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7 healthy habits for successful virtual workers (part 1)


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7 healthy habits for successful virtual workers (part 1)

  1. 1. Daily Exercise Routine*Sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen all day non-stop over extendedperiods of time will make you feel lethargic, uninspired and depressed over time.And if you’re not careful, you’ll also feel the extra kilos start to pile on. It’simportant to keep the oxygen and blood flowing to your brain and muscles.Have a daily exercise routine and stick to it.Have a plan to exercise at least 20 mins a day. Try and get outsidein the fresh air before and at the end of your work day.Take some deep breaths and enjoy. Select thetype of exercise that suits you and your health.I like to take a walk and also do some aerobic exercise.I also enjoy dancing.Stop for regular breaks throughout the dayGet up, move around, go and top up your water jug. I use aniTunes exercise track broken into 5 min segments. Find an officeexercise video series on YouTube and use that to keep moving.If necessary, use an alarm to remind you when to stop and move!* Check with your doctor before you plan to start a new exercise regime.
  2. 2. #2 Organized and Inspired EnvironmentAn organized environment equals an organised mind. An inspired environment will keepyou creative, motivated and productive. 3 essential qualities to virtual working success.Organise your physical surroundingsAs a virtual worker you have the freedom to set-up office anywhere and anyway you want.It’s up to you to make your office a place that you ENJOY working in.Keep it organised and make sure you have a place for everything soit’s easy to find things. Think about your senses,what they like and indulge them --> what colours do you like,what inspires you? Get creative with your office décor.Think colour, plants, pictures, quotes. You need to love the place you work in.Organise your virtual business and online systemsHere are just 3 systems a virtual remote worker will need:1. Client & Colleague Communication2. Document Management3. Time Management System
  3. 3. #3 Active Online Support NetworkBeing able to interact online brings many benefits to the virtual worker ! Using theright methods, and connecting with the right people, you can still feel supportedeven while you’re working in an isolated working environment.If you don’t interact with others you may start feeling isolated and even out-dated!And that’s not good for your virtual business. Online networking is also a great wayto meet and brainstorm with like minded virtual business workers *Have a plan to Interact daily on your favourite social media platforms *Limit the time you spend (15 mins is enough), otherwise you’ll end up with social media addiction! *Interact with different groups of people >> clients, colleagues and potential customers. LINK with Us here: