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How to Ask Your Boss for Work from Home
Asking the “work from home” question. The 10 essentials you need to know to get your boss (or ex-boss) to agree!

I was asked this question ....

“I want to work from home, but how do I email my boss to ask for work from home”

1. Have your reason why …. Know you’re reason why. It’s the most important thing.
2. It’s not all a bed of roses! _ some tough love so be prepared
3. Do you have the right personality … (3 important must have qualities you’ll need >>>
4. Are you kitted up to work from home? Do you have the right tools and technology?
5. Start working on your work from home resume reputation long before you ask “the work from home” question.
6. Prepare in advance - detail what parts of your role could be done from home. Start making your case
7. Prepare a list of positives … “what’s in it for them”
8. Prepare for objections that might be raised …
̣̣̣̣9. Present your proposal – ask the question… (will depend on the personality
10. Offer a trial “work from home” alternative work schedule first!

More resources and help to do that on our website.

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  1. 1. Asking the “Work from Home” Question … The 10 Essentials you need to know to get your boss to agreeCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  2. 2. Have your reason WHY right in front of you. Knowing your “why” is what will give you the courage to tread where no one else has tread beforeCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  3. 3. Get to know what’s really involved first! Get a thorough understanding of what’s involved with working from home. It’s not ALL a bed of roses.CLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  4. 4. Personality-Check do you have the right personality to work from home To be successful you need to have the essential personality characteristics --- are you ethical, focussed and motivated?CLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  5. 5. Do you have what you need to work from home? >> The right set-up, tools and technology In other words - Are you “kitted up” to do your work from home?CLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  6. 6. Start Working On Your “Work From Home Resume Reputation” Long Before You Ask “The Work From Home” QuestionCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  7. 7. Prepare In Advance >> Detailwhat parts of your job you could be doing from home right NOWCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  8. 8. Document Your List ofPositives >>> focus on “what’s in it for them”CLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  9. 9. Prepare yourself to handle theobjections your boss will raise to your idea of working from homeCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  10. 10. Present Your Proposal >> Ask the question! Tailor your proposal to suit your boss’ style OR try the tricky little “weaning method” and not ask at all!CLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  11. 11. When the time is RIGHT Offer a “can’t be refused” trialCLICK LIKE a say “YES” ….
  12. 12. Want to know …The 3 different ways you can present your “work from home” proposal. Knowing how to present your proposal could make the difference between your boss saying YES or NO! The objections your boss will raise BEFOREHAND and what you can do to overcome them The key elements to include in your “work from home” resume reputation Clever Tips and Tricks to get a difficult boss to say “yes” to your work from home request The 5 essential questions you must ask yourself before you approach your boss to work from home – these will help you prepare in advance The “tricky little weaning method” you can use to get work from home without actually asking for it?CLICK like here and say “YES” to register your interest in our upcoming call >>How To Ask Your BOSS for Work From Home … and get them to agree!