Baugh – Consultant“Angela’s attention to detail and her ability to communicate well and get along witheveryone are some of the skills that made her an excellent Operations Manager. I feelthat she would be a definite asset to any organization she would be associated with”JoAnn Danberg – Deployment Consultant – PDI
  9. 9. CONTACT USIf you are interested in saving time and money witha Virtual Assistant, please call or complete theinformation above for your free 15-min. consultation.Let us design a solution to meet your specificationsand allow you to focus on what is really important..... 1-877-224-4061 (Main) 1-877-224-4061 (Fax) Email: Website: Visit us on Facebook: =80782642907#/pages/Champlin-MN/Virtual- Assistant-Solutions-MN/80782642907 Join Us on LinkedIn