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7 healthy habits for successful virtual workers (part 2)


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7 healthy habits for successful virtual workers (part 2)

  1. 1. #4 Feed Your Body & Mind Do you sometimes get so focussed on your work or a project deadline that you start feeling like you’re chained to the desk! Or do you , sometimes forget what a wonderful time lunch from the comfort of your own home can be. It’s an opportunity that many others don’t have who work in a typical office environment. It’s your time to nurture your body and mind with a healthy lunch.Don’t skip meals because you’re chained to your desk. Working from your home remoteoffice, or working virtually gives you the wonderful advantage of eating a very fresh andhealthy lunch, prepared with love from your own kitchen. Make lunch a special time of theday where you nourish your body with healthy fresh food. I love this special part of theday. It’s a time when I relish the idea of preparing food from my own kitchen. Then sittingdown to a lunch break of my choice. Will I have lunch with doctor Phil, lunch with nature orperhaps even invite friends and family over to enjoy my break with me? How do you wantto spend you’re next lunch break! Embrace the freedoms working from a virtual officebrings!Get some great food and lifestyle tips from my friend Gertrude here: Click here
  2. 2. #5 Daily Dose of Motivation & InspirationKeeping yourself motivated and energized is especiallyimportant to virtual workers. Sometimes working from aremote office makes you feel a little isolated anddemotivated. Plus there are all the distractions that yourhome and family offer, tempting you to stop and have a littletoo much fun, rather than focussing on your work . Here aretwo tips that will help keep you motivated and inspired ….Set up a Playlist of “feel good” motivating songs.Tailor the playlist to exactly your own taste. And have a differentplaylist for different times of the day. What song will get you up andgoing in the morning? Is there a great track that you can play in thebackground as you’re working.Link with a motivation expert that will send you daily motivationaltips and videos. Here are two resources you can …
  3. 3. #6 Guard your sleep like it’s GOLD If you don’t set clear boundaries, working in a virtual team, across multipletime zones can really interfere with your sleep patterns . This will ultimately affect your health and long-term career, so pay attention to getting enough sleep Set boundaries with clients and colleagues and don’t get in the habit of being available to them at anytime, day and night.Turn off your instant messaging programs after you’ve clocked off for the day. Do not be tempted to go and check your messages outside your agreed working timeframes If you do need to be available after-hours, then have set times that you’re available and work it into your overall schedule. Make sure everyone on the virtual team makes compromises, not just YOU.
  4. 4. #7 Embrace ALL the BenefitsThere are so many benefits to thevirtual work lifestyle.The thing is working it. Work itbaby! Remember your blessings,embrace them and take FULLadvantage!Here’s are 7 reminders …*Flexible work hours*No peak hour traffic crawls*A work environment of your choice*The ability to see the world and travel while earning an income*Not having to deal with daily office interruptions*The enrichment that comes from international cross-culture interactions*Wearing what you want to the office